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  1. I've been a silent observer on this board for more than a few years, but decided to come up for air on this topic. Here are a few facts about this mess: -Some of the big time assistant coaches expressed their interest to the university as soon as the change was announced (weeks before the posting). Bubba Cunningham's path to his current role is: -student-athlete at Notre Dame, graduate student at Notre Dame, worked in athletic dept at Notre Dame from graduating in '84 until 2002. -AD at Ball State 2002-2005 -AD at Tulsa from 2005-2011 -Bubba served as Notre Dame's associate AD for finance and facilities from 1995 to 2002. Among his responsibilities while at Notre Dame per his bio on the goheels.com site: "Cunningham was responsible for developing an equity plan to meet Title IX requirements." -Notre Dame dropped their program in the spring of 1992. -the only NCAA wrestling program Bubba has been around was kicked to the curb by one of the most well endowed athletics programs in the country. All of this does not make me feel good about the situation. Many believe that Kolat left because he thought the administration does not want to win in Chapel Hill. I hate to say it, but I feel like our athletics department is fine with being a powerhouse in basketball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, track, cross country, field hockey, etc and doesn't care about a few of the "fringe olympic sports." Rameses
  2. Asst position at UNC-Chapel Hill and a volunteer asst coach spot as well Rameses
  3. Nico has the PSU/ Franklin connection but Jody has the Brands connection and Lee is a brawler. It will be interesting in a few years...
  4. Willie, would you say that Fargo trumps the other events? I like it best bc the kids that are prepared for JR Freestyle are clearly getting close to the 11 month commitment that D1 requires today plus its the only true national tournament now that there are so many events around the same times of yr (end of HS season, late spring a la this past weekend and Super 32/ Preseason Nationals in the fall). Rameses
  5. Rameses


    any Ivy league school or national caliber university will always conduct a national search to fill any opening, athletic or academic, as a matter of protocol. Defaulting to an assistant or in-house candidate for any opening, regardless of how good he/she may be, doesn't fly at places like UPenn. Nothing against Valenti, but I imagine a decent number of head coaches will throw their name in the hat for this gig. Rameses
  6. I watched with a few non-wrestling buddies and they couldnt get past how bad he looked and kept asking why he wouldnt shut up. USA Wrestling should help guide them towards JB, Herbert or literally ANYONE else to offer color commentary. We made non-wrestling fans scratch their heads, listening to his rambling jibberish Rameses
  7. just saw the NE regional results. Lee is a monster at 113/ 110
  8. While it is a day before weigh-in, I would be surprised to see Spencer Lee down at 110 lbs. Pure speculation just based on the eye test Rameses
  9. Myles Martin has to be up there
  10. love where this is headed. Both of you guys have great stats, facts, insight, etc. JT, always been a fan of checking out who you follow, cheer for, etc. especially since you always liked my boy E. Sola. Rameses
  11. True but both of the Ecklof brothers graduated from Pitt
  12. technical issues? He won FILA's most technical wrestler in the world award. While this is obviously a FS award, it speaks to his technical acumen and attention to detail while competing. In 3 yrs as head coach at UPenn, Valenti won 2 NCAA titles. He will be JUST fine on folkstyle technique and the Sr level athletes are one of the keys to rapid program improvement. Rameses
  13. 1. Its safe to assume that Art Martori made sure the move was worth his while to leave a successful program in Co Springs where he was making 200k/ year. 2. Zeke will be able to put together a killer RTC under the Sunkist Kids model of his era using his connections from his time at the OTC. 3. Alumni with proven coaching track records running well funded programs at their alma mater are a dangerous combo that are capable of doing great things due to their own pride in the school, relationships with alumni, familiarity with local community and the ability to sell the university to recruits. Add all of that on top of Zeke's international stature/ reputation and its hard to argue that ASU could have made a better hire. My money is on Lou Rosselli heading to Co Springs while Ryan plugs the gap for a year before making room for Stieber to remain on staff as a volunteer while he trains & competes on the Sr level. Rameses
  14. I would LOVE to see Bryan Snyder runnin the show in Chapel Hill Rameses
  15. Charles at ASU is #2 to go on the D1 scene... Any candidate ideas?
  16. http://www.wvusports.com/page.cfm?sport ... exclusives top candidates? I would think that the possibility of the Big 12/ACC combo qualifier, proximity to PA & OH, and fact that most wrestlers can get into WVU will draw a strong pool of applicants. Rameses
  17. Dance lost to Nico and Dellgado. He beat Taylor, Patterson & Peters. Not really sure why he couldn't have beat either Iowa guy. He is a stud and had better high school credentials than either Iowa guy. Unfortunately he is one more serious obstacle for any Iowa 125lber for the next 3 years. I doubt if he had better credentials than either of Iowa's 125 lbers. Joey went to every major HS & USA Wrestling tournament. Ironman, Beast of the East, Fargo, Super 32, FILA Jr World Team Trials. He hit em all. No knock on either Gilman or Clark but Weber & the Christiansburg boys travel and chase competition as much as anyone else in the game. Rameses
  18. Couldn't agree more about Flynn. Great coach. Great guy. I know I am beating a dead horse by pointing out Mich State's performance issues, but the fact that they spend almost $900K on that program is both laughable and embarrassing at the same time. Rameses
  19. 133 first round - Gustafson VT over Quiroga Purdue Both have big gas tanks and Gustfason is getting hot at the right time. Quiroga burst onto the scene as a true frosh in 2010 when he upset Nicholson ODU, made the semis and placed 6th at 125, finishing with a 28-15 record on the year. Gustafson is a junkyard dog who will go the whole 7 minutes. If he can pull it off, he'll likely see Soto from UTC who he majored at the Natl duals last month. Rameses
  20. Many are making the same observation, but positioning and scrambling have progressed and evolved thanks to great coaching at the youth, club & HS levels, more access to online video and most kids simply have more mat time than 15-20 years ago. The wrestling has improved by leaps and bounds while the rules have taken baby steps and now elite level high school & elite level college wrestlers often find themselves headed to OT matches when up against someone on their skill level. Deep shot = scramble to no points, stalemate or out of bounds. The good news is I think the rules committee will be motivated to change it after the lack of action this season at the D1 level. I hope so anyway... Rameses
  21. living off campus instead of dorms with meal plans, taking classes without the academic support & generally learning to fend for one's self without the structure that many universities provide for freshmen athletes develops a lot of immeasurable skills that a traditional redshirt experience does not. The change of pace from the national competition and rigorous year round training is another benefit to the "ivy redshirt" year. Its 100% within the rules, is widely known in the wrestling community and helps kids get more out of their college experience. I would have jumped at the chance to do this if I were 12 years younger and good enough to get a look from a Cornell, UPenn, etc. the greyshirt where D1 football players enroll in January but only take 6 hours to remain "part time" students to prevent the start of their 5 year clock has become the norm rather than the exception in the big football conferences. Rameses
  22. gooooooood topic... Nelson and Caldwell are terrible and know nothing about position, winning tight ones or what it takes to thrive in JRob or J.W. Smith's programs... then again, probably shouldn't expect much from anyone that wants to be known as "blametheref" pushing the proverbial "neeeeeext" button Rameses
  23. Jamill's WTT run through Tony Davis, Bill Zadick, McIlravy & Bono in 2003 was another impressive day. I feel that Zeke is gradually developing the program back to having that kind of depth at a few weights. Rameses
  24. Nickal is a full-sized 182 pounder (who is down at 170 bc its best for his team) and will easily be north of 180 with the weight allowance and recovery time by the time they wrestle. Bo hasn't lost since he tangled with I-Mar last year when he went upper body and gave up big points but also took him down three or four times later in the match. This will be a helluva matchup. Rameses
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