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  1. P-U-N-K = spelling for ANYONE who FAKES injury to avoid being pinned. Furthermore, for those ignorant Desanto fans foolish enough to suggest DQ for RB-Y, enlightenment from his blatant attempts to injure Micic (also while being TOTALLY outclassed) at NCAA tourney is advised.
  2. Postponed due to weather. Rescheduled for this Sunday @ 5 pm in Crisler. All hopeful delay will enable participation of currently highest ranked competitors in each weight class for both teams.
  3. Without participation of all in the Ancient Eight (including Dartmouth and Yale), no truly legitimate Ivy wrestling championship can be claimed. Sad.
  4. Total LOSER. NO place for morons like this in the sport.
  5. wreferee


    Not one IA finalist let alone champ. Will any hawkeye even make it to semis?
  6. He had ample opportunities to get in position to see and call the fall and chose not to. The only real question: Why?
  7. Ask any experienced official about this call in this situation in this particular dual and expect an honest professional's response to reference both timing and potential for bias. In short, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, Birthday, Hannukah,...etc, etc.,etc.....(fill in the blank)
  8. While I agree with your assessment of the discrepancy at the lower weight classes, I would underscore that the same is true of the upper weight classes. Despite the unavoidable "chicken and egg" arguments regarding tweaking the weight classes to accommodate year-to-year individual matchups, I just am one who would rather facilitate the participation and emergence of wrestlers like Rich Sanders and Chris Taylor. And perhaps I should add Carleton Haslerig and/or Kirk Trost.
  9. K.I.S.S. 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 230 280 unlimited matside weigh-ins all rounds no "growth" allowances no "locked-in" rosters no competitor allowed to wrestler more than one weight class above certified, EVER!
  10. Or in the worst case (eg. Churella vs Hendricks), a normally competent ref CHOOSES to not even get into position to indicate/call near fall points.
  11. Very incisive comments by Tofurky. Underscoring this point is that building and MAINTAINING effectively a consistently hard-working, dedicated stable of workout partners sincerely pushing each other 24/7 toward achieving their highest potentials is one of the greatest skills of any head wrestling coach. And it certainly helps when the entire program (AD, alumns, parents and other fans as well as assistant coaches and other staff) is 110% behind that head coach. In wrestling, perhaps more so than in any other sport, success truly does build success....and it doesn't just happen magically overnight. Whenever and wherever the highest levels of any top program are achieved, dedication to continued success and LOYALTY in its many manifestations are very difficult to displace.
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