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  1. Most people in that arena, you can bet your bottom dollar, saw reviewed calls, that they didn't agree with. No way Stieber was not on his back, after a Ramos reversal, for less than 2 seconds. Just my opinion. I agree with Tirapell, that Logan is crazy talented. Just going by what happened.
  2. Vak, you nailed it on the head, in your posts. Honestly, anyone cheering for Stieber in that arena that night, or watching it on television, knows and had a sigh of relief- that they were very lucky NOT to have at least 2 nearfall points awarded to Ramos.
  3. That's a great match! The stalling call on Schultz, midway in the 3rd. Reminded me of the bogus call on Dake while riding Taylor- driving, deep half in, and called only because Dake was ahead. The ref knew how many people were watching him on television, and maybe wanted people to take notice of him. :o
  4. Ooooo, that's a goodie, Medicine! Should be ranked high in next years AJP Tourney. :)
  5. This will be #24 (not consecutive) for me. :P
  6. Did you watch Oliver/Ness match @ National Duals? Looked like Ness was a molecule away from OT, or a win to me. :o
  7. when a 5 seed beats a 4 seed in the quarters is it really an "upset"? I see what you're saying, but everyone expects a Caldwell-Dake semifinal. Would a #3, knocking off a #2 be an upset? (Yates vs Taylor)...Yes. Not a bad upset pick, Med Man. How was your trip back from AJP Tournament?
  8. This won't be the first upset of the tourney, but I'll pick Monk of NDSU to beat Caldwell and reach the semi finals . :o
  9. I miss top participants of the DII & DIII being able to compete against the DI's. :(
  10. Surprised also, by Steiber getting the nod of #1 seed, with Maple being on top all year, with no blemishes. We'll see what Karma has to say about this. :o
  11. I thought Schiller deserved a higher seed. :?
  12. Contradicting myself, but isn’t McD starving to death, yet not hungry anymore? Sad to see. Not the same guy from a year, two, or three years ago. Hope something changes in the next couple weeks.
  13. That's pretty cool! Thanks again, for putting on a great tournament, MM.
  14. Hey Fadz, I like your new avatar. Reminds me of the view we had, last time we got seats @ NCAAs through the NWCA.
  15. Awesome, awesome match!! Couldn't believe there was a warning for stalling. :o
  16. Can't forget high school teammates, TJ Williams vs Tony Davis, of Mt Carmel High, meeting for the 149 lb NCAA final in 1999, with Williams coming out on top.
  17. For me the Stephen Neal vs Brock Lesnar, in (I believe) 1999, was pretty anticipated. :)
  18. Of the past NCAA champions, who do you think will repeat this year? Dake has chance to make it 4. McDunnah has chance to make it 3. Others going for 2: Jordan Oliver, Quentin Wright, Dustin Kilgore from 2011; Logan Steiber, David Taylor, Ed Ruth, Steve Bosak, and Tony Nelson from 2012. In my opinion, the one with the best chance of repeating this year- is Ed Ruth, with Steiber 2nd, and Kilgore 3rd. Dake and Taylor- 50/50 chance of either, obviously.
  19. Hendricks was glued for a full 3 seconds....right Kingkong? Oh yeah, he had to be...after the clock read :00, course thats the best I can remember from a match LAST DECADE! :o Kessel is hoping for "statute of limitations" to kick in, in another month. Med Man, Hendricks was not pinned, because Kessel felt he could (and had time to do it) slide a Christmas card underneath his right shoulderblade. :)
  20. If Nelson threw in a half nelson, wouldn't that be called a 'Nelson and a half'? Or a 'one and a half Nelson'? That's funny. :D
  21. I agree on the good pin call. Where was that ref, when Churella had Hendricks glued? :o
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