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    cangemi reacted to Pinnum in International community missing it!   
    I would rather it be done like the world cup. Pools with round robins. Then single elimination tournament.
    I think less about the fans but more about the countries with limited athletic spending that put out a lot of money to get their athletes there and then they get a few minutes on the mat which often is not enough time to gage where they are really at internationally.
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    cangemi got a reaction from Jaroslav Hasek in International community missing it!   
    I think there has been great improvements in the new rule changes, no ball drop
    much improved.
    But as a fan , you want to wait to watch this and your guy loses and gets one match
    handful of minutes and where done! Ridiculous.
    I want to see them wrestle, Everyone should have double elimination to the bronze, actual double elimination to round robin going for gold is better. Everyone alive to round robin based on negative pts!
    what fan wants to follow his wrestler and see one match -
    I like Black points everyones alive add up negative points and they go round robin.
    This wont explode the fan base under current rules!
    Frank C
    * while your at it I dont need to see a bunch hulking men with cauliflower ear in suits
      give them a polo shirt! sporting event 
    Again, IMO
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