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  1. I agree completely. It sucks because had he been in shape he could have been a legitimate threat....after seeing that first match. Not a chance he gets to the finals...let alone wins.
  2. Just another vote for.....the newer site design sucks and much more difficult to navigate. Sincerely, A paying customer for many years.
  3. Seriously LJB....do you notice the pattern of every thread you are in. You...sir.....are a bonafide A$$. If you are SOOO superior to everyone....why don't you tell us your real name - so that we can all be impressed by your intellect, wealth, successes, and fame....All while having enough time to be on TheMat forums hours a day (lol)...... That's what I thought....you will respond with a snide comment that makes you feel better about yourself. Your narcissism is predictable. You literally are like a child who chases attention.
  4. Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. People with this behavior were most likely treated as if they were superior or above others during childhood. These expectations can follow them as they become adults. They tend to brag and be elitist. Those with grandiose narcissism are aggressive, dominant, and exaggerate their importance. They are very self-confident and aren’t sensitive.
  5. Agree with this. LJB definitely loves to talk down to people (just read his posts) - Talk about a superiority complex (overcompensating for other shortcomings?)
  6. I disagree with a call.....I must not understand the rules (lol).. I understand the rules very well....I've followed international wrestling and all the rule changes for well over 25 years. There's a reason why one of the biggest complaints in freestyle wrestling is that many scoring positions are too judgmental. Or maybe no-one understands the rules as well as you
  7. From my perspective...Yianni started the move in bounds - continuous movement from initial attack which went out of bounds; there was no break in momentum Watch the Yianni vs. Mckenna match...he hits a four to end the match and ends up '3 miles out' there too..but it's scored. Obviously the judges saw something different -
  8. Just watched the match from today of Yanni vs Musukaev. I think Yanni was screwed out of two scoring situations (1) should have gotten a 4 instead of just a 1 point out of bounds (2) should have been a 2 & 2 exchange rather than 2 for Musukaev....which resulted in a failed challenge by Yanni's corner thus adding another point. I absolutely HATE how Musukaev wrestled...and it was clear Yanni was frustrated. However, Yanni seemed to have trouble creating any real angles to shots and was basically just shooting and extending which played to Musukaev's game of backup, sprawl, circle. Thoughts ?
  9. Exactly my thought. He (they) don't actually want your feedback....just wants to appear like he cares. I use Flo and have been a subscriber for many years now. - Website still not user friendly - and just got worse. Just feels...disorganized - Technique....I used to look forward to seeing high level wrestlers and coaches show their signature techniques. No disrespect to Mike Mal....but it's nowhere near the same and I stopped watching technique when he pretty much took it over. Also, technique library is and has always been....a MESS
  10. NCAA Wrestling needs to address the stalling that is going on....particularly in the top position. Is the purpose of the top position just to hold the guy ....or to turn/score? Guys are continually allowed to remain parallel, hook the ankle (RBY), and chop out arms just to keep the guy from standing. This equals no scoring/less action. The NCAA should look at athletes who had the most riding time in the tournament and how many turns they had. Aside from Spencer Lee - I think we have a problem. Refs obviously need direction/guidance on how to officiate in this situation!
  11. Do 5 point moves exist in freestyle anymore? I was under the impression that a 4 point move is the highest single move score that can be awarded.
  12. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/23532 I believe he was also a member of these forums. Sad to hear.
  13. No one is saying that Eastern States is at the level of Beast, Ironman, or Powerade. But it is a great tournament...and good enough for Wyoming Seminary to attend. The top 3 placers at Eastern States would certainly be all that Clovis (or any team) could handle.
  14. Mitch Clark. If you've ever had the opportunity to attend one of his boot camps....you'd be amazed at his system and how many little details make everything work.
  15. This year more than ever I have seen top wrestlers hooking the ankle and extending themselves to keep the bottom man from being able to work up. This to me IS STALLING. In this situation the top guy is not working to turn/score points...he is only looking to ride out. Yes, they are somewhat off the side...however, again, there is no effort to turn/score. PSU is guilty....Iowa is guilty...and on and on and on. What is interesting is that the bottom man is often hit for stalling because he is not able to work up to a base/quad-pod/standup. This is an area that needs serious looking at in my opinion.
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