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  1. You are correct, BigTenFanboy. I was referring to the current pattern we have witnessed, mentioned by krippler.
  2. In order for the”3-peat curse” to be true to form, the wrestler who upsets the defending 2x champ, would be a sophomore.
  3. Yes, Bono is doing a marvelous job at SDSU. Great recruits, tough schedule, terrific work ethic. Those like athletic director Matt Larsen, Coach Roger Kish- could sure take note, 190 miles due north @ NDSU.
  4. Guy in the chair behind Hall, is either sleeping, or texting one of the Ohio St fans outside, giving them an update...Great chop, Med Man.
  5. Ooo, that’s a goodie! Good for a laugh! Thx, Med Man
  6. Looks like a Tehran High School yearbook photo.
  7. Son of a gun! That hurts, just watching.
  8. Sounds like this could turn into a decommitment plethora.
  9. Most three time champs crowned. Possible for Snyder, Imar, Retherford, Heil.
  10. If Mark Hall wrestles at SDSU? Semifinals..., the referees review a Coach Bono contested call, of Valencia grabbing the headgear on a takedown. After review, not enough to warrant a penalty. The referee comes out on the mat, and the call stands. The match is a whole different story. Hall is not ahead by one, and now not stalling, as opposed to the actual match. Hypothetical SDSU Hall in a finals match. Hall leads by one, but is warned for stalling with approx 35 seconds remaining. The ref brings the wrestling to the middle for another start, after going off the mat. Immediately after blowing the whistle, Hall backs up, shuffles back and forth, ties up, but still going back. The referee is not intimidated, and tags Hall for stalling after 20 seconds of this- and ties the match, sending it into overtime. ( yes, Bono is in a rage) Like it or not, many of these calls, and video reviews of contested calls, are arbitrary. Tell me it's no different for a referee to make a decision, with a Cael Sanderson or a Roger Kish sitting there, then I have a bridge to sell you. 21guns- I think you might be right, that if Hall wrestled for SDSU, this thread doesn't happen, but neither do the same calls happen.
  11. I thought it was terrific!
  12. It wasn't Kessel. I saw him in the stands. :)
  13. Lizak hasn't been in the top 4 all year. Rodriguez has (had) been 4 for quite some time.
  14. Agree completely on the JRod issue, ionel....On top of a #9 seed raw deal draw, you have LIzak ranked below JRod all year, loses to Youtsey @ BigX- and Liz gets one terrific draw at #6? Potential quarter finals, and if Suriano is still hurt, there are semifinals possibilities. Suriano, IMO, should have had his name drawn out of a hat, after the top 16.
  15. Josh Rodriguez -NDSU, not SDSU (per Big 12 brackets)
  16. Another multiple state winner comes to mind. Tyler Lehmann won two titles at Apple Valley, Mn. -then won a championship his final season at West Fargo, ND. in 2010.
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