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  1. Couldn't he be going since the actual decision on if they need a 3 Rd match is not decided? He may be the number 1 guy
  2. I know different style but shows you how tough ncaas are at top. World class
  3. Hopefully they can qualify there country and be in Olympics , be pretty cool to follow.
  4. Damn The losses where all like flukes. Like he was winning and got caught and pinned.but clearly the better wrester. But at what point is that logic bullshxx. I'm kind changing my thought to he does not have the chin for that sport. I'm a big fan but Have to stop making excuses till he proves me wrong. Frank C
  5. Find out this weekend if gap was closed. Even if doesn't succeed but gap closed is huge. Last year nothing changed
  6. Needs go Down wrestle Taylor 2020. I think better chance Taylor then J Den JDen drops down . Better chance at the lower weight.
  7. Forget all about was it 2 or not ect. Procedure 5 seconds rule * Allows the ref to know what your challenging * Stops coaches to letting it play out and then after we see all results. To say I'll challenge it. ( Exactly what Zains team did) Got to stick with procedure.and rules Match 3
  8. Heavy is tough, I'm him I stay course Three chances here 1 he improves 2: injuries 3 Snyder goes MMA I think Heavyweight deeper., He is solid number 2 stay course keep working.
  9. That one moment in high crotch may have been different match one. That was completely being out horsed. Nickal almost had that. Changes match so maybe Cox tremendous athlete and really has improved his game that's why is " world champ" I think another instance you really like both kids. Both good guys.
  10. Apparent ly 10 lbs below on weigh in that's unbelievable. He's far from done in wrestling. But if he decides go MMA in his biggest fan
  11. Schedule says 6 pm session 2 4 Gwiz 5 Yianni 6 Bo I believe this is best of 3 so how much rest is there before next bouts? Any help here appreciated
  12. I think post was to get a reaction. Odds probably 55 percent Yianni 45 pecent Zain Anyone's match with Yianni little edge.
  13. The true answer : " we don't know" What we do know: We have two very special wrestlers. One is an Athletic beast that has been getting better and better technically. One is uncanny ability get it done . Basically we need wait we to see how Bo stacks up to best in world. Frank C
  14. Definitely have "Cart before the horse" . I am originally from NY and my heart is with Yianni . But I would not discount Zain. That was a close match and Zain was on a roll Internationally This past year. Love to see Yianni win for all the reasons . Excitement, young kid, freaky talent. But lets get passed Zain. Frank C
  15. 57 Gilman 61 Colon 65 yanni 70 Green Lock 74 Burroughs lock 79 Dake 86 pd 111 lock 92 Bo 97 Snyder Lock 125 Stevenson
  16. So , I hope this happens . But everyone places and we get 4 gold metals . wow!
  17. Besides Taylor and Snyder all are up for grabs
  18. I don't think it will end up with all favorites winning There will be some suprises not sure who Zain, imar, Deringer, Gilman, Gabel, Nickal I would think of these 5. 2 t get the spots. Maybe even more??
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