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  1. Wow what a series. Good wrestling
  2. Will those head swipes get more interesting?
  3. What the hell am I watching now?
  4. Homerism is one thing, but this guy is over the top and reporting inaccurately. Chewing the ref to this extent is also ugly. I'm pretty sure Ironside isn't this thick.
  5. . Accurate announcing not lies. If you're listening on a PSU radio you'd have a totally inaccurate feeling of how the meet has gone so far.
  6. The announcer is an embarrassment. He's seeing things that just aren't there.
  7. I'd rather listen to the chicks than the insufferable Shane. I mute the idiot every single time. The girls nonsense is at least amusing.
  8. Definitely. Listening to him Gulibon got a tech.
  9. The mule kicks weren't that bad, but they did seem aimed.
  10. Hey dip**** he shook Sorenson's hand as he stood up and then ran off.
  11. Do you have video from that angle? Edit: I found it.
  12. No surprise. This just isn't that interesting of a story to the general public.
  13. Has Ness missed any other meet? Step off your soapbox and get over it. Good luck to Ness. I want him 100% for B10 and D1's.
  14. JRob has always looked out for what's best for his wrestler and team. I'm surprised I'm reminding you of it.
  15. It seemed pretty obvious to me it was a fall.
  16. Were any of those people actually speaking for the program? If not, then what's to be suspicious about?
  17. Otis, is Clark wrestling today?
  18. As a dumbass Brands has accomplishments as both a wrestler and a coach. Then on the other hand there's you - irrelevant in the sport but making posts from the cheap seats. At least you mustered the motivation to put down your GameBoy long enough to share.
  19. Kentucky_Mudflap, isn't this persona kinda ran into the ground and now time to reincarnate? Obviously you're slipping given your feigned grammar but yet need to edit your original post. It's time to give this up cuz this schick is old.
  20. . Stupid idea. Individual wrestlers dont decide team forfeits. There can be legitimate reasons a coach doesn't/can't put a wrestler on the mat. I say do nothing. I don't think its that big of problem. If something needs done then award even more than 7 points. The forfeiting team is already prepared to sacrifice 6, so what's one more point?
  21. Sorry. I missed the match and misunderstood the posts.
  22. I hope this signals that the officials will hit leg riders with stalling too.
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