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  1. This thread is horrible. Congrats all!
  2. I (he) appreciate you engaging at least. Also, sorry about what Mocco did to you. We’ve all been there.
  3. This is hilarious.
  4. Is the glass museum worth checking out?
  5. Classic off season thread!
  6. Dake had me at solar callus. Sounds like the dude really knows about DNA! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrimidine_dimer
  7. This took me a minute.
  8. This is why I gave the disclaimer i hadn’t read further
  9. Pardon that I haven’t read further in the thread yet. I guess the way I’m reading it now is: if the weigh in deadline is 0700 and Snyder weighs in 0.3 lb over at 0700, did he miss weight? Or does it turn out the answer is no he actually gets some extra time.
  10. I was sitting on the fence until this post. Now it’s up to someone else to convince me otherwise. (Since I am in charge of the appeals process)
  11. I was about to ask, didn’t Cormier miss weight way back?
  12. Do you mind explaining to me how we know Cox was late for weigh ins? Honest question, not being snarky.
  13. This + your last post. Not saying I’m not super interested in reading 6 pages of argument based on rumors.
  14. In Soviet Russia we don’t have weigh ins. Weigh ins have you.
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