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  1. Just watched Gilman interview on you tube What a transformation. From Brand wannabe and brash arrogant kid to mature young man. Kudos to both Sandersons and staff in his personal growth. No disrespect to brands and Iowa. But holy **** he is a different person. Frank C
  2. Got beat the GOAT , Im thinking he will!
  3. I was not always a big Jden fan! But he became my favorite at the end . He always is a class act . Sounds like he is not saying anything about coaches and is taking on the responsibility. Could not have happened to a nicer guy- really my prayers are with him! Just really Sucks all around. I feel bad for the guy! Frank C
  4. I guess let's wait for official news
  5. Somebody told me he out c v 19 I know suriano is out. Any one know if this is true Frank C
  6. Probably 1 or 2 from ny
  7. Suriano Yanni Dake Nickal Cox Stevenson
  8. I would not sleep on Nickal Think best Taylor on team. But Nickal Got horsed by Cox. May be in this match
  9. I thought definitely this time Dake. Really was impressed with Burroughs against a bigger Taylor. Wow! 50/50 Dake vs Burroughs. If Imar healthy would not count him out.
  10. Who gives a damn . media stuck on this diversity ****. Whens it end. How about we are all Americans. White, black, Asian, Latin Just americans
  11. Guy is fun. Able kick ass and have a little fun and showmanship
  12. Actually I enjoyed them. Next time little more what's happening on mat.
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