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  1. Yes. I think within the next few years his club will be a national power-house. His energy and passion (let alone his technical knowledge) is tough to match.
  2. Cooperman just opened up his own club in Mahwah, NJ.............CoopTrained. Coaches include Cooperman, Austin Schafer (Oklahoma St), and Nick Gravina (Rutgers).
  3. That is by far the worst one. It is even more pathetic that the judges are such a $hitshow.
  4. Definitely a terrible call. I saw it either 2-0 Novachkov or at best 2-2 (if you believe they didn't go out of bounds after the initial exposure). Romanov initiated move.....Novachkov countered/changed direction and exposed. Terrible.
  5. Terrible call by the head ref. As a referee at the highest level, you have to be willing to acknowledge your mistakes and he clearly has his ego leading the way. Unfortunate for the Iranian.
  6. Agreed ! He is definitely one of the PSU all time greats....Which is easy to forget about given all the recent success.
  7. Ryder is definitely a great up and comer. I don't think he will see anywhere near 106 again...word is he is weighing well into the 130's right now.
  8. Seriously.....Ramos is an embarrassment? What?! You should be embarrassed for writing that. He has the attitude that he is the best...well because that is the attitude you should have when you are trying to win a world and olympic championship. Should he believe that he is less than the rest on that level? He was questioning that he got exposure for two in that scramble. They challenged and the refs were denying the challenge. He was advocating for himself. Coaches are not allowed on the mat at that time. Granted the challenge was denied...but I'm not sure where you think he was being classless. Sounds like you have your own set of issues with him. That's ok. I'm pretty sure he will continue being the best guy in our country and do his best to win world titles.
  9. Wow. Fantastic match. I think JB has more of an edge...because he knows how close DT is to him. I say DT takes the next match. Despite the loss...he's in JB's head!
  10. I like JB a lot. But I also got the impression of him being a bit more cocky than in the past. Not to say he does not have the right to be - maybe that is the attitude necessary to maintain greatness at that level.
  11. Phenomenal match. I really thought Taylor had him. It looks like in that 2nd period he stepped off the gas pedal a few times....and JB did what JB does. However, this is a clear sign that DT is VERY capable of beating JB.
  12. Many people tend to consider Metcalf as 'old;' However, in my opinion, I think he is just beginning to hit his stride in Freestyle. I would not be surprised to see him getting a couple of world medals and finishing off his career with an olympic medal. By the way, I don't even think he's thirty yet.
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