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  1. People can decide what's in their own and their lids' best interest, but I found avoiding certain forums was in mine.
  2. Do you realize that their hometown, Mill Hall, is only 35 miles from Penn State? That being said, they aren't the brightest light bulbs in the shed... I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled a Martellotti. My boys are not going anywhere. The powers that be (National Champ coaches and Olympic Gold Medalist) have made peace with this and set some strict rules along with a punishment beyond what you see or hear - they are being punished beyond what you know. My boys have their work cut out for them now - trust me... They have to abide or they are done completely and no transfer will be allowed. They love Cael, Cody and Casey and know they let everyone down. But if I could tell everyone here the true story I guarantee they would be astonished as to how this has happened. It has been blown way out of proportion. They were warned previously about this trouble and the female involved. I think now they understand there are consequences to be dealt with. I wish so bad I was back in LBNY and not in this small town..... But there GPA is pretty good lu-alum so I don't know who you are - like most you hide behind an internet name and cower as a coward does when laying blame and insults on two young boys who have done so much community service and help with special olympics, visited sick kids in the hospital and done many clinics for free at youth clubs. Why do so many in our sport hate when we are struggling a great deal on a collegiate level. I can only think but one thing - YOU HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL ABOUT THIS SPORT AND THE GREAT PEOPLE INVOLVED AT ALL LEVELS. Go ahead now and attack back - but I dare you to email your real name and address at altonmortgage@gmail.com Maybe then we can discuss this matter face to face at some wrestling tournament in the future. Tip: Stop reading this forum.
  3. Thank you Jason. Note to Flo, before buying a hardware or software product most buyers want to review the system requirements. They probably are posted somewhere but I didn't find them. Could you display them a bit more promenantly? This helps your product appear more mainstream and legitimate. It further reduces customer service contacts and buyer resentment if incompatible. The same goes with how to terminate a subscription.
  4. I'm planning to sign up, but it looks like the video feed starts for the quarterfinals. Is that right or are you seeing the arena already? Does it require Flash? Can you tell if the feed supports iOS devices so I can stream while away from home?
  5. Your feelings are understandable but they are personal ones of course. There are plenty of wrestlers with wrestling specific tats and lots of soldiers and sailors with military tats also.
  6. Here's another: http://www.nusports.com/sports/midlands/spec-rel/past-results.html
  7. Minnesota is definitely under ranked and will likely beat Iowa. If Iowa doesn't settled in at some middle and upper weights they could have a frustrating season.
  8. Check your totals again because Brands and Williams already just received another vote. Sanderson over Williams? ...not even once.
  9. You know Vak, a litte bit of winning is tolerable but once your winning is mainstream people think there's something wrong with you and will devote plenty of time to share their acrimony and opinion of what it is.
  10. I had a complete ACL/MCL/PCL reconstruct (ACL fully ruptured) with a lot of meniscus damage. The surgeon did both, repaired the [highlight=#NaNffff]meniscus[/highlight] where he thought he could and removed where he needed to. I've had four surguries since all to remove meniscus that started to impinge the joint. In my case it was the right move as the injury ended my career. If the injury was limited to meniscus only, I'd probably give my surgeon the benefit to use his own judgement once he/she gets in there and can see it best. On the last two meniscus clean-ups I walked out on crutches, used a cane the next day and was walking on it the third day. You can always second guess yourself so its a tough call. Your surgeon should be able to help you with this. What's she/he say?
  11. Seagal may need to hit the treadmill but he still trains and is one bad ass fighter. He can send it down range too. Impressive.
  12. I assume those are only D1? Could you please link your source?
  13. Hammer, considering the homegrown talent competing over the years at Iowa, Iowa State, UNI, as well as in non D1 schools such as D3 in particular, etc...I'd say the state of Iowa is actually "that" good of wrestling state.
  14. News to me as well. Nothing on TheMat.com front page. Where is he going? I only know he's relocating. He will be missed.
  15. What's sad is with JB no longer with USAW the forum quality will likely deteriorate.
  16. I'm hearing this a lot lately. What are you seeing that makes you conclude this? Is it attendance, schools dropping programs?
  17. Don Godell? Good man. I'll toss out Morris Johnson as one of the best contributors of all time. Edited to include Adam Tirapelle, Jim Lucas, Big Al from California USA Wrestling site, and Rubin Leon always tried to help out in the youth section.
  18. I've had some exposure to a few European and Asian countries and I'd like to throw out another element to consider: cultural lifestyle. The lifestyle and motivation to do well is differnt in many European and Asian countries than here. At the very basic levels they compete against each other socially and economically in a way we Westerns do not (and do not need to). In some of the countries I've visited the kids are pushed hard, as a way of life, to compete academically and socially in order to get into the best schools and therefore land better jobs all in a bid to better support their extended family. This concept comes as 'natural' to them as our kids expect air conditioned classrooms and x-boxes. The parents will (often) sacrafic everthing they earn their whole life to give their kids the best chances for success to gain any social and economic advantage they can, because their culture says the kids are the parents retirement. And the kids see it no differently. That stands in stark contrast to our western culture. It helps that Russia has a huge population and rich wrestling history as that attracts kids to the sport at a young level. Yes, I understand we have a similar desire to succeed but many of these eastern countries have a deeper seated interest, drive, and need to excel. Of course as a few of these countries enjoy unpresidented prosperity, China in particular, they are also undergoing difficult and challenging cultural changes.
  19. Good topic Fletcher. And I agree with you except for the part where stretching prevents injuries.
  20. pm-01


    For whatever reason, the fact that I'm almost certain as to who he is drives people into some of the most blind rages that I've ever seen online-I know; I don't get why it would tick people off either that someone may know who he is-but, yes, I'm fairly sure that I know his identity.And, no, no one on here has even come close to guessing who he is. So you've said no one here has even come close to guessing who you think it is...not who Flap actually is. Important distinction because you don't know who Flap is; you only think you do.
  21. pm-01


    In my opinion, the person I miss posting here the most is Morris Johnson. I haven't spoke to him in a couple years. Morris's insights, demeanor, and experiences were always a delight. He's solid.
  22. pm-01


    There aren't many, if any, members here more aware or with greater credentials than TripNSweep. When he speaks, I listen.
  23. pm-01


    Alger would need to improve his spelling skills first.
  24. pm-01


    He became a member February 5, 2002. It's not either Zadick.
  25. Back around 2001 or 2002 Trenge beat Fulsaas in Carver with a score something like 21-15. The score looks like an asskicking but it was quite a match. I think later that year or the next Fulsaas beat Hahn with a late td ??? in a pivotal match.
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