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  1. I might be overly optimistic, but I am taking his announcement as meaning we are anywhere but near the twilight of his career. We had all been assuming he hangs it up at the end of this Olympic cycle and now it looks like he is going to be around for another (at least). He is arguably our country's greatest freestyle wrestler and he just keeps going. That is awesome. Who knows how long he keeps at it and is in the mix for golds. Dake's recent comments about his aging stoked the fire.
  2. He's gonna go another Olympic cycle? Dake's not happy.
  3. The Harvard wrestling team will be practicing in the fall semester when all classes are online? That would be interesting.
  4. Does this basically mean Ivy League wrestling will not seriously compete this coming academic year. How are they going to be competitive come March if they can't get on the mat until January?
  5. Masvidal is training areas besides wrestling with other partners/coaches of course. Bo helps with the wrestling . . . and probably some boxer helps with striking, jiu jitsu black belt helps with submissions, etc.
  6. These were my favorite NCAA finals, mostly because I as in attendance but also due to the great matches, most notably Metcalf/Caldwell. Also a great team races that wasn't decided until Herbert beat Pucillo at 184 -- most expected the race to be over with a Metcalf victory at 149.
  7. The interesting thing to me is that there are reasonably convincing arguments for all 5 of these guys (Retherford, Taylor, Nickal, Ruth and Nolf) to be be considered PSUs "best ever" and, if one or two moves had different results in any of their careers, that could change that person to an undeniable "greatest." I will go with Nickal as the greatest because he had no lapses (that I can recall, and I don't consider getting put on his back against Martin in the finals his junior year a lapse) in his last two years. I believe all the knocks against him are from his freshman and sophomore year. I guess Retherford is about the same but Nickal just seemed ever so slightly more dominant.
  8. Speaking of Ryan Lang, what about Drew Pariano? Or Tony Pariano?
  9. I am having a hard time recalling the wrestling of Peter Yozzo and this pic is not helping to jog my memory!
  10. Unfortunately, I can't shake the same feeling. However, given the level of guys they had for about an 8 year period, it was probably inevitable. It might take another 30 years to have two guys go through the program that come close to the accomplishments of Logan Stieber and Snyder. And during that same era, you had Tomasello and Bo Jordan who were only a few matches short of being in the same league. Tough to get recruits at their level into the room and even tougher to get them to follow through with results at the level they experienced over that stretch.
  11. Hard to come away with anything other than this opinion based on the documentary. It sounds like he has been selflessly donating his time and talent for many years at the high school level at a program which, at least based on initial appearances, would not often have someone at his level being part of their program.
  12. Well they postponed or canceled the NBA, NHL and MLB. How is P5 football anymore likely to move forward without fans than those were/are?
  13. Seems like a very bad sign. UC has a large athletic budget and soccer is very popular in Southwest Ohio, including at the club and high school levels.
  14. Sure, if Yianni is at 149 and Sasso is too that is an almost guaranteed one spot lower on the podium for Sasso. But who knows if Sasso doesn't move up too. Yianni and Sasso at the same weight is the only scenario where I see Sasso with a very low probability to win a title, but I don't think he is a high probability champion in any other scenario either. He, again, will be in a small group of potential winners, none being an overwhelming favorite.
  15. I think their team placement at the national championships will be lower than it would have been this year because they are not going to have as much high end potential as this year. This year Moore and Pletcher were likely finalists and Sasso had a decent shot at making the finals. Next year Sasso is the only legitimate finalist candidate at this point and, because of guys shifting weights (including, possibly, Sasso himself), I am not sure his chances of being a finalist are going to be any better next year. They have 5 or 6 other guys who could AA next year but, at this point, most seem likely to be lower AAs fighting it out in the blood round where overwhelming success never seems to be the case for any team.
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