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  1. cangemi

    Cejudo vs. Dillashaw (1/19/19)

    Both will rehydrate , not just Dillishaw
  2. cangemi

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Desanto reaping the benefit of Iowa work out partners.He will continue to improve. If he doesn't do something stupid at end of match
  3. cangemi

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Gfelleer didn't let Ashnault punk his team. Not sure how coaches feel but thought it was appropriate.
  4. cangemi

    Nickal , Nolf,Lee

    The way Nickal and Nolf are wrestling. Can't count them out 2020.
  5. cangemi


    Temmer is the real deal.
  6. cangemi

    Zeke Jones and Mark Manning

    PSU is that good. Not a good gauge
  7. cangemi

    Nick Suriano

    Give him credit looked very good
  8. cangemi

    Next Olympics

    I think you have bunch talent that will offer to challenge Spencer Lee Fix Zain Yanni Nolf Martinez Bo Nickal Gabe Stevenson Zahid Mark Hsll 2 years from now landscape changes
  9. cangemi

    Downtown Pittsburgh

    Down town is safe , all good
  10. cangemi

    Andy Hrovat

    He was best part track wrestling The stream needs fixed . But his insight was worth it
  11. cangemi

    Downtown Pittsburgh

    Anyone else that has a ticket let me know-- text me 412-853-2567 Thanks, Frank C
  12. cangemi

    Downtown Pittsburgh

    Good thing about Pittsburgh. 5 minute walk from arena is underground trolly. Steel City station. There are 5 stops down town all free. William Penn is right there. Also across street from trolly station. Trolly last stop Heinz Field you can walk to casino from there
  13. cangemi

    Askren to Midlands?

    Askren unique, should lose to top guys . been away. Just never easy bet against him. Always seems prove everyone wrong.