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    Of that I’m sure you do. I assume you got them off or they weren’t required. It must be a relief.
  2. pm-01


    It’s not a fallacy. It’s a question. Anyway, the past is the past, eh?
  3. http://board.themat.com/index.php?/topic/17376-jeez-us/?p=351880
  4. pm-01


    Are you still wearing an ankle bracelet?
  5. It stretches the imagination to think Dresser feels you're relevant. He's probably a little busy at D1's.
  6. How could you be way over your storage limit? I would think you're either under or at the limit, but not you. You're special by being way over.
  7. Are you using AirPlay or Mirroring? Edit: got it AirPlay works for me. Jaroslav - The last I checked ATV3 is about $65 and ATV4 is about $150 or $200.
  8. Since you mentioned AppleTV, do you have an iOS device? If so, you can mirror website content, but that experience sucks compared to AirPlay content from say an app on an iOS device.
  9. Im just guessing they haven't figured out a way to get the app to work like their subscriptions yet. You know...download the app but never allow it to be deleted?
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