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  1. 125- Waters by dec MU 3-0

    133- Clark by major IA 4-3

    141- Mayes by dec MU 6-4

    149-Houdashelt by dec MU 9-4

    157- Kelly by dec MU 9-7

    165- Moore by dec IA 10-9

    174- Eblen by dec MU 12-10

    184- Miklus by dec MU 15-10

    197- Cox by dec MU 18-10

    285- Telford by dec MU 18-13


    Go Tigers

    Pretty gratuitous picks. We will have to see if they all fall that way.

  2. Are you taunting or simply being uncivil?  The original post was meant to be an open question, but since you want more details, here you go:



    Call it a taunt or being uncivil, it doesn't matter to me.


    According to post five the motive to the thread was to raise a bitch about behavior from ODU so no need to be coy about merely posting an innocent open question. If you got a bitch and an ax to grid just put it out there and post a link to support it. Don't expect us to go on some fishing expedition to figure out what the hell you're talking about. And by the way, your link still doesn't clearly explain what ODU did. What is it that they did that offend you?

  3. Does it matter? Once you introduce a new rule and create enough of a stink that an entire nation of refs is confused, it is the job of the rules committee to not merely clarify but remove all doubt as to what the rules say. It's laughable that a rule book is not merely unclear, but as Hurricane has shown also contains outright contradictions. Are refs, coaches, athletes and fans supposed to just read between the lines or refer to rule books from years ago to try to deduce intent?


    Again, the rules as written are about as clear as mud, appear to eliminate reaction time, and need to be rewritten. The results of this fiasco speak for themselves. Everyone, including NCAA champion coaches, refs, announcers who are supposed to be educating fans, and fans themselves are all confused.


    Does it matter, yes it does. Because control is still central to a td. You just don't get it.

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