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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to VakAttack in Shane Griffith's top 3 transfer schools   
    FRL guys said it was down to Michigan and North Carolina. Both make sense in terms of academics. Penn State is obviously a wrestling choice.

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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Anybody lucky enough to see...   
    ...The Easter Goblin this morning?

    Abbunny Jadidi says Happy Easter!
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Fletcher in bo nickel and his antics   
    it’s a power move disguised as a sportsmanship gesture.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in THE WRESTLER WHO WOULDN'T BE   
    In 1966, a high school sophomore named Siddidi Finch, an adopted Iranian-born foster child from Oak Park, Illinois, whose parents died in a plane crash near Nepal, entered the Tbilisi tournament in Georgia and won... defeating 5-time world champ Ali Aliyev.  He was denied the championship' however, when it was discovered he did not meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years.

    He never wrestled in high school folk style matches and only pursued freestyle. The majority of his training during his teen years occurred in Japan, where he was coached by the father of Yojiro Uetake Obata, and accompanied the elder Uetake on many trips to Tibet to learn yogic mastery of mind-body under the great poet-saint Lama Milaraspa.  The elder Uetake when asked about the wrestling skills of the teenage Finch, stated:  "Siddidi has taught my son, Yojiro, many skills."

    He did however, after graduating high school, walk on at Portland State university, where he twice defeated Rick Sanders in wrestle offs, but was denied a starting spot in the line up because of "academic performance"... The truth is, Finch rarely attended classes, other than to take exams, and in fact his GPA was a 4.0, but the University staff frowned on his absences from the classroom.

    After the debacle at Portland State, Finch decided not to pursue a wrestling career, instead choosing to play the French horn or golf or something.  What if.... Imagine how great he would have been.  Perhaps better than Cael...

    Below is the only known photo of Finch, sparring with Yojo, taken by his father:

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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to VakAttack in 7th year wrestlers in 2021-2022 sesaon   
    If any of them come back, who could really blame them?  They only really get one go around at this sport and one go around at college wrestling.  Enjoy your time as long as you're within the rules.  
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Coachp in David Carr Twitter   
    Didn't even notice, they are all just wrestlers to me.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to PSUSMC in Sasso adjustments   
    Easy, transfer to Penn State.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to cangemi in Is this a new record for minority NCAA champions in a single year?   
    Who gives a damn . media stuck on this diversity  ****. Whens it end.
    How about we are all Americans.
    White, black, Asian, Latin
    Just americans
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Holtfan in Finals Discussion   
    Only if you consider Hendricks pinned.   Still a sore subject up here in Michigan. 
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to jross in 2021 NCAA Championship - FINALS Predictions - WrestleStat   
    125lbs |  133lbs | 141lbs | 149lbs | 157lbs | 165lbs | 174lbs | 184lbs | 197lbs | 285lbs | Finals | Team | 2020 Predictions
    (1) Spencer Lee (IOWA) 7-0 Over (2) Sam Latona (VT) 10-0 By Score 10 - 4

    (1) Daton Fix (OKST) 9-0 Over (2) Roman Bravo Young (PSU) 9-0  By Score 6 - 4

    (2) Nick Lee (PSU) 8-1 Over (5) Dom Demas (OU) 12-1 By Score 8 - 7

    (1) Sammy Sasso (OHST) 12-0 Over (2) Austin O'Connor (UNC) 8-0 By Score 5 - 4

    (3) David Carr (ISU) 15-0 Over (1) Ryan Deakin (NW) 8-2 By Score 7 - 5 Upset Alert

    (6) Keegan O'Toole (MIZZ) 13-0 Over (8) Shane Griffith (STAN) 6-1 By Score 8 - 6

    (1) Michael Kemerer (IOWA) 7-0 Over (3) Carter Starocci (PSU) 8-2 By Score 7 - 6

    (1) Aaron Brooks (PSU) 9-0 Over (2) Trent Hidlay (NCST) 6-1 By Score 6 - 3

    (1) Myles Amine (MICH) 6-0 Over (14) Greg Bulsak (CLAR) 11-1 By Score 6 - 5

    (1) Gable Steveson (MINN) 12-0 Over (2) Mason Paris (MICH) 8-1 By Score 8 - 7

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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to VakAttack in Spencer Lee coming back for 2021-22   
    Seven starters (plus Abe Assad who is starter-level) as academic All-Americans is pretty great.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to gromit in Prediction Contest: Highest Seed to...   
    1. #1 seed
    2. #1 seed
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Mphillips in Post Your Most Anticipated Match   
    Vak / TBar
    LJB / 'The Field'
    Jimmy Cinna / ATM machine
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to drag it in Spencer Lee - overrated?   
    Chain yanked, I think.  
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr got a reaction from MedicineMan in NCAA Finals Picks   
    125:  Lee PIN Courtney
    133:  Fix DEC RBY
    141:  Eierman DEC Lee
    149:  Sasso DEC O’Connor
    157:  Carr DEC Deakin
    165:  O’Toole DEC Marinelli
    174:  Kemerer DEC Massa
    184:  Brooks DEC Bolen 
    197:  Sloan DEC Schultz
    HW:  Steveson DEC Parris
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr got a reaction from gallison in NCAA Finals Picks   
    125:  Lee PIN Courtney
    133:  Fix DEC RBY
    141:  Eierman DEC Lee
    149:  Sasso DEC O’Connor
    157:  Carr DEC Deakin
    165:  O’Toole DEC Marinelli
    174:  Kemerer DEC Massa
    184:  Brooks DEC Bolen 
    197:  Sloan DEC Schultz
    HW:  Steveson DEC Parris
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to VakAttack in Ferrari Predictions   
    I predict at least one transfer.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Witherman in B1G Network on Youtube - Iowa v Nebraska   
    was it bush league when marinelli or mocco did it?  cry me a river.  this is a big boy sport, don't turn your back.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to bnwtwg in Suriano to Arizona   
    Burned bridges at NLWC and NJRTC, and refuses to be anywhere that has a competitive 57kg. That doesn't leave too many options.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to BadgerMon in Voting on the 8 greatest college matches   
    I'm rather ashamed of myself not immediately recalling the Mills-Gonzales match....enjoy!     Sneaky Mills and his front headlock arm drag counter...while he made Gonzales tired early by countering his leg attacks and riding. Gonzales was about 50-0 going into the match, with an All Star victory over Mills previously.
    For you young whippersnappers who don't know Gene Mills:
    GENE MILLS, Syracuse ’81 can uniquely share his lifetime record since Day 1 as “1356-46-1 with 886 falls,” thereby earning his nickname of “Mean Gene, The Pinning Machine.” His camps and email address are labeled Pin2Win.  Gene was NJ State and HS National champion, Syracuse’s first 4-time wrestling All American and second 2-time NCAA Champion (also 3,4), voted OW in ’81. He ranks Top 2 in career college falls, won three World Cups and was voted OW as World Super Champion and Tbilisi, then Athlete-of-the-Year by the US Olympic Committee, all in the 1980 boycott year.  He’s in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.
          As one of the sport’s most exciting ever, the OW awards were no accident. In 10 bouts to win NCAAs, Mills had seven falls and won, 17-2; 16-13; 28-4.          His 1979 finals win came vs. Joe Gonzalez, the 1980 champion who won five National Opens and was a 3-time World Top 5. The win avenged a 9-8 loss to Gonzalez in the ’79 All-Star Classic. Gene’s last EIWA championship came by fall over Lehigh’s Bobby Weaver in the only known collegiate battle between Olympic teammates. After assisting mentor, Ed Carlin, as coach for many years, Mills resides in nearby Liverpool, NY, where he runs the Pin2Win Club and camps.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Wrestleknownothing in What NCAA thinks of wrestling!   
    He was speaking in code. And the G was silent. Probably why you missed it.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr got a reaction from TheOhioState in Champs who got pinned   
    Spot on, Med Man.  Everything chopped except the  photo of Churella with an absolute pin of Hendricks.
    i was thinking that Dan Russell pinned Pat Smith, in Smith’s college debut.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Idaho in Who were you wrong about?   
    Spencer Lee - I had him for 4 NCAA titles, but disappointedly, he will only win 3. :( 
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Medicine_Man in Past wrestler who deserves a title   
    Anyone mention Ryan Churella yet?

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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Medicine_Man in ill call you a liar   
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