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  1. No argument pm-01, but that is exactly why I don't understand all the hype for Kelly.  Ness has done this several times over the past few years, but NOT this year.  He felt he had to do it for the crowd and it was ridiculously obvious that even the Iowa slanted announcers(and i usually like them for that reason) kept pointing it out.  Still, when he had to abandon it to get back into the match he got two conventional takedowns and inevitably got the scrambles when he wasn't setting them up.  A weird review and a locking hands call was the only reason the match even ended up close.

    No argument from me. As a non-gopher Ness is crazy fun to watch, but I imagine gophers watch him with their hands covering their face and peeking through their fingers.

  2. Also agreed - Horrendous.


    Ref making bad call is understandable, that happens - but after video review that upheld - yikes - we've got a bigger problem here.


    The official was in a pickle. If he even felt he made the bad call during the review what does he do, reverse himself? Then how does he make Storely and Minnesota whole since he had Evans on his back and possibly pinned. The entire sequence was mp screwed once the bad call was made. But refs are only human.

  3. There is no more "true control" requirement in D1 TDs. Therefore, it was the correct call. Evans, however briefly, put Storley in a posiition that the rules now define as control, so he got the TD.


    I don't like the new rule but it is now the rule so we can't blame the ref for enforcing it.

    Sure, since it went in our favor.

  4. Fine line there. Conaway could have converted one of those turns and had Lizak on his back. I honestly think the pin was more likely than the TF, so maybe they felt it was worth a shot. Conaway didn't even try to escape, he just kept trying to turn back in.

    I feel this is an astute thought. I do, however, think Lizak pretty much put himself there both times and thought he some control of it.

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