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  1. I was there I think he did 3 cement mixers. Was wild.
  2. Can anyone confirm Brooks and Shak wrestled off?
  3. The thread said not ranked in top 5. Going with the instructions?
  4. Braydon Lee Sammy Sasso Shak 197 ( kollin would have to be upset)
  5. I'm not pumping breaks . Shaks an AA at 197 that weight and was 20-2 or something going on with torn Acl last year. Also the whole world knows Brooks is good. I will stick with murderers row
  6. I think Shak has better chance at 197. When he was healthy he was 10 second s away Machevillo. Biggest thing is how does he end up opposite Moore. And how do we get Moore and Brucki on same side bracket. "In Carl we Trust" Yes Vincenzo, Hall, Brooks,Shak,Cassar Murderous row
  7. I think that's a great plan. See how Conel does Next match or so. He does not turn corner. Pull Brooks. Rasheed 197. Back on top of Iowa, definitely in position to challenge. Frank C
  8. Funny , looking at Temmer I thought he looked small for weight. I'm not saying in right. I just thought he looked small? I was thinks ng maybe he would eventually drop. Lol guess time for glasses. I will watch his quarter match. That match tells everything if he is strong enough for 157. Frank C
  9. I love mudflaps posts. Always has inside scoop.
  10. Going win this year Looking like this is there year I have not seen Iowa this tough in a while. PA connection Lee,Desanto, Murin, young, kemmer
  11. Not sure why end match he acted like that Bazaar behavior, just look at what he does and say "why".
  12. I thought Hayden beat Nolf last year. Didn't get the call. Just my opinion. Frank C
  13. Iowa looks like favorite at this point.
  14. Stevenson ranked 2nd? Add Tariq Wilson NC state
  15. Sammy Sasso Got caught. Among top guys in unclear weight. Teemer by end of year will see . Just have a lot belief kid has no ceiling. Has hot tournament never know. I'm sure he will lose a few . But special wrestler. NY homer
  16. I think All these guys are good Darmastat, Hidlay,Deprez,Tupac. Valencia another level up though.
  17. I thought he gave up 1 or should have. Guess ref didn't call it. Cost Deprez match. Nothing taking away from Hidlay. We know these are top 5 guys
  18. I was asu I would bump both Valencia's up a weight for match. Pick up 2wins and off set Vincenzo and hall Just wonder who has to present there wrestler first?
  19. I completely disagree. We are fortunate as fans to have best of both worlds. Top wrestling and pins are what makes thinks great. Bo nickal elevating Martin and bringing house down. The argument you can't get better in freestyle and Greco. Probably somewhat true. But we have made great strides with training centers, time square matches. Keep working on financial sponsorship after college and traing centers is more the answer. You can do both. Greatest highlights would not have happened Bubba pinning Taylor Churella no call Rob Rohn cement mixer ( That's the most exciting stuff) Frank C
  20. Love the guy. Patriot Jim Jordan standing up for what is right! Good for him
  21. Where is Temmer, is he wrestling
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