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  1. # STATE semifinalists... 1971 1 11 Brentwood 6 1976 1 11 Huntington 6 1965 1 4 Sidney 5 cya
  2. In NY... ar Division Section School Cnt 1964 1 8 Mepham 4 1965 1 4 Sidney 4 1971 1 11 Brentwood 4 1980 1 11 Huntington 4 1982 1 8 Long Beach 4 cya
  3. Katz deli !! Not sure about the location :) cya !1
  4. I feel that points should be increased in the championship bracket, or lessened for consolation matches, except for placement matches. cya
  5. A dual is a better method of determining the best team than a national championship. A national championship is a better method of determining the top wrestlers than a dual championship. I believe the team title at the NCAA's is what it is, top team scorer at a individual tourney. Even if a number of team have similar number of contestants going in, most teams do not. Is that fair for a team contest ? You may or may not end up with the best dual meet team from a individual tourney in first place, but that's problematical. We have the same thing to a lessor degree in our state high school tourney. You can earn high team scorer at state with as little as 4 wrestlers (or less). So, in NY, a team with 4 wrestlers lets say wrestling at state, with the other 11 wrestlers watching, can win a " state team title". TEAM ? I understand some states have a few top teams ( like college) that send upwards of 11-12 or more wrestlers to state, along with maybe 1 or 2 other teams, and they usually win their state title every year or so. You can say they have the best team, but that was a foregone conclusion way before state. cya
  6. So, instead of second hand news, I was giving broken hand news ? Sorry :) I had just heard the news and wanted to share it. PS....His brother Scott just got some bad news. He won't be able to wrestle the rest of the season due to a concussion :( He was ranked 3rd at 138 in Sec 1. cya
  7. Heard Rodrigues is coming back from a broken hand. cya
  8. What you need to do with a DF thread is to take the opposite of what he posted, divide that by PI, print that out and hold it up to a mirror, take a pic of that, copy it to Word, add a few Chinese symbols to it, translate it into Czech, add a few more Chinese symbols after every consonant, change every o with the symbol for Rayon and there you have it. You have deciphered what he really wanted to say from the beginning. You have cracked the code ! cya !1
  9. Dan Gable is my favorite wrestler of all time. I wonder if they have the mat Dan practiced on at home ? Would be a nice item to have :) cya
  10. Did anyone cedar river of water in the Loo ? cya !11
  11. I heard DF was seen running away with a water bucket in his hand.... Not saying.... cya !1
  12. I used to get very emotional over sports results. I sat in stunned silence when Seattle beat my Yanks in their last at bat, when Gable lost, when Russia won that crazy ending against us, I remember the hurt I felt in my stomach when Ryun fell in the Olympics, when Seaver gave up that hit to the Cub with 1 out to go.... I always looked at sports one sided. My team, my guy, my school, my country. I never really thought about that other team, the other guy, that school, or that other nation. As long as we won I was elated, glad to be alive. Who cared about the losers as they didn't matter, I couldn't feel their pain. Hell, I wasn't even aware of their anguish, I was too busy feeling victorious. All my favorite athletes, schools, and teams were mine. I supported each and every one of them like they were family. I gave of my emotions like it was my son out there shooting a game winning three in game 7, or a daughter winning gold in the downhill. Sadly, I was more proud of these strangers than my own family at times.... You see, all my heroes, my favorite teams, my favorite moments in sports are not mine at all. They don't belong to me nor do they even know I exist. They don't come to my home after "the moment". They go to their own homes, to their own families who share in their victories, in their heart breaks in a way I never can..... I USED to be like that before I realized that the Pros go home to their pretty wives in their pretty mansions, win lose or draw, while I am left feeling pretty messed up. I used to be like that before I understood that after the star quarterback at my favorite college, after a tough loss in the conference championship game, would forget his sorrow after the game with his buds.....and friends :) When fans feel worse after a loss than the athlete, when fans cant get over a certain result on the court years after the tennis star has, when fans forget who really won/lost the game....these are indications that we may, as fans, be taking this thing called sports a little too seriously. Don't get me wrong. I still get excited over sports, still have my favorites, still get elated or depressed over results, but the difference is I realize now that I wasn't really part of the action. I'm an outsider looking in. I can walk home and maybe share my feelings with the people that really matter in my life :) cya
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