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  1. I have Comcast/Xfinity and will watch Iowa / Iowa State via BTN2GO. I won't spring for the BTN + subscription so if you watch the Gophers please give some updates.
  2. A few days ago I though the UM site said it was only on BTNPlus. I have Comcast and called them and was told BTNPlus requires one of their digital packages which I don't have and I don't have a personal subscription. I was hoping it would be on the BTN or BTN2GO. I need to stay near the house today, so if you have a broadcast update would you please post it?
  3. After a long layoff I see Hurricane is still a little sit down to piss little bitch arguing any tiresome pointless angle he can. Minnesota is and will be the team to beat this year.
  4. 1, 3, 4, 8, and 10 have the Non Wrestling Forum to thank for the overwhelming majority of their count. I'll stick with quality over quantity.
  5. I like that rule because it's never wrong..atheism, caffeine, leisure, neighbor, neither, protein, seize, stein, vein. Nor is it ever wrong with family names...Stein, Frankenstein , Weizmann, Klein, Schneider, Eisenhower. So why don't you cut him a little slack there Einstein. ;)
  6. Now I like Zalesky and I knew both of them from their Prairie days and liked them at that; but I'd say because he inherited the team from Gable. How many has Jim won since leaving Iowa?
  7. So if I understand the op's point, he understands that highschool success is a predictor to collegiate success but "sometimes" it's not. There are great prep wrestlers who don't pan out and successful colleague wrestlers who weren't prep stars. So at the end of the day what's the real point, OP? Is it you want to point out that you have some enlightened sense to see the bigger picture better than others? It seems to me you've started and continue a thread based on a strawman of this mysterious group of "some people".
  8. DeGrasse Tyson is doing great good in promoting the sciences much like Michio Kaku is doing - and the fact he was a former wrestler is an added plus for the sport. And yeah I agree both DeGrasse Tyson and Kaku are mainly entertainers but their current contributions should not undermine their earlier work. Neither are in the realm of Hawking in my opinion. But Smokeyjoe the topic is Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Finding self happiness in one's own contributions in life is the cornerstone of self esteem not any need for gratuitous validation and attention from others. What on earth triggered such a self-serving, self-promoting post? Feel free to PM me as this is off-topic. It's just your post was an eye-popper.
  9. If you don't like what's showing then change the channel, but otherwise I pretty much agree. I wished he realize his gimmick is tired, at least in my view, and retire it gracefully instead of wringing it out. I never find much value in DF's posts and I don't care for posts that are nothing more than bait to rile people up so I don't give them much of my attention. But at least they're usually offered for entertainment value which is better than some contribution by members on genuine wresting topics. I do wish the mods would police and delete *off-topic posts more aggressively *create a "wasteland" type of forum disabling the ability to add new threads to it and move bait threads there *actually warn and give members time-outs who want to drag every post off-topic or post wasteland material.
  10. Isn't it time to grow up and just speak normal, brah? Or just head over to bb.com and post in misc. Lettuce be reality. Aware?
  11. Where did he bring in race? Seriously.
  12. Borschel, Johnson, Moore, Taylor, and Dake are you kidding me? If Terry, the Associate Head Coach, leaves Tom and the AD will need to fill that gap. Those guys don't even come close. Borschel, Taylor, and Dake could fill an entry level assistant coaching spot somewhere but they're far from Terry's level.
  13. I don't know about Texas but I know that some states Attorney General's Offices (and local district attorney offices) track consumer protection complaints particularly as it relates to websites. The state's AG office or local DA's office can evaluate whether there is any fraud or deceit and actually apply pressure including court orders to a company to make corrections and come into compliance.
  14. Consider reporting them to the Better Buisness bureau and write a letter to the Texas Attorney General's Office.
  15. I don't know where Ryan is from but there is a Cattlemen's chain in California, perhaps that's his confusion. But I do agree with him if he's mistakenly thinking of the California Cattlemen's in the Sacramento and Bay Areas.
  16. But he lost to Meeechigan! Hail to the Victors! Brilliant logic. And Sanderson's Penn State team lost to the team that lost to Meeechigan.
  17. Man you're an insufferable whiny little bitch.
  18. pm-01


    That's pretty funny.
  19. Quite the hubris to call out J. You ain't got the whiskers or horsepower, greenhorn.
  20. You do realize if one wrestler is pushing - the other wrestler can push back instead of backing up right?
  21. Coming from a mongoloid I'll take that as a compliment. Careful pjm, the guy walked on OSU for four weeks then walked off and is certain he would have AA'd if he stayed. :roll:
  22. That's an intersting comment. Alton was higher ranked yet you're commending him for continuing to attack and not clam up like Kingsley or Zberg who were supposed to lose...and lose big. Do you think he should endorse what Kingsley or Zilverberg did? That would be stupid. Dylan was behind and had to score to win the match. He did exactly what he should have done, which is try to get Ness on the ground. He just got stuck. It happens. Actually he should kept it on topic of Alton and not wandered into some asinine logic by bringing up Kingsley and Zberg. Yes, Alton was behind but he's ranked 4 wrestling the 8 guy. I wouldn't expect Alton to clam up like he was non-ranked wrestling the 1 or 2 guy.
  23. That's an intersting comment. Alton was higher ranked yet you're commending him for continuing to attack and not clam up like Kingsley or Zberg who were supposed to lose...and lose big.
  24. That made me laugh. I enjoy your humor.
  25. I don't think either team came away feeling good at all about that meet.
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