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  1. Here is the response I received! Hello, Thank you for your e-mail. We appreciate you taking the time to write and share your thoughts with us. We have shared your comments with the appropriate personnel for their review and consideration. For additional fan service, be sure to follow the ESPN Fan Central team @ESPN_FanCentral (http://twitter.com/ESPN_FanCentral) and like their Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/ESPNFanCentral Sincerely, Kristi ESPN Viewer Response
  2. Brackets Set for 2013 NJCAA Wrestling Championship http://www.njcaa.org/newsArticle.cfm?articleId=18847 Good Luck SS Brasi!
  3. Here is the actual website....... so you can click the brackets..... and give that site a little love! http://www.njcaa.org/newsArticle.cfm?articleId=18847 http://www.njcaa.org/newsArticle.cfm?articleId=18847
  4. Decent article......... but I made the mistake of reading the comments below the article. That section was down right embarrassing to the wrestling community.
  5. 6 matches for the Hawkeyes, 4 matches for the Huskers....... Final 23-13 Predicting that there will be more yellow than red at the venue.....
  6. Well done Nittany Lions! Besides Green losing and Sueflohn getting the pin, everything else kinda went the way I was hoping it wouldn't. When was the last time Ihnen has gotten teched? WOW
  7. Their dual season isn't a complete loss. Didn't they just beat the #5 team in the country last weekend? But yes, they are young. Not any younger than the Ohio State though..... As a Nebraskan, I am pleased with the efforts and improvements by the wrestlers and with the leadership and dedication of the coaches. GBR! Embrace the Grind and rise to the challenge!
  8. Granted...... I am a Husker fan. I have Sueflohn, Green, and Kokesh winning. But they all could get beat as well...... I asked the crystal ball about a shut out and laughing was heard......
  9. Crystal ball says 29-9 or 26-12 in favor of the fighting Sandersons....... But hopefully the ball is wrong and the Huskers pull closer, and avoid big bonus points.
  10. I've known this coach for a llllooooonnnnnggggg time and when the man says "That's the way to work (insert name of wrestler here)!" his kid is stalling and he knows it, that's why he says it. I'm not "punishing" anyone. I used to play cards with a guy and when he shuffled the cards in his hand repeatedly it was time to fold because he had a good one. Was I also punishing him? You should have just left it at "who I don't know." Before home duals, I used to explain to the ref that when I shouted "STALLING", I wanted him to call it. I made sure that my team heard this as well....... The ref would usually oblige because #1) They wanted to be asked back, #2) I was the one holding the pay check, and #3) I was asking him to call stalling on my own wrestlers that needed to know that if they weren't working, then they should be penalized!
  11. You may........ but rarely does it work that effectively! It didn't work so well against the turtles.... But where was Sueflohn??? GBR!
  12. Iowa may have the top three 125lbers in the nation..... McD, Clark, and Gillman
  13. Rutgers get 125, 133, and 285........ The rest go to the Huskers as I look at my crystal ball. ;) 23-11 skers....... But I have been wrong several times already today.
  14. Calling it right now...... There will be two medals brought home by Lopers..... UNK!
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