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  1. Yikes. No front flipping out of that ball and chain.
  2. Askrens lace might be better than his gut.
  3. Taylor in freestyle, Stieber in folk. Splitting hairs either way.
  4. Are they honoring his scholarship? Take the Stanford degree.
  5. Yeah... and despite that Stanford was ready to compete for a trophy this year...
  6. Who is Taylor’s best folk style win? Caldwell?
  7. What do you mean by campus luxuries? It sounds like an interesting topic.
  8. Yianni is young. And he has only had a man body for 18 months.
  9. Point number 5 is the real kicker. Domestic losses to Kennedy, molinaro, graff, Eierman and some others were the type of thing that wouldn’t happen to him in folk. Point #6 is a step away from they had the flu (Romanov in his Olympic gold season, Aliyev 2018?!). Logan was inconsistent, but had a damn high ceiling. Disagreement with that would be incorrect.
  10. No domination. My point is just that Zain 2016 was high level Zain, and he hadn’t put space between himself and Logan.
  11. My point wasn’t that he dominated, just that there is no clear evidence that Zain surpassed Logan at any point. When debating the two we are of course splitting hairs.
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