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  1. What's Cornell's schedule compared to PSU? Could that be the reason?
  2. I agree. Those having problems and using a bookmark, check the address and try pointing it toward: http://www.thematforums.com instead.
  3. I definitely fit the old guy demographics. I think his daughter is a good runner too.
  4. I'm need to type this very carefully... As a former wrestler and now a fan I am entitled to my opinion and Ficker is not the type of fan I'd want to be around when I'm trying to watch a match. Also, if the UMD coaches not only approve, but encourage and reward his antics then I have less respect for them and their method of promoting their program. They're free to run it as they please but I'm just voicing my opinion.
  5. Ha ha. Sorry. Thanks for the correction. Wasn't Flicker a horse?
  6. You think the Flicker type fan is really the messiah? I hope there's other options to make it fan friendly, if you think that's the issue. Honestly I'd say that type of behavior would drive fans away. I can't imagine the wrestling commercials featuring shots of people like Flicker actually generating a positive image.
  7. Good to read that I'm not the only one who thinks his antics are unfunny and down right weird. I think he's got a screw loose.
  8. Who gives a F who's ranked above the other in that? They'll be 1 & 2 at D1's and they'll settle it on the mat...again. Are you just trolling to get a rub in or do you actually have a point?
  9. Long arms, I wrestled back then too. I had one match tie at regulation and tie after three full periods of overtime. The match was a true ref decision on a vote of three refs two who sat watching mat side as judges. Mike Allen was the man official. I won but I don't think either of us cared. We were fully spent. At least I was.
  10. From what I remember of the rule is that the starting weight can be any weight as long as mutually agreed upon by the coaches. This allows them showcase a weight if they wish. If they can't mutually agree then the starting weight is drawn. If PSU wins 25 the momentum could help them so I see nothing wrong with Sanderson's thinking.
  11. There's always been a distinction drawn between a dual team and a tournament team regardless of a recognized NCAA championship. The weight of the distinction depends on who won where and when.
  12. Yes. Chertow was on that team and majored Martin in Carver. Penn State also beat us in Rec Hall the year before.
  13. 19-13 Minnesota giving them deference, but 16-16 giving it to Iowa. Too hard to call criteria. I don't like the match ups for Iowa but both teams have enough question marks that the other could squeak out a win.
  14. In 79 or 80 I was wrestling a guy from Illinois who was head-butting and landing short swing upper cuts when we tied up. In the second or third period I had enough. I stepped back and hit him with a right hand body shot followed with a quick right cross that dropped him. I was dq'd. F him. And F those posting like Perry Mason. **** happens on the mat that screen shots, refs, and the crowd don't see.
  15. If you don't want shoved out then don't back up. Push back or circle in or take a shot. Pushing in and snapping down is offense. Backing up is stalling.
  16. Amusing DJ. If the referee feels justified to lay on the wrestler at the end of the match like an MMA bout then he should also feel the need to take some affirmative disciplinary action against him. The wrestler should have better self-control but the referees in charge of keeping control on the mat. I see this ref failed to do his job.
  17. 71' square. [highlight=#NaNffff]Kurdelmeier along with Gable were geniuses with that mat. That mat was a huge advantage at a time where the sport was transforming into a modern era. Two great men that helped Iowa and the sport. [/highlight]
  18. Apparently it doesn't matter. In reading the posts in the Taylor and St John threads it doesn't look like the average user knows the rules anyway. I'll stick with the original refs.
  19. And a pin, right? Scribe is right. People who like to go back and attempt to rewrite history by changing one isolated event fail to factor in that it would trigger other changes that would likely result in the same original outcome.
  20. Does this mean Ballweg is better than I give him credit for or was it an off night for [highlight=#NaNffff]Stieber?[/highlight]
  21. I'm wondering if Triggas has the feet skills to slow McD down enough to frustrate him. While I agree that's what he'll try to do but think he'll give up three stall calls for his effort then.
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