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  1. Decatur about to mount a big comeback
  2. No reason to distrust DeSanto in such a position
  3. Theyd have to send Logan out there to stop the guy. And I don't know if he'd even be up for it.
  4. Happened. Big mistake. Huge!
  5. Jim is hammered. Brought his hips to the party tonight.
  6. the ole head on the mat stalemate. classic
  7. Oh stalling, huh. Makes sense if you missed 197.
  8. The Carver protest of the stall call... hahahahahaha > 99% certain would have been 3+ for an opponent.
  9. As someone above pointed out Willie has been in PA while the episodes were ongoing so seems like it wasn’t him.
  10. I thought they were implying that, but good point. Seems like it couldn’t be him. Hope they get to the bottom of it though.
  11. Didn’t Hayes beat McKenna in the 1st wrestle off then Joey was hurt in round 2?
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