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  1. Is a picture of Mike Zadick next?
  2. No argument from me. As a non-gopher Ness is crazy fun to watch, but I imagine gophers watch him with their hands covering their face and peeking through their fingers.
  3. It's a bad call, but not the worst in the history.
  4. The official was in a pickle. If he even felt he made the bad call during the review what does he do, reverse himself? Then how does he make Storely and Minnesota whole since he had Evans on his back and possibly pinned. The entire sequence was mp screwed once the bad call was made. But refs are only human.
  5. Possum to the point he almost lost.
  6. I don't know if the officiating was really that bad, but it was great match up that circumstances just ruined it.
  7. You even asking the question means it's a waste of time to answer.
  8. It's obvious: it would kill wrestling.
  9. Sure, since it went in our favor.
  10. I didn't even realize there was another meet on tonight.
  11. I didn't get one either. Maybe he was just targeting the low hanging fruit?
  12. There are 24 astronauts from Ohio. The real question is, what is it about that state that makes people want to flee earth?
  13. I feel this is an astute thought. I do, however, think Lizak pretty much put himself there both times and thought he some control of it.
  14. If I was the ref and heard this announcer, I'd head to his booth right after this match.
  15. I like Lizak's instincts. He's young and needs more time in the weight room.
  16. Mac is looking good. Any magic in Schiller?
  17. Did Dixon win? Don't leave us hanging.
  18. Excellent match. Good job Brown.
  19. The announcer has no clue some people can actually see what he's announcing.
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