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  1. I wonder if anyone complaining about Byers' broadcasting has ever listened to the radio for any college sports from an opposing team's call? What Byers is doing is essentially the norm when you're the "home" broadcaster. BTN2Go is taking the PSU radio feed, like they do a lot of the times. 


    The radio broadcast is for Penn State and the ads on the radio call are Penn State-centric. Shouldn't be surprised by the pro-PSU angle, that's his job.


    Homerism is one thing, but this guy is over the top and reporting inaccurately. Chewing the ref to this extent is also ugly. I'm pretty sure Ironside isn't this thick.

  2. Loses to Sorenson 3-2 giving up an escape and getting ridden out for the last ride out. Refused to shake hands afterwards and walked off the mat. Sorenson was the aggressor outside the first minute. Great match and the fans in Carver were LOUD.

    Hey dip**** he shook Sorenson's hand as he stood up and then ran off.

  3. Allow me to channel my inner Superold for a second:




    Yes, the second picture is only there to put into perspective which part of his back this was that was touching the mat.





    Given this criteria, I would say technically not a fall. Very close though.



    The position he's in in the first picture is as far as he gets to his right side being flat. He stays in this position a good period of time, but does not go any further towards his right side. Feel free to review the video on the first page.


    Here's a pic as the fall is being called:


    Do you have video from that angle?


    Edit: I found it.

  4. I agree with everything here. Maybe this year is just an anomaly but it seems like there have been a ton of elite match ups that haven't happened this year due to 'injuries'. I hope this season isn't a precursor of things to come in subsequent seasons but I have a feeling it is. It's not fair to the guys that grind through the entire season and don't miss matches to have to come up against someone who may be dinged up a little or has not wrestled all year, and all of a sudden show up to conference fresh as a daisy and ready to go. Not to mention the duals suck because the top matches aren't happening. All this from a sport that is trying to gain popularity because it is 'dying'.


    There needs to be some sort of penalty for individuals that miss duals within their conference - injured or not, and I think the answer is, make every single one of the guys who didn't wrestle in every single one of their team's conference duals go through the initial rounds against each other, and give all of the aforementioned grinders byes. That way there could truly be no way of protecting a seed - the elite guys who are trying to protect their seed would have to meet up with the other elite guys who are doing the same thing. It provides incentive to go out and wrestle all of your opponents, win or lose, like little Tomasello there.


    Are you new to D1 wrestling?

  5. I hate this, I hate this, I hate this.  The entire dual season is a farce.  Why, you ask?  Because the only thing that matters is getting a good seed at B1G.  I'm sure J will say that Ness is a little "dinged up".   Isn't that the excuse that every head coach uses.  And I'm sure that he'll be just fine for the next dual.   Wrestling needs to be changed top to bottom.  A shorter season, a dual component that actually matters, no time limit on their feet sudden death in overtime, etc, etc.

    Has Ness missed any other meet? Step off your soapbox and get over it. Good luck to Ness. I want him 100% for B10 and D1's.

  6. But since Brands is a dumbass and penciled in Kelly at 157 this year, it'll be 21-13

    As a dumbass Brands has accomplishments as both a wrestler and a coach. Then on the other hand there's you - irrelevant in the sport but making posts from the cheap seats. At least you mustered the motivation to put down your GameBoy long enough to share.

  7. I've been saying that the way to stop forfeits is to count forfeits in duals as losses for the wrestler at that weight in the RPI and winning percentage, to exact a price for that wrestler not participating.



    Stupid idea. Individual wrestlers dont decide team forfeits.


    There can be legitimate reasons a coach doesn't/can't put a wrestler on the mat. I say do nothing. I don't think its that big of problem.


    If something needs done then award even more than 7 points. The forfeiting team is already prepared to sacrifice 6, so what's one more point?

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