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    like field all 4 125 mcdonough 157 St john 167 Dake HVY Bradley Im going take field all 4 here lay the extra money on field!
  2. good pick...especially considering McD will be wrestling 1 hour post weigh-in on Friday morning. If he gets to finals McDonough probably then becomes the favorite , enough time to get big and strong , I think tide turns in his favor. I actually am Penn State fan but think Delagado has been exciting to watch and have been rooting for him. Just see MdDonough having enough time will be a huge boost!
  3. Eagle this actually says a lot, I would not count him out!
  4. Ace Its corrected feel better, Mr. Anal! Agreed brilliant!
  5. I think Iowa needed better draws then they recieved, I think Penn State needs Altons step up but with nico, taylor, brown, ruth , and wright and where there placed on bracket. I dont see anyone beating them? looks likes Penn states to lose, maybe Minnesota if Storley, Ness, Yohn come through Ok state needs-- morrisson, deringer, chui, rosholt, all to come up big! probability Penn state wins! Plus they get the bonus pts! Frank C
  6. NY 4th , typically around there but as far as high school rankings. Look long and hard to find them on intermat or any of the ranking organazation. not complaining , Its just fact every year! Frank C
  7. As a NY fan this really sucks! How you root against Vinson! Meanwhile Paddock could have done well!
  8. Shame I was hoping for better, he went to my high school he was 5 years older and was friends with my brother. I became closer with Charlie as he came back to long Island. I always like most about Willie and Charlie was there belief in hard work and belief in them selves. I see it in Kyven with a great attitude . Rest in Peace , prayers are with you Willie! Frank C
  9. Not The move! He Mastered it! old skool , suprised they cant stop it( Im not) ! guys this is not about the meve its about a guy mastering a move. wrestlers have been doing it for a long time Ruth and Galeas cradles, Mills half nelson ,Rohns cement mixer, basic moves everyone knew they where going to do it know one could stop it or not many, now add to the list steibers Bar he mastered the move. Frank C
  10. terrible draw for grajales , Paddock is good!
  11. Jason Material fine, it the 100% chance thats nuts . There are no 100% chance of qualifying. Doesnt make weight, kicked out of tourney, gets injured, loses (thinks happen). Boy seen some crazy things happen in 40 years I been watching sport and there is no 100% Frank C yes , rooting for Paddock as well, bad break actually for Grajales.
  12. 11.Ruth 10.Taylor 9. PS team 8. Nelson 7. logan steiber 6. hunter steiber 5. storley 4. wright 3. delagado 2. ness 1. welch
  13. Paddock Is very good , dont be supprised if he becomes All American. He is capable he needs a strong big ten , He got the chance he wanted? rooting for the kid! Probably will get tough Draw will see Frank C
  14. Was very interesting Had my High school coach, High school work out Partner, and a friend that graduated few years before tell there stories. untill I read it never new what happened and insights , loved it! Author from NJ , so had lot of East Cost stories , being from east cost was up my ally! Frank C
  15. Brewer -Araju loss kept him sliding up rankings quicker but no freshman anymore Gadson-has been every match this year -losing wilps and meeks last few seconds see him in every match and improving Undrakhbayar Khishgnyam-Citadel-who knows how good? will see James Green -I would want to stay away -athletical may beat you Donnie Vinson-will see where his seed falls -one loss at Midlands Sentes - probably 7-8 seed but has experience to go far Tessari-complete wild card ? Andrew Alton- Just would want to stay away from him Frank C
  16. Gadson Gadson beat # 5 Meridith this week 9-1 , Rosholt is tough figured be close nice win. Hope continues! Frank C
  17. I think this year more then ever what are the Draws and what do brackets look like Mcdonough Ramos St John vs Taylor Ruth Mcgoludis (Like PSU chances better of the three getting there) These guys should be finalist ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ballweig Evans Tellford Moore alton alton wright Brown (like PSU chances in this group again but brackets will matter and could be couple finalist here) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kelly Gambrall Lofthouse Persall conway (Iowa better chance the final group) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comes down to who makes finals and Brackets and who they Draw in my opinion Frank C
  18. This is correct assessmant , The Altons look like they could both go real far if they get in shape that was for sure. Looked impressive but need to be in better shape , agree 100% on Heavy weight looks like Lawson is more dangerous and maybe can suprise a few people but Gingrich is not going far in tournament if this continues. Nico -great job AA 133, 141 ? Alton AA Alton AA Taylor finalist Ruth Champ Wright AA Hvy ?
  19. what was with reabulto DQ Anthony Abidin , has very nice tourney win over Grey, Galloway, Dellafave. I thought he was going d1 school back at nassau anyone know if he is signed for next year!
  20. what happen Reabulto? Anyone notice nice tournament Anthony Abidin, thought he was going to Division 1 , back at nassau nice wins Galloway, Grey, looks like he would be good pick up for a team looking 133 next year Frank C
  21. No I no they have not done anything yet, but you are watching it in your own eyes this team is rocketing. What ever is happening at state college is working! Finally the shift East * Keeping are Boys Home! Frank C This is for Real!
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