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  1. madcat11

    Steveson workout video

    Didn’t Trice make a practice squad??
  2. madcat11

    Pick 1 wrestler from your team who embodies it

    tOSU - J Jaggers Extreme talent, drops some random matches during the season, always shows up when the bright lights come on in March
  3. madcat11

    Cameron Caffey (Michigan State)

    His super duck against Martin was beautiful.
  4. Just get rid of them. I love accuracy as much as the next guy, but it killed the match.
  5. madcat11

    Wick vs. Cenzo

    He's scurred
  6. This may be fair. I don't really care to debate it, but the idea that a locking hands call gets reversed means that it was a bad call to begin with.
  7. Just realized it's something about Pritzlaff
  8. I don't really have a dog in the fight, but ended up pulling for Suriano a bit and I think Daton looked better. He's just impossible to attack.
  9. I switched to safari from Chrome and it seems to have resolved. I don't get it though because I normally watch on Chrome and haven't experienced that before.
  10. Nostalgic for this type of reffing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88lKtCpwDfs
  11. So Flo is playing the same 30 second asics commercial over and over while I'm trying to watch the tOSU vs MSU dual. I pay for a subscription so I'm unclear why this is happening, but it is quite frustrating. Anyone have any advice? Husker? Jaroslav? Thoughts?
  12. madcat11

    Tomasello to compete at Midlands

    Will be fun to see how Desanto handles getting dominated.