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  1. It took a while for the Midlands to earn the reputation of where the elite meet to compete and unfortunately over the past decade or so its lost that luster. I wish it weren't so, but it is what it is.
  2. Full Nelson. Apparently I tried it a couple times but I swear I was just switching halves. Stalling. Mike Allen nailed me more than once and I swear again I wasn't stalling I was just frigging tired. Back in the day Allen ref'd one of my matches that went to OT and onto a full referee's decision. The side judges split 1-1 and Allen voted for me. Mike Allen for president!
  3. As far as I'm concerned, shake the opponent's hand before and after the match and then get the hell off the mat. If you want to shake the opposing coach's hand and half the people in the arena then do it after the meet.
  4. I believe you meant George Mason. Otherwise, Im not sure I understand your point about IOWA and poor decisions. I think historically they have a track record of putting the responsibility of behavioral rehab back on the athlete, eg Slaton and Marion, and let the chips fall where they may. Actually, I think most D1 programs are pretty much taking the same route and IOWA is nothing special in this area.
  5. Of course they could but one season at a time. Team strengths are largely cyclic so each year teams like Iowa, Wisc, Mn, etc are building experience to challenge them. Staying number one and staying near number one are two different things.
  6. I'll tell you that I've been hiding under the mat in awesome fear of having a mediocre season. Holy cow, haven't you enough wrestling experience to know that anymore team work through cycles. Cornell, Oklahoma State, BYU, and Minnesota ate working their way up while Iowa and a few others ate rebuilding. Where are all the Hawk fan? They're here but just have a little less to talk about. But then you know that already and ate just looking to play antagonist.
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