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  1. He was in love with his knockouts. I believe he could be title contender right now with this game plan. Still best to work in some fights build back confidence and experience.
  2. Wish this thread wouldn't exit. Tired of the whole issue.
  3. Hunter Richards came on at end
  4. He would be very good at " Staying calm through Yoga- 101"
  5. Wrestling will have to be more creative. Endowments and raising the money privately will be important. Coaches could teach and coach as part of pay. Cut traveling to national tournaments and wrestling regionally. Close to Midlands you go to Midlands not Southern Scuffle or Vegas. I know , not what you want to hear. Save the programs once lost hard get back.
  6. Willie Mcd. Watched finals , pretty Athletic looking kid. Looks strong as well.
  7. When is the last chance qualifier. If they don't qualify the weight?. Isn't this useless? I must say I am ignorant on the procedure. Can some one tell me how it works. Thanks
  8. I think everyone that made NCAA tournament . Should have a another year. Give them a Chance next year. All will not take it. But only fair to Senior trying reach there dream. AA or champ. They worked too hard. " My dad you too say to me, who ever told you life is fair lied to you" Hope not in this case My opinion Frank C
  9. I think PSU have 5 guys count on and Shak ? Iowa Lee Kemer Marenilli then the whole team. Unless all 5 win RBY Lee Joseph Hall Brooks
  10. Shak , better then you where assuming. Was out all year and coming back major surgery. Through out his career been always in every match except for Moore
  11. He did . He figured he can spin get two. Didn't work out. He had other option stick with it. I think he had it good enough Shultz wouldn't have come out. But that will never know. Regardless, I can respect this version of Shak. He was not gassing and went for it. Kudos.
  12. Im telling you Darnstadt is real good! Had to come back to form. Dont count him out for a Title. Obvious moore the favorite but I still think he has a chance. Frank C
  13. Kollin Moore * Only concern is How good is Noah Adams this year * Darmstadt can give people fits if he has his match and you roll around your in trouble
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