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  1. Good news is psu fans won’t make it into the thread based on the title.
  2. Joe flo (where is he now?), Cormier and Jason Bryant Best interviewer: Zeb Miller as he proved again this week
  3. We ended up upgrading tickets so have 3 seats section 126 for the last 4 sessions. Looking for $250 per seat. respond here or PM me if interested.
  4. Dakes mat returns are quite demoralizing. Logan Stiebers shoulder torture probably qualifies. Gabe Dean relentless pace and bow and arrow. Darmstadt seems painful from top.
  5. Catching up late. Bartlett just CHILLIN the whole match. Love it.
  6. Am I crazy or did someone post this reference recently
  7. Man he was just in over and over and over and couldn’t finish.
  8. I thought all calls were appropriate. that said can’t imagine desanto beating rby again.
  9. If he actually leaves, then I’ll….. never mind.
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