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  1. I think it will be David Carr at 74 in 2024. At 86, not sure but think it will be someone else besides Taylor due to his age, the injury risk and potentially a shift in his priorities.
  2. Yes, she seems really smart and self-aware. Not surprising I guess given her level of success.
  3. I can't think of any and would be amazed if there was (unless it is one of the years right before or after where some of those 5 are also included). Five 3x champs is amazing.
  4. Is Campbell's standing at the top of the heap still residuals from Kolat coaching or can they keep this up? UTC was the dominant force in the SoCon when they had Terry Brands and then Bono (and fairly high profile assistants under both) but then they gradually came back to the pack after Bono left.
  5. A little less than 2 years ago, Ben Askren got picked up and dropped on his head by Robbie Lawler, and Lawler then proceeded to unload on Askren with everything he had for 30 to 45 seconds. Ben composed himself, got up and proceeded to choke Lawler out a few minutes later. People think getting hit by a youtuber is going to affect Ben? And some think he is going to get knocked out? Not a chance. That is seriously underestimating the toughness he developed as a world class athlete for 15+ years. Ben's striking was horrendous during his UFC stint (and marginally better earlier), but I assume he is going to improve at least some as he focuses his training for this fight. Ben predicts he will win by TKO in the 7th round because he will wear Paul out. That sounds about right to be, but I predict a round or a few earlier.
  6. I cannot remember for certain anymore, but I though Fried competed (and was undefeated) at 142 in the 93 season at open tournaments and/or whatever competition he/Ok State was allowed to attend.
  7. Had Fried wrestled in 93, he would of won at 142 and Lincoln Mac would only be a 2 time champ. This is well understood by all Iowa fans.
  8. I think this fight, if it happens, will be unwatchable. Askren's striking is embarrassing, which he seemingly embraced in his MMA career knowing that, until he got to the UFC, it did not matter. But he is, of course, unbelievably tough and can take a punch (but not a flying knee to the head). The Youtuber will look better in the early going and land some good shots, but Askren will be relatively unphased and takeover after his opponent has boxed himself out. Askren will win by TKO somewhere between rounds 3 and 6, if it is schedule for that many.
  9. How does anyone watch that interview and not think JB knows he is going to win and Taylor, nervously rubbing his head, is thinking oh no what have I gotten myself into? These guys have wrestled in training with this weight difference - JB knows how Taylor feels at this size. JB is so cerebral in his analysis; DT is like just put me on the mat and hit go.
  10. Who is the favorite? JO or Green I assume?
  11. Benedictine. I think maybe the Vikings had one or two good athletes during those years:)?
  12. It's all real names. I lost my login information years ago so I just occasionally read it now without contributing. I don't really mind though as I would not have anything of value to add. Only when the conversation drifts back to late 80s/early 90s NE Ohio HS wrestling does my urge to chime in go unquenched but that is probably for the best as I am sure I have added my 2 cents on that topic more times than others care to remember.
  13. They have, I think, the lowest COVID numbers of any state. Maybe decisive action like this is why? Not that I like it.
  14. Forgot to pay the $10 annual maintenance fee?
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