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  1. Lee - Yanni Dake Taylor Snyder Stevenson Forgot Lee - taking him over Gross Yanni. comes through Dake - changing of Guard Taylor - beats Bo close( If Cox goes up) Snyder - Beats Cox( people giving up on Kyle not me) Gabe he's are best heavyweight and will prove it beating Gwiz.
  2. I think has real shot at winning Trials. Handle cut well. Extremely big for weight.
  3. I think Bo waits to see where Cox goes. Makes sense. Either way you have world champ to beat but Cox goes down. You have two world champs to beat. also avoid Cox seems to be guy on top of his game.
  4. That interview with Ryan is impressive. How honest and class act.
  5. Live about hour away like to go watch. Do you need buy tickets for semis and finals ahead? If so how? Thanks Frank C
  6. Isn't it great USA has this problem Burroughs, Dake , Imar Cox , Taylor , Bo Bo and Snyder , Cox Good problem prefer Snyder at hvy
  7. Thought Eirman won that match hated the officiating.
  8. I think he was 10 lbs under when he wrestled Cox. There is no cutting hard.
  9. I know everyone will say Im crazy. But 10 lbs lower . I am still not counting Bo Nickal out. I just cant he is too good to dismiss. My Betting odds Cox 2-1 , Taylor 3-1, Nickal 5-1, Pd 3 50-1 Frank C
  10. I think Joe atiyah was 1 seed didn't make weight became silver medalist for Syria Martucci was at LSU had Atiyah in weight went back Trenton state beat tough Tony Smith in finals D111 and went on roll to win D1 s D11 had Gonzalez champ year before Cuestas . Where takedown machine. Gonzalez, Azevedo, Cuestas Cal State Back to back to back Want see fun match you tube 79 finals Gonzalez vs Mills. Wild Frank C
  11. I thought was 2 and 2. Yanni had control. Funny I seen this . Thought was only me that seen that.
  12. Rather a normal double elimination for one bronze
  13. I'm originally nyer Homer. But throughout I doubted Dake. Up another weight how can he ? He proves me wrong every time. Learned never doubt him. Frank C Sucks big Ringer fan as well
  14. Thread getting goofy. " My dad can beat your dad". Reality will see , lots of time . Lots of talent Taylor,Nickal,Cox,Snyder 2 will sit. Frank C
  15. I agree with everything about JDen. Look like are best American wrester.That said Your not same wrester after 20 lbs lower. Bo was completely out horsed. 20 lbs lower after cut??? Still would go In mho JDen, Taylor, Bo With all having chance outside chance or not. When people post no chance. I think with these three who I believe all 3 are special , pretty foolish say no chance. Make me actually hate the Olympic weights even more.
  16. The way J den dominating. Can't stop from thinking Nickal was more competitive then any of them he wrestled. Nickal Weighed in 10 lbs less. Lot people saying Nickal will be MMA . I have to think at 190 he's in the hunt for 2020 Olympics year away. Taylor, JDen, Nickal lot of depth
  17. Hungarian gasser is slick. Hope he never gets in shape
  18. Nickal better reconsider weight class. JDen best we have. Looks awesome.
  19. Pitting these 2 against each other crazy. Fortunate we have both. Handle it like Yanni. Said what ever happens. Rooting for either
  20. Also looked like Yanni tighten up his game. Was not all over the place taking risk.
  21. Yanni definitely got best of that one. He is so slick in getting in and immediately gets Zain off the ground. No bearing on out come of CT case. Both class acts good for USA. Zain looked like injured ?
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