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  1. Anyone else have deja vu reading this?
  2. Palmer was clearly on a mission that year because of metcalf. And it just felt like he did the impossible.
  3. My guess is Caldwell feels the same.
  4. Ah the nostalgia. One of the hottest topics in TheMat.com history.
  5. One of the most shocking upsets I remember. Watching your guy wrestle metcalf felt hopeless. @headshuck knows.
  6. He’s in the folk style pantheon
  7. No, it’s just a complicated and nuanced situation.
  8. It’s a better story than Fix’s, but damn what a coincidence. A company is manufacturing supplements. They accidentally mix up the ingredients. The accidental ingredient happens to be an illegal PED. A bunch of MMA fighters happen to take THAT supplement. They happen to be very successful. I’ll choose to believe in the USADA process, but it’s pretty easy to see why people are skeptical.
  9. I’m not arguing anything nor do I have an agenda. I’m open to the explanation in the article. I was expecting something a little more sturdy for the “proof” though. That’s all.
  10. I don’t see the article as “proof” that they didn’t know, just that it’s plausible. Second part is interesting. I wonder what percentage of college wrestlers use no supplements at all (excluding a cup of coffee, an energy drink, etc.). I bet it’s a very small percentage.
  11. Which claims of accidental ingestion have proven to be true previously? Agree on the second part.
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