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  1. Chuck Jean. 2x champ @ Iowa St., then 2x champ @ (then NAIA) Adams St College
  2. I thought Gadsen at #5 was a misprint, and had to do a double take. Unbelievable. You go 3/4th of the season at #1, nothing on his end changes, and wham. Certainly a head shaker. Must have drawn names out of a hat.
  3. I, as many, would love to hear the story of why Chance changed his commitment- from PSU to Okie St. :?: Worthy of college forums.
  4. I agree with scribe. Hwt is loaded. I think, there are 8 athletes, a hiccup apart from each other, and all potential NCAA champs. Next, I would put 174. I think there are 6 wrestlers, an escape separates them- whomever has the good day(s), wins the title. Then 149, 157, & 197 all about equally tough, 5 potential winners here. 125 and 133- lots of great wrestlers, but 4 stand out to win. 141 and 184- same here, but with 3 standing out. 165.....the competition, will be for 2nd here.
  5. I would have never guessed freshman Mark Branch to win it all, in 1994. Anyone is capable.
  6. Not a possible 4 timer, but I bet Churella's son didn't like his ref either.
  7. From Madison, Wisconsin, to Ames, Iowa, to Lincoln, Nebraska, to Kearney, Nebraska...seems like within a few years he'll be learning Japanese at this rate! You forgot Colorado Springs, Colo. on your list, SHP. Yes, he is on quite the tour. I don't think it ends in Kearney.
  8. Yes it does. I was fully aware of Fittery's wins over Taylor before my post. I also know that DT beat Fittery again in his sophomore year. I'm not ignoring any results. Guess I missed something...when did Fittery have win(s) over Taylor?
  9. I got Edinboro. Strange..... Has anyone got Mich St., for crying out loud? Maybe DF. :o Curious as to where Medicine Man cohered to. I would guess, Northern Iowa.
  10. That image, reminds me of Muhammad Ali standing over Liston, flexed right arm.
  11. Assuming he gets 35 or so matches in this year and with a high probability of 3 years running, undefeated- how will Ruth compare in the record books, as to other unbeaten strings and his coach's 159-0?
  12. Good one, Med Man! Then we get in the topic of discussion of where the ref is stalling. ;)
  13. Chuck Jean. Wins 2 D1 titles, then moves to D3 Adams State, and wins 2 more in that division. :o
  14. So, 515 BC first, then off to Croton State in 514 BC....was that his soph. year, eligibility-wise? Two years remaining??
  15. Oh, that's awesome. Looks like McD overdid that "all natural" regimen and might be looking at 120 kilos. :o
  16. 2014 Hodge will be announced in about 360 days. ;)
  17. Also shows a Heavyweight, taking down a 133 lber. ;)
  18. Would be nice to have an objective explanation, from someone who is NOT from Ohio?
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