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    As a teemer homer . Feel better about his 8-5 loss
  2. I am ignorant to the " transfer portal." I was under impression you lost year eligibility unless coach released you. Is there a new "transfer portal" rule? Any help? Thanks Frank C
  3. Well all fairness to him he was our last representative. Not going be hater. Reality Cox and Taylor i would consider to favorite over Bo . And not by much. Cox lot bigger before and not sucked down if they met at the lower weight. But not happening so will never know.
  4. PSU problem is 125 Busiello not big help this year, just read the article . If he makes 125 will be good for psu. Yes.
  5. Could he make the line up?
  6. Honestly He goes down he has Taylor and Cox Ringer, PD111. Probably better taking shot Snyder . My opinion.
  7. Will all find out shortly if Shak can go. Bigger question can both Shak and Cassar go. If they both can't. Give Iowa trophy now. If both go , we have Iowa favored but there will be a battle and PSU still in it. Just mho
  8. Iowa got mojo going in that room. They believe there the best again. They are going be tough to beat this year. PSU needs Cassar back, Rasheed healthy 197, Brooks healthy 184 to be in this.
  9. Come on heat of battle. Afterwards he didn't argue. Told Phipps sorry. And admitted it was a slam. Come on what do you live in his head that it was intentional. I doubt it. Handle the correct way.
  10. I just left gym. Good wrestling. Kid from Dubois Scott tough. Any body know where he is going? Hillegas , Bartlett no problem next level. L McNeil also stands out. Phipps and Bouzakis both tough Bouzakis was class act after he was diqualified for slam. Frank C
  11. I'm a Yanni fan. Im just saying close calls can go either way. Yanni got a close call at ncaa and McKenna got this one. Personally I didn't think McKenna had the two. But really does not matter here both at Happy valley and I really don't know who clear cut favorite is. So seeding is irrelevant. IMHO
  12. Call it even. Thought McKenna won at ncaaa's . Was close call
  13. Lee Yanni Dake Taylor Cox Snyder
  14. i think takeaway was I always considered Vito one level below top guys. He proved he belongs in Happy Valley and made jump from junior to senior level. Suriano and Gilman match up on Spencer. Have strength to ward him off. Still think Lee wins this
  15. I was impressed with Arajua. Really improved. Took both Suriano and Lee down. Hopefully he makes trials. Lee just special. Expect him to beat Tomasello and run table in Happy Valley. Frank C
  16. Cruz sneaky good. I think this will be interesting. Expect Lee to win but interested seeing this
  17. How do you know who they have. I thought brackets are not out?
  18. Please post a link brackets Thank you
  19. Flynn is not a good coach? He did great job at Endiboro. He will turn corner. Needs time.
  20. Next year Greg D Araju Yanni Dean Darmstadt 5 very good wrestlers not to name others.
  21. Glory. --Cradle and unorthdox Darmstadt - Assain Demas- throw RBY- speed Rasheed-Cradle Fun to watch will they get there moves?
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