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  1. Pretty much agree with everything your said here, however... ...you obviously didn't see his stupid tweets after the PSU football scandal.
  2. If you want an intersting bet, why not bet profile passwords. The loser must relinquish their profile's password. The winner can post under the loser profile for the duration of the bet or keep it permanently forcing the loser to create a new profile.
  3. Doubling down on infrastructure and talent? At least you could have stolen a better buzz phrase than what bit Apple in the arse. You'd have more credibility by leaving it with an apology but the "doubling down" is a sign of pure rhetoric.
  4. Just like in 2011 when Taylor got stuck, Ruth losing steals the wind out from the PSU fans' sail. They're wearing a Calvin scowl again.
  5. Why, are you at a business? Today most cable connections are substantially faster than a T1 or even bonded T1s at a fraction of the cost. I'm pulling 29 Mbps over cable and about that on merely LTE. No Flo here.
  6. It turns my stomach. No interest.
  7. If you look around a bit I'd wager you'd find some predictions that Iowa won't even finish in the top 10. So throw out the highs and the lows and concentrate on the more level-headed mainstream.
  8. Maybe you were in a hurry, so let me help you. http://www.themat.com/section.php?secti ... leID=26961
  9. I don't have to worry about it but the athlete must provide the 1099? Since the prize is over $600 I assume the organization must provide it, especially if it will claim it was paid out.
  10. I thinking it's probably ribs; if not, then it's a philosophical question concerning the purpose and significance of existence which is nothing that you couldn't learn from reading Nietzsche.
  11. The more Sanderson tweets, the more I question his Iowa State education.
  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. They were really meaningful.
  13. Always, dirty is challenging people to critically think and find support for some of the old myths they've grown up with around wrestling. In my view he uses logical and persuasive reasoning despite you not liking his style. And the truth be known, I agree with him. One thing I've admired about this sport is wrestlers have the balls to come out front and say, "I don't agree with you." Its just wrestlers should have thick skins and when presented with evidence that just might conflict with their perceptions, you look deeper and reevaluate them. Olddirty is okay by my book.
  14. I don't think olddirty is being disrespectful or insulting at all. He's raising a fair point asking if some the strength stories are mere myths, much like some of the favorite myths associated with Gable in the mat room. I further think he's expressing an intelligent and logical opinion and he's being grilled for it. Olddirty you must have been somewhat prepared for this onslaught when you challenge a wrestling icon asking for empirical evidence to support some legends.
  15. This is an all too familiar story with websites offering subscriptions. I generally don't like regulation but perhaps there's a need here. Maybe handing out fines to websites that have a pattern of failing to honor a subscription cancellation might wake up the industry.
  16. The fact is all theories are wrong, it's just some are less wrong than others.
  17. I'm not following you, what does the Bill of Rights have to do with this?
  18. Well meaning people often tell the grieving to it give time because time heals everything. In both my profession and personal experience time doesn't heal anything. Time only makes the pain more tolerable.
  19. It's too dangerous to give recommendations. Each injury case is unique in it's severity and it's rehab requirements. Recommendations would have to come from someone with in-person contact with you and your medical records. See your doctor and ask to be referred to a qualified physical therapist - avoid club personal trainers. Then follow the pt's regiment.
  20. There are other examples where this constitutes a better question, ie- McVeigh. I think this example is easier. A lost soul was recognized by the wrong people and he was given an indoctrination into his "heritage". A real and bloody heritage. Faced with persuasive spins he obtained a convoluted sense of identity...and an accompanying sense of duty. He pulled younger bro along. I'm no expert at these things but it seems that the heritage card is tough to counter. But why is he a lost soul? Why did he (his family) come here? Why were they allowed to come here? McVeigh had no choice. He was born here. I don't know either Tripster, but maybe Big will 'weigh' with some insight. After all wasn't he was brought here by his parents and resents it? White hat probably was under the heavy influence of his older brother, but nonetheless responsible for his actions.
  21. After following this case and reading what his friends have said about him and his own Twitter postings he seems sophisticated, normal, and yet puerile.
  22. I'll take last year's McD at 25. I think 2013 is too fresh in people's mind and the halo effect is in play.
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