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  1. Yet again flo rips the rug right from under our feet.
  2. I think people forget how dominant Metcalf was in folk. Or maybe they don’t. Wasn't he also a 3 loss career? Caldwell x2 and Palmer?
  3. Anyone who whines about JB
  4. No they would have lost by 5 pts to Cornell assuming his stand in either DNQ or DNP, which is likely. Long scored 18.5 pts, same # as Ruth and 1 less than David Taylor.
  5. Darmstadt could be a breakout player, but the history of spine injury is concerning...
  6. Zahid could become one of the best to never win four titles.
  7. True Perry v Hendricks finale was legendary
  8. Do not lose sight of the fact that Zain is the overall beneficiary of this situation. This just makes it slightly less unfair to yianni.
  9. I literally came to this page to create a topic asking why we are being robbed of Spencer lee in folk style. Thanks for posting.
  10. Now they should hire Stieber and re live 2012.
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