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  1. James Madison did what they needed to do. Byers made it pretty easy for them. Now though, there is a comodity on the auction block that several programs have decided is worth the risk to buy. Is buying the comodity going to have it's intended result, without the realistic future problems and percieved flaws in the comodity being part of the package? That will not be known for a while, as we wait to see if the young man was acting somewhat out of character, and he has changed his ways, or if he is a legitimate bad seed, and his character actually is the problem, in which case, his shortcomings will surface again, probably at a most inopportune time. Iowa has historically had more than thier share of guys who have trouble making good choices. and I cant think of any who were ever permanantly dismissed for discipline issues,excluding academic casualties, although there may be some.



    I believe you meant George Mason. Otherwise, Im not sure I understand your point about IOWA and poor decisions. I think historically they have a track record of putting the responsibility of behavioral rehab back on the athlete, eg Slaton and Marion, and let the chips fall where they may. Actually, I think most D1 programs are pretty much taking the same route and IOWA is nothing special in this area.

  2. I'll tell you that I've been hiding under the mat in awesome fear of having a mediocre season.


    Holy cow, haven't you enough wrestling experience to know that anymore team work through cycles. Cornell, Oklahoma State, BYU, and Minnesota ate working their way up while Iowa and a few others ate rebuilding.


    Where are all the Hawk fan? They're here but just have a little less to talk about. But then you know that already and ate just looking to play antagonist.

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