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  1. Broomstick

    Worthwhile Stieber interview

    Logan Steiber: friendliest and most grounded 4 timer of all time.
  2. Broomstick

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever wrestled?

    Alan Fried - only at an open mat session and only because nobody appropriate was there to complete the round robin group so my coach volunteered me (and whispered in my ear before we started that he would say a prayer for me).
  3. Broomstick

    All-time PSU team?

    Nice contribution
  4. Broomstick

    Kyle Dake's weight for next year

    He's too short for 86 KG.
  5. Broomstick

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    Muchas gracias
  6. Broomstick

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    Is there somewhere I can find scores/results for this? Twitter account?
  7. Broomstick

    Askren/JB pic

    If JB goes out and wrestles like it is a high level international freestyle event, avoiding scrambles and danger positions like he normally would, he will easily win. But that would be almost unfair and probably not why BTS agreed to schedule this match up. To make it exciting for the fans, I think JB is almost required to get into some scramble type situations to give Askren a chance.
  8. Broomstick

    Other Apparent Retirements

    Is Dustin Kilgore still competing?
  9. Broomstick

    Rankings Released

    For what it is worth, I think every Olympic weight next year will be manned by the #1 ranked wrestler at the weight in these rankings. Most likely exception is if Cox moves back down to challenge Taylor, which I think I heard he isn't, but I would still favor Taylor now.
  10. Broomstick

    Your States top 3, college career only, 2000 to present

    Agree 100%. Not sure how I forgot about TRow.
  11. Broomstick

    Your States top 3, college career only, 2000 to present

    Ohio is: 1. Stieber (1,1,1,1) 2. Taylor (2,1,2,1) 3. I think Heil (4,1,1, x). Beats Jaggers, but maybe I am forgetting someone else since 2000?
  12. Broomstick

    Snyder vs Gable and Cassar and White

    Anyone who says Snyder does not go 3-0 here is just trying to be argumentative. Think about how these guys compare to who Snyder beat for his titles.
  13. Broomstick

    2020 NCAA Team Title

    Someone asked if Yianni will redshirt. Does the ivy league allow Olympic RS?