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  1. Teemer has high ceiling. Able do some special things
  2. Yes that makes the most sense. But " good luck with trying get that"
  3. Yikes, country truly divided. All depends what channel you watch Main street media vs fox. Who do you believe?
  4. Just watched Gilman interview on you tube What a transformation. From Brand wannabe and brash arrogant kid to mature young man. Kudos to both Sandersons and staff in his personal growth. No disrespect to brands and Iowa. But holy **** he is a different person. Frank C
  5. Got beat the GOAT , Im thinking he will!
  6. I was not always a big Jden fan! But he became my favorite at the end . He always is a class act . Sounds like he is not saying anything about coaches and is taking on the responsibility. Could not have happened to a nicer guy- really my prayers are with him! Just really Sucks all around. I feel bad for the guy! Frank C
  7. I guess let's wait for official news
  8. Somebody told me he out c v 19 I know suriano is out. Any one know if this is true Frank C
  9. Probably 1 or 2 from ny
  10. Suriano Yanni Dake Nickal Cox Stevenson
  11. I would not sleep on Nickal Think best Taylor on team. But Nickal Got horsed by Cox. May be in this match
  12. I thought definitely this time Dake. Really was impressed with Burroughs against a bigger Taylor. Wow! 50/50 Dake vs Burroughs. If Imar healthy would not count him out.
  13. Who gives a damn . media stuck on this diversity ****. Whens it end. How about we are all Americans. White, black, Asian, Latin Just americans
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