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  1. These two guys being together is an ideal training situation for each. Eventually both are going to be at the very top level in college. For Lee it will be more of a return, but I think working with DeSanto (and others) takes him up even another notch or two from last year.
  2. Broomstick

    Updated: NCAA's Prediction - Mid-February 2019

    I don't agree with all of the OP's picks but, assuming I did, here is how I rank the winners from most to least likely: Nolf Nickal MyMar Stevenson Micic Yianni Jordan Hall Marinelli Rivera
  3. Broomstick

    Best at 157 in College

    Dustin Schlatter getting inserted into this topic about the best 157 pounder in college since 1999 is certainly not something I expected. I'm a huge fan of his though.
  4. Broomstick

    Best at 157 in College

    I definitely only intended to talk about wrestlers since 1999 and only each's peak year at 157. It's unfair to Nolf to include in the comparisons with Dake and Burroughs their respective accomplishments post-157 but, even so, it would be hard to pick against either because Burroughs' championship year at 157 was, to me, the start of his other worldly run of 5 or 6 years (with an injury break or two) and the only time it makes any sense to pick against Dake is in fantasy matches (such as against Taylor).
  5. Broomstick

    Best at 157 in College

    Since the 157 pound weight class was established in 1999, is Nolf this year the best wrestler at this weight class in college wrestling? Only considering years wrestlers were at this weight class, I think he is with Burrough's and Dake's (in that order) junior years' being the closest competition. I never saw that much of Bertin, so maybe someone could tell me why he should be in this conversation as well.
  6. Broomstick


    149 seems to be the least talked about weight this year, but I'm trying to change that here. It's almost like the void of household names at this weight other than Retherford carried over for another year due to his dominance. A few questions: Kolodzik and Jordan are both from SW Ohio. I know the former prepped out of state at Blair, but do the two have a history at all from youth or training at St. Paris? Or was Jordan always older and bigger so they didn't seriously roll together. Am I off base in thinking that there is 0% chance we have a NC this year other than one of those 2 or Ashnault? I just figured out that Josh Heil is Dean Heil's brother but Josh didn't go to St. Eds and, based on his bio, had a relatively (to his brother) unremarkable high school career. Anyone know why that was and, considering he is ranked 8th this year, how high is his ceiling?
  7. Broomstick

    Official List: Who is taking Moore over Nickal?

    Nickal reminds me of Askren in Askren's last two years of college. He doesn't cut much (if any) weight, pins at record-setting pace and I feel bad for his opponents because I have already made up my mind they have no chance.
  8. Broomstick

    Bo Nickal

    I am a 100% committed tOSU fan and see no way Moore prevails against Nickal. Martin's athleticism always gave him a puncher's chance against Nickal, but Moore just doesn't bring that same dynamic to the table. If Moore puts the pressure on with high volume shooting, it's inevitable that Nickal is going to catch him coming in one time and take Moore to his back. Hope I am wrong in every way here though.
  9. Broomstick

    Askren presser for UFC 234

    I was a huge fan of Askren when he was in college. Although there have been collegiate wrestlers since him with better accomplishments, I still don't think I have seen anyone dominate to the same level he did. With that said and without me seeing all of his MMA fights, I think his UFC career goes something like his senior freestyle career. The UFC is another level (or 2 or 3) from what he has seen in MMA, like the senior freestyle circuit is another level from college. In his prime, Lawler is one of the worst match ups for Askren that I can think of. Question is whether Lawler is still close to prime level. It's been a few years since Lawler was at the very top and hard to know how far (if at all) he has fallen.
  10. Broomstick

    Shortest heavyweight?

    Matt Koz at UTC about 10 years ago. I'd guess he was under 5'10". Had wrestled 197 much of his career but moved up the last year or 2 if I remember correctly. Had uncommon strength for his size.
  11. Broomstick

    Alan Fried interview, part 3 (conclusion)

    It has been 20 years since Fried won his title in 1994. When I look at the list of NCAA champions at the 142/141 weight classes since that time (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCAA_Divis ... .80.932014), I see 2 guys who I would take over Fried (Kolat and Steiber) based on the versions of those wrestlers in the years they won those weight classes. However, I'd bet there are other posters here who would pick additional champions from that group over 1994 Fried since it includes names like TJ Williams, Ware, McGuinness, Jaggers, Dake (freshman year), and Kellen Russell.
  12. Broomstick

    Alan Fried interview, part 3 (conclusion)

    Even if that occurred, I'd rate Taylor the higher of the two as he was even more dominate, particularly in college.
  13. Broomstick

    Alan Fried interview, part 3 (conclusion)

    Fried was at 142 his junior year, so it would have been Mcilravy. I think it would have been a surprise if Fried would have lost that match to the freshman, considering how dominate Fried had been in college to that point (save Brands and his one other loss freshman year).
  14. Broomstick

    Alan Fried interview, part 3 (conclusion)

    Of course that's all speculation, and I strongly disagree with it. "If Fried had gone to Iowa" it's funny to hear this. Fried went to the 2nd best program in the country at the time. Fried had great coaches, teammates, training facilities, fan base, etc. I'm not sure why that scenario is often mentioned whenever Fried is discussed. Of course Iowa was great back then, but before Fried arrived, they failed to win the ncaas for 4 consecutive years. In Fried's true freshman year, Okie State won nationals and they did so again in his Sr. year. Fried was at a very good program, a program very comparable to Iowa. A program that was capable of producing a 4 time ncaa champion. Fried was a talented wrestler, but in my opinion he is way overrated. I believe he gets too much credit for losing to Brands in the finals. I personally consider those losses to be more of negative than a positive. Fried was definitely very good, but he didn't rise to the occasion twice against a wrestler that he was capable of beating. Fried was good to very good, but not great. I often see people (most always from Ohio) trying to sneak his name in there amongst the greats. No offense intended. Fried did not rise to the occasion against Brand you might say or, another way to look at it, is Tom Brands shined brightest on the biggest stages and was virtually unbeatable against opponents who, in other circumstances, gave Brands trouble. That seems to me to be Fried's opinion of Brands based on the interview, and it is Fried giving high praise to Brands. Fried is one of my all time favorites but I can somewhat understand superold's sentiment towards Fried. Fried's career, in sum, does not stand up to those who we typically hold out as all time greats. Fried is in the argument for one of the greatest high school wrestlers ever and, I think, he was one of the first to achieve at least some level of fame on a national level while still in high school before the internet age. In college, he is in the argument for one of the greatest 1 time champs ever. That is because 1) he was a dominant wrestler in the sense of a high percentage of bonus points wins; 2) his 2 runner up finishes were to Brands, who every reasonable fan counts among our all time greats; 3) many reasonable people believe he was a heavy favorite to win the title his junior year when he could not compete due to the Okie State suspension; and 4) he was a fun to watch scoring machine (as was Brands to probably an even greater extent). Mostly he falls short in post collegiate freestyle results, which are obviously the the most significant and difficult results to get. When he was competing though, in Ohio and mostly the Cleveland area, it was pretty well accepted that he was the best wrestler of his generation from the area by a significant amount. I think a lot of this comes from scenarios like x beat (eventual 2x NCAA champ) Markus Mollica handily. Fried wrestled x in a open tournament/mat, up 2 weights, and teched x in the first period. So, yes, a lot of those proclaiming Fried's greatness are Ohioans, most of whom are probably middle-aged men now.
  15. Broomstick

    Alan Fried interview, part 3 (conclusion)

    I read that interview series when it was first posted on that website (seems like 6 or 7 years ago) and go back and review parts of it every year or two. It is a phenominal piece of work and shows how Fried is a real interesting character.