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  1. I agree that Heflin is a big 86, but it is where I like him best. He is one of these guys that has been hanging around for a few years just below the top level US guys, and I am wondering if he is gonna peak at the right time and grab the Olympic spot. I see that as a possibility at 86 unless Taylor is back to his level from 2018, in which case neither Heflin nor anyone else stands a chance at grabbing the spot. I do not see how Heflin fits into even the top five at 97 in the US even though several would not have any size advantage on him. If things play out like they normally do, someone who is not being considered one of the top contenders going in is going to grab one of the Olympic spots. Molinaro and Heflin are two guys that I think could play that spoiler role.
  2. Is Nick Heflin qualified to enter the tournament for the Olympic spot?
  3. Headline of tOSU Lantern tomorrow: Ohio State beats Penn State 16-20! GAS TANK GARY for Mayor of Columbus!
  4. I agree, Robles is just an excellent commentator. Is he still significantly involved in motivational speaking? Even with the number of years that have passed since he was (somewhat) in the national spotlight, I think he would still be a great candidate for groups looking for a speaker.
  5. Pletcher has stepped it up more levels between last year and this year than anyone I can recall in the last several years. In prior years, almost every match he had was a nail biter. This year he is absolutely manhandling the other top guys at the weight.
  6. As an tOSU fan, I wanted to gouge my eyes out reading that article. 6 or so years in Columbus building up good feelings, flushed away in about 400 words.
  7. I thought Cox and Gadson are the top 2 at 97 in the US? Anyway, as great as I think Bo is, it seems unfathomable that he could compete with Snyder when giving up so much weight. I'm sure Bo is working on bulking up but wonder if he has eyes on middle weight or light heavy for mma.
  8. Okay, but I don't think many (any) were senior level top competitors at 97.
  9. Bo's awesome, but I can't imagine him being competitive giving up this much weight. He'll be giving up 20+ pounds by the time he wrestles guys that have re-hydrated.
  10. Really, when I saw Steiber standing next to Pletcher I could have sworn he looked a lot taller than that.
  11. The announcer (Brian Brakeman, I think?) said in the beginning that Kemp was a 2-time state champ, so that means this was after his senior year and he would have been wrestling for about 4 years. There should be no doubt that Kemp would have done well in whatever era he was dropped into. He has always had an incredibly high wrestling (and general) IQ which, coupled with his exceptional athleticism, makes him the type of wrestler that withstands the test of time. His wrestling achievements still rank among the best ever for the US, despite arguably (probably) being robbed of what would have been two of his greatest accomplishments: (i) a fourth NCAA title which he lost on a referees' decision his true freshman year after overtime and having the only take down in the match; and (ii) a gold medal at the 1980 Olympics he didn't get to win when he was one of the biggest favorites we have had going into an Olympic games.
  12. Pop might be the right hire if the job opening were now, but I think it will be 5-10 years before the job opens and not sure he will still have the same shine at that point.
  13. I think that is not a big enough name and is too focused on recruiting OK which shouldn't be that high on the list of priorities. Head coach at OSU is one of the top 5 jobs in the country and the new coach would be following one of the biggest legends in US wrestling history. I think it needs to be someone close to what Smith was when he was hired (i.e. prior ncaa and world champ (or multiple time champ), relatively recently retired from competition), but the prior OSU connection should not be a priority. Cael has too many years left for Taylor to wait around for that job, maybe he would be a candidate for OSU if the timing worked out. But I think Smith has more than a few years left, so the prime candidates are more likely in their early 20s now like Fix, Spencer Lee or even Bo Nickal if he turns away from MMA.
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