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  1. Pico is 25 years old (many years left in his fighting 'prime') - is 10-3 and has won his last 6 fights. Last loss was in 2019. I'm pretty sure his career is going very well. I would say we will see Pico in the UFC in the next 12-16 months.
  2. Yah word is that he wasn't necessarily given the choice of continuing as a part of the NC state program.
  3. I don't think we need to remove riding time....But the rules committee needs to look at parallel riding and things like the ankle ride where there is essentially no goal to actually turn...and have the officials actually call stalling for this. Too many times top is riding completely parallel, holding wrists, and hanging on....and the bottom man gets banged for stalling. There needs to be an emphasis by the rules committee on having the top guy off to the side and looking to turn. I also think we need to get rid of the verbal 5 second count which essentially tells the top guy...'hey you have five seconds before I call you for stalling....so come to the waist...then drop back down again for another five seconds...then rinse and repeat.'
  4. Bottom man being called for stalling is a giant issue in college wrestling....especially when the top man is riding parallel. I think the rules committee needs to get on the mat and be reminded how difficult it is to create a base when someone is parallel. Too often the top guy is on top with a wrist and just breaking the bottom guy down over and over again with zero attempt to turn or score. The ankle ride is another means to extending the top guy and preventing him from getting up...without any attempt to score. So the question comes down to.....Is the top position about scoring points or is holding a man down good enough ?
  5. Stephen Abas John Smith Travis Lee ?
  6. I noticed that Steve-O Poulin and Jake Null (both NY guys) are no longer listed on the NC State Roster....anyone know what happened?
  7. Cmon man ! Can you honestly say that the message being delivered was not that if you got the vaccine that you would NOT get covid. I don't know man, I got all of my vaccines in my lifetime....and those worked.....well, because I never got the things they protected me against. You also referenced that we don't have long term studies of what covid does to a person.....I AGREE completely. We also have ZERO long term studies that show us what the covid vaccine does (aside from not protecting us from getting covid or transmitting covid). So if I'm going to get covid anyway...why would I add another risk factor. I'm sorry - for you to tell me or anyone what they MUST put something in their body...We can agree to disagree.
  8. I don't think most people refusing the vaccine are doing it because they are against the vaccinations in general. I think most people do not trust the speed at which this vaccine was delivered and the continual progression of ineffectiveness that has occurred. On top of that, when you tell someone they don't have a choice in the matter despite all of this, it creates push back. Just over 1/2 the population is fully vaccinated - that number will be significantly lower as I expect even more pushback when a 3rd dose is required to be considered fully vaccinated. I respect anyone who wants to be vaccinated and I am not anti vaccination; I just don't trust the science at this point. 5 years from now, I might be first in line to get it.
  9. Highly effective. Can we agree that this has been the path of science in the past year ... 1- Get the vaccine - you won't get covid. 2 - Get the vaccine and you can be mask free ! And we will even throw some fast food, donuts, sporting tickets your way. 3 - Ok. We've had some breakthrough cases - but they are very rare. 4 - Ok, let's put our masks on again and maybe even lock down again. 5 - I think we should talk about booster shot. 6 - "Vaccines don't protect you from getting the virus" they just reduce symptoms. 7 - It's the unvaccinated people's faults 8 - Fire the unvaccinated people Sounds super effective to me ..lol
  10. Look at the data for school/college age children who have no significant health impairments. They have roughly a 100% chance of recovery if they get covid. And my referring to 'hypothetical' was referencing his 'made up' or hypothetical scenario in which he said that Jimmy Kennedy is putting his newborn at risk. Cmon man.
  11. I'm not arguing that he can/can't feel a certain way. I'm questioning the logic in blaming another person when he is literally saying he is fully vaccinated yet blaming someone unvaccinated because HE/HIMSELF (vaccinated person) could get covid from another vaccinated person and he as a vaccinated person be the one to transmit it. But he wants to single out someone choosing not to get it. Facts: Fully Vaccinated person can get covid AND transmit covid. Fully Vaccinated person can get covid from unvaccinated person OR vaccinated person. Fully Vaccinated person can transmit covid to a unvaccinated person or vaccinated person. I know they initially 'science' said that getting the vaccine meant that you would not get covid....which now 'science' has shifted to say it just protects you against symptoms of covid. Consequently, it should not necessarily matter whether someone chooses not to get vaccinated - because you are already protected against the symptoms (not getting/transmitting).
  12. Wait WHAT ?!?!?! So you acknowledge that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people get covid. Yet, you are somehow blaming someone who is not vaccinated for your hypothetical covid case and hypothetical transmission. You have been fully vaccinated, but worry about both getting covid and transmitting it. Have you honestly thought about the logic of having such minimal faith in the vaccine...yet getting upset about someone choosing not to get it.
  13. Correct. It is primarily related to life-style choices - which really tells you how concerned people are with their 'health.' Obesity rates have skyrocketed over the pandemic - yet people like you are preaching that getting the vaccine equates to caring about ones health and the health of others...but not a peep about how obesity and lifestyle choices have a direct affect on covid outcomes/deaths. But then again, in the fast-food world we live in...why not just order up a vaccine and call yourself healthy. I mean that's much easier, right. My point of posting the heart disease statistics (1 in every 4 deaths) is to show how deadly heart disease is (which I would argue is a pandemic in plain sight); and also point out that I've never seen the urgency by our leaders, governments, academic institutions, etc. to promote immediate changes in eating, exercising, mental health, and wellness. Nope....the McDonald's drive thru is as profitable as ever ...and get the vax and you can even get a few free donuts. Laughable.
  14. Context is important. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year. Heart Disease in the United States Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States.1 One person dies every 36 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease.1 About 655,000 Americans die from heart disease each year—that’s 1 in every 4 deaths.2 Heart disease costs the United States about $219 billion each year from 2014 to 2015.3 This includes the cost of health care services, medicines, and lost productivity due to death. https://www.cdc.gov/heartdisease/facts.htm
  15. I agree completely. It sucks because had he been in shape he could have been a legitimate threat....after seeing that first match. Not a chance he gets to the finals...let alone wins.
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