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  1. I'm the quarteres they showed a graphic of like 9 out of 41 or something like that we're successful. I can go back and check my DVR.
  2. not sure what to respond to. i have had dvr for more then 10 years and i never ever ... ever record a live sports show as is. i always add 30 or more minutes. i actually tried not adding time once 10 years ago and watched a 4th quarter football drive end in dvr history. with that said. how many wrestling fans missed the end of this? i just saw the end a few minutes ago... why is this an espn thing? alnost no sporting events that i watch end at the exact time. ... football never. baseball never. soccer is usually perfect... hockey most of the time. sometimes wrestling fans are their own worst enemy.
  3. does he win with the NF? i think it was a 3 second count for NF so obviously 2 points.
  4. where can they be found? also anyone found a site to bet $ on the finals matches?
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