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    Dartsingle got a reaction from TheOhioState in RIP Jan Maynard   
    I believe he was also a member of these forums.  Sad to hear. 
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    Dartsingle got a reaction from jross in RIP Jan Maynard   
    I believe he was also a member of these forums.  Sad to hear. 
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    Dartsingle got a reaction from leshismore in Walsh Ironman 2020 Who does he need to contact to get this done?   
    No one is saying that Eastern States is at the level of Beast, Ironman, or Powerade.  But it is a great tournament...and good enough for Wyoming Seminary to attend.  
    The top 3 placers at Eastern States would certainly be all that Clovis (or any team) could handle.  
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    Dartsingle reacted to Crotalus in What is Stalling Anyway?   
    This one is interesting regarding the ankle hooking situation we saw a couple of times this past weekend. In the RBY/Gross match, the ref refused to start a 5 count and could be heard saying he wasn't locked. But by the rule, that doesn't matter. RBY was below the buttocks and was making no attempt to improve his position.

    He hooks the leg at around 0:54 and stays there until stalemate is called at 0:29. That's 25 seconds of no attempt to improve position whatsoever. (I don't mean to pick on RBY too much. He looked great in that match, but would love to see some emphasis on calling stalling from this position.)
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    Dartsingle got a reaction from Crotalus in What is Stalling Anyway?   
    This year more than ever I have seen top wrestlers hooking the ankle and extending themselves to keep the bottom man from being able to work up.  This to me IS STALLING. In this situation the top guy is not working to turn/score points...he is only looking to ride out.  Yes, they are somewhat off the side...however, again, there is no effort to turn/score.  
    PSU is guilty....Iowa is guilty...and on and on and on.  
    What is interesting is that the bottom man is often hit for stalling because he is not able to work up to a base/quad-pod/standup.  This is an area that needs serious looking at in my opinion.  
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    Dartsingle got a reaction from pamela in Headgear prevention concussions?   
    I recently purchased this for my high school son after coming back from a concussion. So far it has been great in regard to fit and staying put on his head (significantly better than the LDR headgear in this regard);  It's got a great tightening feature once you have it on your head..but you need someone to do it for you.  
    As far as concussion prevention....it has got to be better than just regular head-gear.  
    I'm happy with the purchase so far. 
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    Dartsingle reacted to LemonPie in Weight cert szn   
    Some Ohio State certs trickling in.  Still waiting on Ke-Shawn, which is probably the most intriguing cert
    Jacob Decatur (not to be confused with Jordan) is tiny.  He may not be 5 feet tall.  He basically has no chance.  Hope he gets a couple years in the room and transfers to a DII or DIII school and finds some success Heinselman is at least on his way to becoming a decent sized 125 If Hayes can't/won't go 141, I wonder if Pletcher campaigns to enter the mix.  He could win it at 141, and 133 probably isn't an easy cut.  Cleary and Mattox probably in the 157 mix Tough cut for Kaleb if he intends on going back to 165.    
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    Dartsingle reacted to gimpeltf in Examples of clearly ridiculous calls   
    That says that position (one knee down) WILL be considered par terre not that others (as I quoted) wouldn't be.
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    Dartsingle reacted to Husker_Du in Anthony Echemendia   
    i've taken a lot of criticism for the on-air comments. some fair, some not so fair. i probably shouldn't have spoken on it as long as i did but i did think it was important to bring up because the whole arena was buzzing with that topic. i felt it disingenuous to totally ignore it.
    that being said - i never suggested he was too old. i clearly said 'coaches are saying this but how am I to know definitively'.
    i'm glad it's over with and most importantly, i'm glad anthony is happy and relieved. he seems like a very good kid and i'm excited to follow him going forward. very talented. 
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    Dartsingle reacted to hammerlockthree in Most annoying commentator catchphrases?   
    In recent weeks, "Sammy Julian". 
    I don't actually mind but it was kinda odd how much he gets name dropped...
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    Dartsingle reacted to nom in Cox deserves a nickname (and a shoe)   
    ‘Mr. Slick’ multiple definitions that fit.

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    Dartsingle got a reaction from vsnej in Ramos & 57kg discussion   
    EXACTLY ! 
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