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  1. madcat11

    Eierman NCAA Title

    Is it official Johnny D going 149?
  2. madcat11

    Zain will win arbitration

    But will Pablo and Pete Wheeler get upset when you upstage them on the field?
  3. madcat11

    Teasdale at Iowa?

    Did I just miss this news? FRL guys speculating a Desanto bump. Quite interesting.
  4. madcat11

    Stop 1984ing us

    Yeah that makes sense. Sorry JB.
  5. madcat11

    Stop 1984ing us

  6. madcat11


    Reece and Pico’s respective weeks: https://mobile.twitter.com/flowrestling/status/678440419110182912
  7. madcat11

    Worthwhile Stieber interview

    Seems like yesterday we were watching him take 3rd at the open as a high school junior.
  8. Wow. I wouldn’t have expected this post. Good for you.
  9. madcat11

    The call

    The idea that Zain initiated the move is hilarious. Watch his legs throughout and then tell me that with a straight face. Screw the timing they scored it wrong.
  10. madcat11

    The call

  11. madcat11

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    No. In the second match he didnt.
  12. madcat11

    Does Zain have a shot against Yianni?

    I’m confused the last scoring sequence was challenged yet there was a lot of match that occurred after., but we don’t go back and wrestle the seconds after the change in scoring??
  13. You captured my exact thoughts. Seems like there was either an agreement for Bader not to ask specifics or it was just horrible interviewing. So many questions not asked. I also came away with the impression that something related to the surgery didn’t go as planned. Would be interested to hear more. Side note Flo’s best interviewer is Zeb Miller. Always asks the questions the viewer wants to hear and understands the interesting storylines.
  14. madcat11

    Does Zain have a shot against Yianni?

    I agree I sometimes wonder if Zain will be another Metcalf in free.