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  1. Well, since he is leaving it up to us, he needs to drop to 74 and take out Burroughs. Can someone make sure he gets that message?
  2. Case closed, because not having ever tested positive is irrefutable evidence that he never took PEDs (said Lance Armstrong for about 13 years).
  3. The draw was a significant factor here. JB looked gassed from almost the beginning of the match with Sidakov -- Manning was screaming for him to move like my high school coach would yell at my sorry axx. If they wrestled first or second round, advantage JB possibly. But if they are always meeting in the semis or finals, its tough to see JB reversing the outcome unless he is the beneficiary of an easy draw and Sidakov has to go through the meat grinder first. In any event, I am happy their match was non-controversial and wrestled at an extremely high level (notwithstanding JB being gassed (for him)).
  4. Very controversial comments in this day and age.
  5. The idea of the NCAA wrestling championships in LV is counterintuitive to what the event is about. Generally (but with exceptions), it is a family friendly event that is affordable and convenient to the typical Midwestern wrestling fan. While holding it in LV is not completely unaffordable or inconvenient due to numerous flight options, there are numerous other locations that better fit with the theme of the event.
  6. Got it. If they do a family round robin, Ryder must have to stay in every round.
  7. One of the most interesting things I see on MO's roster: Dack Punke (125lbs) and Jace Punke (285lbs), both from the same high school. Are these guys brothers? If so, I don't think I have ever seen that big of a weight disparity between two brothers at the college level. I guess they don't roll around together too much back home!
  8. The timing was intentional, to help the afflicted ease their pain at the earliest opportunity.
  9. which is the next Dave Schultz with a realization of the salient characteristics at a younger age. I get that Penn State fans don't want to let go of the idea that Zain can be the guy at this weight, but it's not like you don't have enough other young stars to satiate your wishes that the next world team star originate out of Happy Valley. Just like "Bo is good at wrestling", Yianni operates on a level that we should all appreciate regardless of petty scholastic allegiances.
  10. Bo Nickal losing to Myles Martin their freshman years was best.
  11. Bo Nickal pinning Myles Martin their junior years was worst.
  12. Dustin Kilgore v. Clayton Foster - 2011. Awesome come from behind pin.
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