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  1. Jacori Teemer Super talented , can stay in match with anyone. Was little concerned early season losses. Freshman. Big show , wouldn't want be his bracket. Coming along last few weeks.
  2. Lee wins by 5 - but I hope I am wrong ( I am a Picc homer)!
  3. Marcus, I am certain Mark is a class act. I will take your word. When he rode out Zahid and at end match at Penn state few seconds left gave a little extra at end( seemed like dick move) . It rubbed me wrong way. I started rooting for Zahid after that and was happy Zahid one and got him back when it mattered. JMHO on how I took it
  4. This is true, better today. Was not good for sport. But most did it otherwise undersized.
  5. If he feels so strongly about Taylor , wrestle 86 and default in finals. We will have a strong back up. Better then a number 3 alternate at 97. I'm big fan of Nickal. But I don't want him as are 97 representative undersized out horsed at Olympics.
  6. Lee is really good. He had that jump similar to Rutherford junior year. He is not losing this year. Next year super interesting if him Yanni go same weight.
  7. Miss the old days when D11 and D111 champs could get Birth to D1 nationals.
  8. I'll go with Taylor Bo Zahid Ringer Downey
  9. No I didn't see it. But I'll take your word he's too small. Be interesting see how this unfolds
  10. Lee Yanni Dake Taylor Cox Snyder I like that lineup
  11. Shocked Nickal does not go down. Only one or two cracks at being Olympian. I think team wise better as well if he lost Taylor and Taylor got hurt. I would feel comfortable with Bo. Plus he may win. As far as to late make cut. 8 weeks get down not optimum. But definitely can do it. I have sucked down in one week 15-llbs and was smaller weight. Not real smart though. If not Zahid.
  12. My opinion DeSanto tweaked his leg. It was hurt. He was ok. 2nd cradle he knew he was going over so screamed to get out. Once stopped that was a " no mas moment". He looked up said can't go. I think he bailed from pressure RBY put on him and match going terrible for him. I know I'm going get bashed on this . But that's what I think I saw.
  13. Lol , who enjoys cutting weight? Fortunately he's good enough to go where he wants.
  14. How about Walsh Jesuit Should bunch national champs Heskett, mollica, and few more Pacillio ?
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