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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to VakAttack in Was DeSanto injured?   
    I'm not castigating RBY, although that was dangerous, I doubt he's an expert in biomechanics and was just trying to create the best angle to exploit a hole he and his coaches had noted to snag that cradle. His actions caused the injury, but I highly doubt it was malicious nor should he have been DQed.

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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Housebuye in intermat paywall   
    Very dumb. I used to visit at least once daily. I’ve been on there maybe 3 times since the paywall decision. 
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Marcus Cisero in Pennsylvania Hawkeyes by B1G Wrestling   
    BTN just posted this video on You Tube. I played it several times, you will too.
    Who knew Tom Brands got in his car and drove 12 hours to Kemerers home in PA when he learned Micheal was having seconds thoughts about joining the Hawkeyes that first year?  This video reveals just that plus other interesting information about the "Pennsylvania Hawkeyes."
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Slow, timid start, strong finish = tech fall. Spencer Lee   
    I hate to even admire this guy publicly when my pal, VakAttack, has such an idolizing, man crush on DeSanto this year, it's like he is dissing his avatar...I don't want to make Vak mad, but..

    ... But Spencer Lee is the man, and has the pace of his matches figured out to a tee.  He shakes hands and basically lulls his opponents into thinking they might have a chance, he moves slow and almost timidly, he fends off a few weak attacks...(well they are weak to Spencer, but are about the best his opponents can muster). Then he counters one attack for a takedown and makes it almost look like his opponent slipped. His opponent feels like it was his mistake (which it was) and it won't happen again (it will).  He still thinks he has a shot to win.
    Spencer gets them to relax and quit trying so hard, it  reminds me of how a python waits until it's prey lets out a breath and then tightens the coils.

     That's about when Spencer Lee shifts gears.  I like the analogy of the  1970 Plymouth Duster,  that I had in high school,  with the high compression 340 engine...

    ...when I raced that 351 Mach 1 Mustang with the spoiler, hood scoop, mag rims with big fat tires behind. (great looking, like a Penn State singlet)

    In a quarter mile race, the Mach 1 would jump to the lead, speed shift to 2nd with a chirp of burning rubber, then hit 3rd gear before I was out of 1st gear....I'd red line that 3-speed Duster at around 55 mph in first, the hit 2nd and blow by the Mach 1 on my way to 90mph before hitting 3rd gear (145mph).
    When Spencer shifts gears, same thing, he just blows away his competition with offensive points on his way to a quick tech fall.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Anyone have a video of Larry Owings vs Darrell Keller   
    Good article.
    "This time, alone in the wrestling office, Gable watched grimly, pulling up a chair to just a couple feet of the screen. He saw himself score the first points of the match with a takedown. "Should have pinned him right there. But he was double-jointed in the shoulders or something. Always got away.""
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to ptz305 in Snyder to Iowa   
    Kyle Snyder, an Olympic and world champion and one of the world’s best wrestlers, spent the past few hours living in a basement.
    Not just any basement. Wrestling legend Tom Brands‘s basement.
    Snyder announced Jan. 17th that he was moving from Penn State, his home since fall 2019, to live and train at the University of Iowa, another NCAA and post-grad wrestling power.
    “The simple truth is I need to get better,” was posted on Snyder’s social media, three seconds after he was pinned at the 2020 Matteo Pellincone. “This decision isn’t to suggest that one program is better than the next, but this is taking advantage of additional thinking and incorporating that into my wrestling.”
    Brands was a 1996 Olympic champion who before that was a three time NCAA Champion for the University of Iowa. 
    “Once I said I was going to move there, [Brands] was like, you can just live in my basement [at first],” the 24-year-old Snyder said. “If you would have told me when I was like 16, 15, years old, I would go spend a night in Tom’s basement, I would have been like, wow, it’s the greatest gift I’ve ever received.”
    Snyder can afford his own place, but at the time his wife was on an internship in Philadelphia that ran to Dec. 15 and was having a hard time finding a flight to Iowa City.
    “Then when she gets there [to Iowa City], we’re going to move out because I didn’t think we could both live in Tom’s basement,” Snyder said in a January interview (It’s unknown whether the move out has happened yet.). “But it’s been good because I knew Tom well, but I didn’t know him like I was living in his basement.”
    There’s little in Brands’s house that would tell visitors he is one of the greatest wrestlers in history. There is an ESPY Award in his living room, Snyder said, but no other significant medals or trophies, just a lot of holes punched in the dry wall and "You get what you earn" drawn in blood on the bathroom mirror.
    Brands and Snyder, two generational U.S. talents, passed the time discussing Brands’s new passion: coaching. He was hired by Iowa in 2006. He led the Hawkeyes to three National Titles before eight straight top ten finishes. 
    “We play a lot of Grand Theft Auto and stuff,” Snyder said of Brands, who is married with two sons. “Maybe that’s not that normal for a dad to do that.”
    Snyder also reunited with old rival Bobby Telford, an assistant coach at Iowa. 
    “[Telford] kind of stayed his distance from me, and I stayed away from him, and that’s just kind of the way it was for us,” Snyder said. “Now that he’s done competing, I’m just super thankful that he’s there. He’s way different. Our relationship is way different. It’s really easy to talk to him. He’s helped me technically and mentally. He’s always willing to wrestle with me.”
    Once he dethroned returning Olympic Champion Jake Varner, Snyder felt like he could beat anybody. And he did, becoming the youngest U.S. Olympic wrestling champion at age 20 and then defeating the Russian Tank, Abdulrashid Sadulayev, in a 2017 World Championships epic. Sadulayev had not previously lost in four years on the senior international level (and competed in a different weight class than Snyder in Rio).
    But Sadulayev pinned Snyder in 68 seconds at 2018 Worlds. This past September, Snyder was upset before getting the chance to face Sadulayev in another final. Earlier today Snyder was pinned by an Iranian opponent. It is the first time he has been pinned since the 2018 worlds. 
    “The reason why I went to Iowa is because I believe God wanted me to go there,” said Snyder, who prays for 30 minutes to start the day and says he draws all of his value from faith. “To say that losing in ‘18 and ‘19 didn’t have anything to do with [moving to Iowa], I would say that’s not true. When I lose, I’m like, well let’s turn it up. I don’t want to lose again. I want more detailed coaching. I want my training partners to come in and be even more ready. It’s not that they weren’t helping me a lot, but I guess I was looking for change and thought that would help me.”
    Snyder’s coach at Ohio State, Tervel Dlagnev, and Iowa coaches declined to comment for this story. Snyder will continue to train ahead of the Olympic trials the first weekend of April, when he will have a bye into the final.
    “I just thought that the change would bring about a new perspective,” Snyder said, “and some small adjustments in my wrestling that will ultimately make big changes.”

    In unrelated news, incoming freshman Daniel Kerkvliet has announced he intends to transfer to the University of Iowa. 
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr got a reaction from MedicineMan in Roman bravo young   
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Separated at birth?   
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Mphillips in Brock Lesnar Returns   
    You would prefer xanax?
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to jchapman in Cassar injured   
    Which freshman year?
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Caption this pic   
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Jadidi wants to know   
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Billyhoyle in delete - double post   
    Don’t delete. Possibly the greatest topic you’ve ever posted. 
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Abbas Jadidi VS ....   
    Coach Carson Sanderson Wells discusses strategy with Abbas Jadidi minutes before the fight.

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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Abbas Jadidi VS ....   
    Before you submit your final votes, be aware that Jad has studied the tactics of Anton, used on previous opponents:


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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Abbas Jadidi VS ....   
    Negative.  The referee brought in for this face-off has zero chance of being bribed:

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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Abbas Jadidi VS ....   
    Anton Chigurh, who wins?

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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to MedicineMan in Worst practice partners   
    Worst practice partner, farm boy, 190 lber,  Samson strength, but slow, awkward...Us lighter weight guys would try to take him down...single, double leg, Fireman's? forget it.  
    Sometimes an arm drag or duck under would get you behind him, but then it was almost impossible to break him down to the mat.....even on that rare occasion when you managed to buckle his knee and get him off balance, just as he was falling to the mat like a redwood tree, he'd reach around and get the last knuckle of a finger on your hip or behind a knee, and drag you around in front  and fall on you...moves 95% completed were never scores, he could still stop you with pure power.  
    He smelled just like horse sweat, same dna found in Percheron sweat glands, and 10 times normal human strength, like a primate.  If you started on top, it was like wrestling a concrete park bench.  He loved being on the bottom, that was his nap time, he never scored a point in his life from the bottom except when someone kicked him loose for an escape.  If you were on bottom, you could explode at the speed of light and he'd just hold onto an ankle or wrist or elbow, with one hand, like a six-inch vise...and scratch his Neanderthal eyebrow or hairy shoulder with his other hand while he watched your struggle to get free.

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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Worst practice partners   
    I'll add a few more to this list... 
    1) Bad drill partner guy (your 1st guy).  Either because he's too stiff, too lazy, too apathetic, or just too plain bad to know how do give you the right look.
    2)The Jerk.  The guy that is absolutely brutal in live goes (similar to your 2nd guy).  He isn't just out there to win rounds or to try to get better, he wants to hurt guys--even the JV guys that are just there to drop a couple lb's and chop it up with the guys at the team food table on the weekend.  You'll catch this guy doing a lot of pointing at lesser teammates, and saying "you're goin' with me."  Side note--this guy's not actually that good, and probably tops out as a state alternate.  
    3) Unorthodox/funky guy... exactly what you said. He might not be bad.  He might not be good. You never know, but you do know, wrestling him helps nobody.
    4) All-out guy.  You don't really hate this guy, but you definitely hate wrestling this guy.  He only knows one gear, and to him, a coach calling out "collar-tie, elbow post to head-inside single" is just another whistle before his next live go.  Forget getting any sort of rhythm drilling takedowns with all-out guy, because the second your hand touches his leg, it's on.  
    5) Fat guy.  Fat guy is another guy that you don't really dislike, but the more you encounter him the more frustrating it gets.  Every high school team has a few of these guys, and they're not necessarily heavies, although a lot of heavies are also fat guys.  This is the guy you get stuck with occasionally that's 15 - 30 pounds heavier than you, and he's awkward.  Fat guy is kind of like bad drill partner guy, except he tries, and he's heavy, and he might get you hurt.  
    6) Talented lazy guy.  This is the guy that you don't like because he gets away with way too much.  He's probably pretty good.  He's probably placed at state.  And he's probably finding ways to skip the hard parts of practice.  He's in the training room getting taped, or riding the bike because he picked up a mysterious "injury," and he's never down to weight on time.  
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to headache in Suriano vs lee   
    Rock, scissors, paper - Lee beats Suriano, Suriano beats Fix, Fix beat Lee.
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to Medicine_Man in JADIDI 1958 PHOTO   
    Joined U.S. Army on the buddy plan/ bodyguard status.

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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to tbert in 2 Lawsuits filed against Ohio State   
    Jordan is in it because DiSabato, Yetts and Coleman are  broke and needed their "BFF" Jordan ,to lie for them to gain substance to their get rich quick scheme.  
    News media are in it because they do not support  Jordan for picking on their corrupt deep state hero(s)and will make up anything to bring him and Trump down.
    Radical Liberals are in it because Jordan told their hero  (and corrupt reporter) a lie and it brings him down to the level of all their role models.
    Keep up the good work Jimmy,   the rats are scattering...lovin it!!!!
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    Doc_Hfuhruhurr reacted to paboom in Desanto to Iowa   
    I can agree with that, in regards to tOSU. 
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