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  1. I have to think it’s going to be brutal right?
  2. So true. The man was a beast, but I do not miss watching him wrestle. Z on the other hand was always fun.
  3. The guy is going to box Mayweather in February apparently.
  4. I want to hate him, but he’s kin around here.
  5. How excited are you for your impending subpoena?
  6. Anyone else have deja vu reading this?
  7. Palmer was clearly on a mission that year because of metcalf. And it just felt like he did the impossible.
  8. My guess is Caldwell feels the same.
  9. Ah the nostalgia. One of the hottest topics in TheMat.com history.
  10. One of the most shocking upsets I remember. Watching your guy wrestle metcalf felt hopeless. @headshuck knows.
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