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  1. It's a dead board Tony. Nothing but high schoolers at best. I liked the publication back in the 70's when I was wrestling but the Internet killed it. I'm sorry to hear it but it's not a relevant board.
  2. Luck is everywhere in every sport. Its part of our destiny. Read my post please. I did not say Dake beat Taylor out of pure luck. Have you ever noticed how some days you can't do anything right, no matter what you do? Perhaps this happens to athletes. Would make a big difference between two even competitors. If Taylor was a little luckier, he would be a 3 timer, going for 4. Less lucky and he might have been injured or met the wrong girl. I wasn't saying Dake was lucky in his win, though I do believe he is a lucky wrestler. I believe in the old adage that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
  3. Five different spreadsheets, with at least ten tabs in each. Ok. The spreadsheet merely values what you told it to value. It's a reflection of the person who gave it the instructions. It's not a magic box. Real programs and spreadsheet formulas only crunch numbers to produce data. The human reading the data translates it into information. Relying on a program much less a spreadsheet to make the actual prediction is folly. Particularly when your expectation is to predict what another human(s) would do. As zeeb said, keep it up its a fun hobby.
  4. It takes way too many clicks to reach the content. I'm not cutting on them but they could use a better more professionally thought-out design. The content is excellent though.
  5. Sorry I don't understand. Five spreadsheets or five tabs? Five what? Five humans, maybe? Still all the spreadsheet is doing is following instructions. Wrong inputs, wrong output.
  6. There's nothing magical about a program or more likely here a spreadsheet. A human must tell them what to value and the rules it must follow. All the program or spreadsheet does is math quickly. If the human gives it the wrong instructions or rules, it just makes mistakes quickly.
  7. I agree. Obviously the lions share of the credit goes to Matt, but a fair share goes to Mike and his wife as well as the Lions Club and Doug Streicher for Matt's development.
  8. Why exactly would Taylor not have been "likely" to win? I don't even want an answer because it will derail the thread. I just want you to consider that. He is a clear favorite at 174 if he went up - hence making him "likely" to win. Ok
  9. He would have easily won it. Don't forget that Evans began the year at 165, and we all know what a Taylor vs Evans match looks like. Well reasoned. Where did Evans finish?
  10. I like your comments but if you think Taylor would "likely" win D1's after bumping to 74 then you picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.
  11. Apology accepted. In return I offer you a free box of Depends.
  12. Well, weren't they fortunate! :roll:
  13. We have seasons here. Forecasts are good for about one day. Seven? Forget it.
  14. Turkey, the hatred for Iowa has less to do with the university's winning program and more to do with the behavior of some of the fans.
  15. A what? You don't even know him. You ****ing prick.
  16. An attention grabbing dramatic exit isn't necessary; so if you don't like the site then just stop posting. It's just as simple as clicking and don't reclick.
  17. You don't think that Carver is the biggest home field advantage in the sport? Have you ever been to a big meet in Carver? Sure the of the crowd can cause some jitters in freshman and sophomores, but it's all how the coach and seniors help prepare you. What's more motivating than taking it straight on to the home wrestler and quieting a crowd? The home advantage was not having to travel cramped up van or bus or be shuttled between places and trying to cut from a motel room. The home advantage is sleeping in your own bed and maintaining the familiar routine. But hell, its good people are intimidated with Carver or the Field House. But I doubt seasoned wrestlers see it as much more than an opportunity.
  18. I'm not disagreeing with you Jason, but LV was my absolute favorite venue for the US (FS/GR) Nationals. I enjoyed how it was organized, the medical, warm up, and press area. I also enjoyed the banquets and raiding the VIP room. USA Wrestling did a fine job there.
  19. It was a diss but ok if you say it wasn't. I don't pay much attention to polls so I'm surprised anyone had them ranked #1 or #2 this season. I'd say most people would put them around 2-4 as a dual team and 3-5 as a tourney team depending which Iowa team shows up. #1 as a tourney team is ridiculous. #2 really unlikely.
  20. How's that? What rating are you talking about? They beat Minnesota once, lost to them once, lost a fairly close one to OSU and beat PSU. I'd say that's a pretty good performance. Who was predicting them to win the duals or D1s? Keep grinding your ax.
  21. Ha ha...or the kid who kills his parents then begs the court for mercy because he's an orphan.
  22. pm-01


    I watched the Flo replay and agree with the opinions here that it was a good call for the fall. If it hadn't been called there'd be a thread on how it should have been. The only trouble I have is with myself forgetting to mute the Flo replay quick enough to avoid having to hear the annoying announcing. I knew better.
  23. I gave a few things away years ago when it seemed like health problems would get the best of me. But with that now in the past I have a (repaired) hole in the wall of my home gym from a few guys goofing around. Two were national champs with one now coaching in the B10.
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