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    cangemi reacted to MikePorcelli in Coach Lou Giani passes   
    Lou and my coach Jumper Leggio were best friends and training partners. I competed for Bay Shore and Huntington was one of our main rivals. The Gadson brothers, the Thomas brothers, and many more great champions came out of the Huntington wrestling room that was essentially a classroom. Set the record in NYS for most state champions, he was truly a legend!
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    cangemi got a reaction from ConnorsDad in Coach Lou Giani passes   
    Coached Giani passed a few days ago . 1960 Olympian.
    Pan Am champ.
    National hall of name distinguished member
    Extremely positive impact in my life
    Frank C
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    cangemi reacted to Lesh_Is_Morer in Coach Lou Giani passes   
    Love Lou.  Had some amazing teams, wrestlers, and sons.
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    cangemi got a reaction from Ohio Elite in Revisiting the racism at Team Foxcatcher   
    Wish this thread wouldn't exit.
    Tired of the whole issue.
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    cangemi got a reaction from Doc_Hfuhruhurr in Finally! Hendricks vs Churella 2006 NCAA Final at 165   
    Every call went in Hendricks favor
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    cangemi got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Finally! Hendricks vs Churella 2006 NCAA Final at 165   
    Every call went in Hendricks favor
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    cangemi reacted to pamela in NCAA Champion spots for Olympic Trials   
    LCQ sounds good if USAW extends the # of qualifiers to at least the top 3 placewinners per weight. Another option would be to allow the top x NCAA seeds wrestle-in to the trials as pigtails randomly inserted into the bracket. This is all assuming the LCQ, OTTs and Olympics still happen, and may be merely a thought experiment at this point.
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    cangemi reacted to Red95 in Olympic Team Qualifier Spots   
    Who the hell knows when anything will happen now but the OTT was supposed to be before the last chance qualifier. And the rules clearly state that whoever wins the OTT for a weight that isn't qualified yet will be our rep for the last chance. So for 65kg, win the OTT then advance to the finals of the last chance. Essentially anyone who wants to be our 65kg rep in Tokyo has to win out just to get into the Olympics.
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    cangemi reacted to shieldofpistis in Cincinnati Bearcats.   
    I know many are tired of me already today.  This is my last thread for the day.  It will be on a different topic because I know some are tired of what I have been saying.  Let me bring up new topic. 
    I am from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Ohio is one of the richest wrestling lands in the state, behind only a few.  Why doesn't the University of Cincinnati have a wrestling team? Wrestling is not the biggest sport in Cincinnati (it is a baseball and football city), but make no mistake that high school wrestling is popular.  I think the Bearcats could easily fund a team.  I don't even think they would have to offer many scholarships.  
    Why does the University of Cincinnati not have a wrestling team?
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    cangemi got a reaction from goheels1812 in Every senior in NCAA 1 more year   
    I think everyone that made NCAA tournament . Should have a another year.
    Give them a Chance next year. All will not take it. But only fair to Senior trying reach there dream. AA or champ. They worked too hard.
    " My dad you too say to me, who ever told you life is fair lied to you"
    Hope not in this case
    My opinion
    Frank C
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    cangemi reacted to VakAttack in NCAA BRACKETS   
    Unbelievable, Evan Wick is in Marinelli's quarter.

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    cangemi reacted to lu_alum in Who is the biggest threat to Iowa at NCAAs?   
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    cangemi reacted to pamela in Loser of Snyder vs. Cox   
    I think the loser of Cox - Snyder would have a better chance at  making the GR team than rep MFS at 125kg. 
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    cangemi reacted to 9insoft in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Noah Adams likes to roll around. I suppose the Big 12 will be a good litmus....
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    cangemi got a reaction from southend in If Mark Hall finishes as a 1x NCAA champ, will it be considered a disappointment?   
    I am certain Mark is a class act. I will take your word. When he rode out Zahid and at end match at Penn state few seconds left gave a little extra at end( seemed like dick move) . It rubbed me wrong way. I started rooting for Zahid after that and was happy Zahid one and got him back when it mattered.  JMHO on how I took it
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    cangemi reacted to Cradle1 in American collegians at Euro's this weekend   
    It sure was.  Everyone pulled 15-20 lbs of water weight then and rehydrated every single lb.  A 134 weighed around 150 lbs come match time. 
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    cangemi got a reaction from Marcus Cisero in Lee will pin Pletcher   
    Lee is really good. He had that jump similar to Rutherford junior year. He is not losing this year. Next year super interesting if him Yanni go same weight.
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    cangemi reacted to LemonPie in J'den Cox Announces Move up to 97kg   
    Man, if Nickal doesn't go 86KG, I will be so disappointed
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    cangemi got a reaction from Alwayswrestling in J'den Cox Announces Move up to 97kg   
    Shocked Nickal does not go down. Only one or two cracks at being Olympian. I think team wise better as well if he lost Taylor and Taylor got hurt. I would feel comfortable with Bo. Plus he may win. As far as to late make cut. 8 weeks get down not optimum. But definitely can do it. I have sucked down in one week 15-llbs and was smaller weight. Not real smart though.
    If not Zahid. 
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    cangemi reacted to Marcus Cisero in DeSanto "No Mas" Against RBY   
    Just like Roberto Duran vs Sugar Ray Leonard 2 - Duran said "No Mas" and threw in the towel when he realized he was quickly outmatched by Sugar Ray.
    As much as I love DeSanto and wanted him to win, he knew that cradle was locked - not once, but twice. Austin looked foolish pouting to his corner, "no mas." In other words, he tapped out.
    RBY was prepared to win and Desanto wasnt, and its as simple as that.
    What a huge disappointment.
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    cangemi got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Desanto vs RBY 2019 - will it be closer?   
    My opinion 
    DeSanto tweaked his leg. It was hurt. He was ok. 2nd cradle he knew he was going over so screamed to get out.
    Once stopped that was a " no mas moment". He looked up said can't go.  I think he bailed from pressure RBY put on him and match going terrible for him.
    I know I'm going get bashed on this . But that's what I think I saw.
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    cangemi reacted to Katie in Joe Smith the purest example of burnout?   
    I don’t know what’s best for any particular wrestler. All I’m saying is that there are times when quitting is the best option -- and that idea extends beyond wrestling to life in general.
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    cangemi reacted to MDogg in Apple Valley making NCAA history this year?   
    Mark Hall
    Gable Steveson
    Seth Gross
    I’m probably missing other Apple Valley alums, but on a combined basis where will Apple Valley alums finish in this year’s team race? Top 10?
    Has any other high school ever had 3 alums win NCAA’s in the same year? The fact Apple Valley produced 3 guys currently in the top 6-7 on most P4P NCAA rankings right now is absurd in and of itself.
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    cangemi got a reaction from spladle08 in Joe Smith the purest example of burnout?   
    Once your get past 6th Labriola it opens up. All comes down to draws and where you land in wrestle backs. 
    Top 8 don't always become all- America. (Gilman - PICC).
    Need a little luck and have a good tourney.
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    cangemi reacted to BTC in Current SR P4P   
    It's a p4p list not a lifetime achievement list. 
    1. Cox
    2. Dake
    3. Taylor
    4. JB
    5. Snyder
    6. Fix/Gilman 
    8. Oliver
    9. Gwiz
    10. Imar
    HM. Ringer, S. Lee, Zain, Valencia
    Once ringer gets adjusted to the weight and starts producing noteworthy results I see him being somewhere in the 5-8 range. I wanted to put Lee on here but more needs to be seen from him. He simply needs to beat better competition whether that's domestic or international guys which I expect him to. 
    I originally had Zain and Zahid on the list but I remembered Gwiz has medaled multiple times to Zains goosegg. JO seems to be hitting his stride but this has been said before about him. Zahid has tons of potential and seems to be on the right track but just like lee I need to see more from him. Obviously him being in college still mitigates his opportunities to seek top flight world level competition but I suspect he is right there with them.
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