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  1. Lee Yanni Dake Taylor Cox Snyder I like that lineup
  2. Shocked Nickal does not go down. Only one or two cracks at being Olympian. I think team wise better as well if he lost Taylor and Taylor got hurt. I would feel comfortable with Bo. Plus he may win. As far as to late make cut. 8 weeks get down not optimum. But definitely can do it. I have sucked down in one week 15-llbs and was smaller weight. Not real smart though. If not Zahid.
  3. My opinion DeSanto tweaked his leg. It was hurt. He was ok. 2nd cradle he knew he was going over so screamed to get out. Once stopped that was a " no mas moment". He looked up said can't go. I think he bailed from pressure RBY put on him and match going terrible for him. I know I'm going get bashed on this . But that's what I think I saw.
  4. Lol , who enjoys cutting weight? Fortunately he's good enough to go where he wants.
  5. How about Walsh Jesuit Should bunch national champs Heskett, mollica, and few more Pacillio ?
  6. Once your get past 6th Labriola it opens up. All comes down to draws and where you land in wrestle backs. Top 8 don't always become all- America. (Gilman - PICC). Need a little luck and have a good tourney.
  7. Katie, Better he finishes strong few months left. He would regret it at this point. Good enough to be AA . I have a lot of confidence his father took pressure off of him. Just my guess.
  8. DeSanto too much pressure, broke Decatur.
  9. What Shak are we going see
  10. Venz is dangerous. Brooks better not keep rolling around.
  11. Yes on Pletchers. Lee and Pletchers are both two best. I think Lee wins this year.
  12. One weird position. JO looked good. Forget stupid position. He looked good.
  13. My buddy has a 9 year wrestling in club in Pittsburgh. It's a year round thing. No wonder 5 starters Iowa. I told him has be careful you don't burn fun out if . Got to be funnnnnnn. But results are obvious.
  14. Bo needs go proper weight. He can not handle some of the stronger wrestlers . Just tough caught with 2 world champs below him. Big Bo fan, he goes 97 KG im rooting for Snyder not good for our team . IMHO Frank
  15. I wrestle high school team that broke a lot of records. What happened was had some true blue chippers. The room grew as year went on as the whole roomed trained like them. Success breaded success. Group really got good. Team developed few D1 AA, Olympic alternate , few D111 national champs ect. Iowa got it's mojo going and I am not in the know. But from outsider looking in. looks like there all being lifted to new levels. " momentum" no one beating Iowa this year. Guys like Lugo, DeSanto,Murnin all rising new level. We new Lee,Marinelli,Kemmer be there. But the others will win it for them. I was rooting against Iowa. Now rooting for them. Good for sport more exciting. Also I think I misunderstood the Brands, care about the kids. Maturity. Frank C
  16. Actually that's true, Moore doesn't lose , probably works out.
  17. You can't under estimate how important it would be for Iowa to win this year. Been a while. Also recruiting for future. They can sell Iowa is back with the win.
  18. Tbar77 is correct . Brands needs win and not taking any chances.
  19. Anyone else supprised. Could have had Wilcke and Nelson say they got injured. File for another year. Guess Brands straight shooter. I think they win either way with Cassar out PSU dinged up. I think they have title? Iowa program needs the win. It's good for sport as well. Just think Wilcke and Nelson they stl win.
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