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  1. would be nice if they had an app for tv streaming services too, like Roku, apple tv, amazon fire, etc. connecting the laptop to the tv via hdmi cable is pretty low rent.


    Since you mentioned AppleTV, do you have an iOS device? If so, you can mirror website content, but that experience sucks compared to AirPlay content from say an app on an iOS device.

  2. Agree that the rules allow reaction time to break the grip when returning to the mat, but where do the rules specify that "Reaction time = Up to 2 seconds"?  I've always understood reaction time to be a subjective judgement call by the ref.


    Anyway, assuming that "Reaction time = Up to 2 seconds" is indeed the rule, why do you also say that means "not 2 seconds..but up to 2 seconds.  THAT's 1.9 seconds"?  Why wouldn't a wrestler be allowed up to a 2 second maximum amount of time to break the grip if "Reaction time  = Up to 2 seconds" is what the rule book actually says?


    With all due respect, if reaction time isn't defined in the rule book with the specificity you assert, then your comment that "the lead official stated himself...there was 1 second on the clock...(hmmm...that's less than 2 seconds)"  isn't dispositive of the issue at all. OTOH, if reaction time is strictly up to the ref's judgement then perhaps Shiels was just indicating that he felt Wilps had enough reaction time to break the grip before that last second ticked away - but didn't do so.  


    Additionally, Shiels didn't actually say "there was 1 second on the clock."  Rather, he said; "After further review, one second was left with locked hands."  That would support my interpretation above that the ref felt Wilps could've broken the grip before time expired.  Moreover, Shiels could have even been indicating that the maximum reaction time had already been reached with one second still remaining on the clock.  (Again, reaction time being defined as simply whatever amount of time the ref believes is adequate, not 1.9 seconds.)

    With all due respect your typical long assed dashboard analyses are boring as ****. Ya feel me?

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