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  1. Realbuto is just wrestling. If the offical and the table and committee dropped the ball it's not his fault. To say he's the least deserving finalist and shouldn't be proud of making the finals is just ****ed. you guys are assholes for saying this ****.

  2. ...Mike beat me to the punch and said how does a guy get rode for over 5 minutes and NOT get called for stalling? I wasnt expecting that from him.

    It wouldn't surprise you much if you had ever wrestled on his mat. He made you bust your butt.


    Really nice guy, very honest and courteous.

    Yes, he is. Allen is the best of the best. He and Don Holmes were the two best officials I knew and wrestled for. Allen had great control of the mat and would reverse himself without hesitation. At the '02 Midlands he ended a 5th place TB match by instantly calling stalling on Derek Jenkins for dropping to the ankle twice on Alex Tirapelle. Allen made the calls he felt needed made no matter the match.

  3. The 20-30 posters on the Hawkeye forum do not represent the 15000 plus Iowa fan base.

    True. What an immature bunch of wannabes there. Many of them post as if they're an NCAA champ, knows every past & present Iowa great, and knows Brand's innermost thoughts. It used to be a decent site but it's a sickening place now. And I'm an Iowa guy.


    Dardanes is a stud but sometimes he just can't score. Dziewa and Dardanes met on a day where one was wrestling well and the other wasn't. But Dziewa seems to be working hard and developing well.

  4. I actually think pushing without shooting should be viewed as stalling also.   That and they are begging the official for stall call against their opponent!  In paricular I hate to see the pushing act and the HWT matches were one might have 4-5 inches and 30-40 lbs.  The shear size of HWTs such as Adam Koon and Bobby Telford along side of such HWTs should be taken into consideration along with weather or not any shots accompany the "taking of ground".


    This argument only works for hwt.


    How about you push back?

  5. I don't care that Waters ran into an Iowa guy.  I love stuff like this.  If I was a Mizzou fan, that would pump me up!


    The problem here is that people are very much focused on their own points of view, and nobody else.  Take Minnesota fans.  They will go on and on about an Iowa guy celebrating or whatever, but when Mike Thorn was around firing off his six shooters and such like a wild man, they went nuts.  I love it all.  Give me fire, give me emotion, give me the competitors not liking each other.  I'm in.

    I don't fully disagree, but this is also amateur collegiate athletics where sportsmanship counts for something. Let's keep that delicate balance, shall we?

  6. To top it off Allen was right there front row! Why does he even have a F'n job if he cant police terrible calls like this.

    Calm down. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that your emotions are clouding reasonable thought.

    Mike Allen can't put himself into a position to officiate matches from the stands. There'd be no end. If something needs done you can bet Allen will do it, and do it right. You might not hear about it though.


    And while you're feeling like heckling why not heckle Allen and see where it gets you. :)

  7. I just hope the ref doesn't fall for the push push shove shove as offense.  That is what I've noticed, Iowa on their feet has mainly devolved to pushing & shoving, the Missouri guys were a lot more active.  Will the refs considering stall calls against Iowa?  Loathe to call the stall, loathe to start the 5 count on time.


    As for the dual, I don't see both Kelly & Moore winning; one will lose. 

    And the TS is being pretty hopeful counting on 2 pins by one team.  That said, a fall for either team will be huge.


    This whole Iowa pushes and shoves whine is old. Push back, shove back, circle. It's all a set up. I hope the fans who continuously whine about it eventually wise up.

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