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  1. what the hell nickal ???????????????
  2. wow...finally refs with guts
  3. its cael.....he and his "team" seek out the type of kid who wants to have fun and let it all hang out. he seeks out confidence
  4. yea jason nolf vs old ricky sanders....would have been spectacular
  5. noone will come close to beating zain............ are you all new here ?
  6. nolf wins by fall...............
  7. jordan over sorensen !!!!
  8. caels current dynasty makes gables years look sad
  9. i sure do !! and ones you won't find anywhere else my friend :)
  10. caels current dynasty makes gables years look sad
  11. i think i heard a pin drop in gallagher arean this afternoon
  12. jim gibbons is totally abysmal . . . reminds me of the ole blatnick days . . he needs to go !!!!!
  13. they need to hire someone to do their recruiting.... because whoever is doing it now, is not getting the job done !
  14. shame though....the site to vote keeps coming up with "error".... ???? . . good ole usa wrestling at its best.....again
  15. ZAIN most number of falls . . that is the ultimate goal in the sport . . correct ?
  16. if the big apple wrestles like he did last nite....cox wins. if the big apple wrestles like he did prior to last nite....he wins defensive vs aggressive guess we will see how aggressive he really is if the big apple gets on top and cranks that bow and arrow....cox is finito
  17. the big apple has had his way with burak...... shouldnt be any different this eve.
  18. im thinking its their recruiting.....
  19. honestly its a shame that none of the hawks that i have seen wrestle with the brands intensity or skill levels. somewhere it is getting lost in the wrestling room.
  20. lol....there never was any jesus....lol
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