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  1. Do the officials have a partiality for Dardanes, against PSU he gets the stall call to beat Beitz and arguably win the dual and against Cornell he gets the stall call and beats Villalonga. Maybe there is something to all that slapping and pushing after all. Hmm or is it a conspiracy?
  2. How many darn times are people going to use this one. This type of convo has been going on about these 2 their entire careers at PSU. PSU is good right now with or without the Altons, whose to say how well they would actually do? Beitz and Vollrath and Frye are not slouches and i would venture a guess that these go's between them and the Altons in the room are very close. Ive heard the old "Altons destroy them in the room" line once to often. If they are that much better than where are they? Reminds me of Hoosiers after a couple guys quit and the crowd boos the team at the pep rally and the coach says "This is your team". Its time for the PSU faithful to drop the Alton thing until they actually do something and for the coaches to recognize the guys that are there every day grinding it out!
  3. I watched 2 of Thielkes matches. He definitely has something on his feet, however he is very weak on the mat and his susceptibility to scrambling probably due to the years on the freestyle circuit is terrible. Also, lets not forget Thielke is a 21 year old man (who's been wrestling professionally/full time for 2 years post hs) so these adjustments should be easier not to mention he has to have been wrestling folk exclusively for at least 3 months 5-6 days a week. No excuses, may be a bit undersized for 141 same day weigh ins but Graff probably prevents him from coming down. A2 is 18-19 tops and will be just fine at Rutgers.
  4. What this thread should have actually been entitled is: " I Really Enjoyed the Jesse Thielke Era". No offense but A2 is a good kid and a TRUE freshman, not a 21 yr old semi -pro just entering college who got stuck, majored and manhandled by his first real college competition. I cant lie Ive never been a big Thielke fan I have been witness to plenty of his and his fathers antics over the years.. Mr Thielke is FAR MORE deserving of the sarcasm and criticism being doled out toward Rutgers and A2.
  5. hows his college career going? Mr Dietchler was a VERY rare exception to be sure.
  6. Point is that at some time these guys (like McCauley) have to actually go to college and wrestle as student athletes. Being a wrestling vagabond "is no way to go through life kid". It is ridiculous how long some of these kids put off going to college. I would like to know how many college careers go well when kids wait 2-3 years to enroll. It has to be tough going from journeymen semi-pro wrestler to college student going to class and living in dorms or sub par off campus housing and eating in the student dining halls. Do these kinds of wrestlers get degrees? Is Howe graduating this year or is he ion grad school already? A redshirt year while in college and 4 years of varsity eligibility is plenty. None of these wink wink Olympic redshirts have ended up as Olympic Team members. Enough is enough, go to school kid and enjoy and most importantly get a diploma!
  7. pushout


    Ben's a good kid and a great wrestler. Just because he signed an NLI with Michigan does not mean he was enrolled. I would think ACT, HS GPA etc. had a lot to do with why he didn't go to UofM. Not sure of his out of school MO but nothing would surprise me. I think he is a PERFECT candidate for the OTC, hes a smart kid who puts academics secondary to wrestling not unlike many others. Cant they go to school at OTC as well as train full time? I hope for the best with him and think he will need to get out of SJ's Mi to improve his situation and give his future a better shot both in wrestling and in life.
  8. I actually asked him about his weight management at the PSU Open and he said he generally never got more than 7 over during the season
  9. Nebraska offered a full pension after the 6 year run!
  10. How does the tuition get paid for these young men who spend 5, 6, 7 years in college?
  11. Any other been in 3 colleges and the OTC 21 yr old freshman. This stuff is getting out of hand. For heavens sake go to college wrestle 4 or 5 years (if you have been injured or are academically challenged) then either pursue an Olympic hopeful wrestling career or get a job and join the world.
  12. Hunter better on the feet, Maple better on the mat. Maple very good on feet, Hunter underrated on the mat. Should be a real humdinger but Hunter wins it! :-)
  13. Dont EVER EVER bet against a Stieber in a BIG match! Logan is a MACHINE but Hunter is a GAMER. Hunter Stieber all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I agree now a days its as if 5 yrs is the norm, redshirt used to be for a specific reason in college wrestling, now its Olympic redshirt, greyshirt, regular redshirt, medical redshirt geez. Some of these kids are permanent collegians. What about life after unless you plan on MMA? As an example how many years and colleges is Andrew Howe going to go through, hes a professional college wrestler. No offense more power to him the rules are the rules but living in dumpy houses on college campus's with a bunch of 20-21 yr olds how fun can that be for a 24-25 yr old? Wrestling has ZERO PRO FUTURE thats what makes it so beautiful. You do it in college because you are a Tough, smart guy that loves to compete. There are the rare exceptions, Burrows, Robles and Olympic ladder guys but .....
  15. I know its dicey on the high school hold backs for sure. I agree they are a lil old for their grade. BUT 1 year post high school training at an elite college or olympic level greatly exceeds the advantages that a hs holdback gets. Not to mention alot of these greyshirt, redshirt, otc kids were hold backs in hs to boot! So those kids some of whom are being mentioned as freshman of the yr candidates were hold backs then redshirted so they are at least 21 yr old freshman. That is not a freshman, freshman 18-19 primarily with the occasional 20 yr old MEGA holdback thrown in.
  16. Some of these guys being mentioned as Freshman who are 20-21 yr old redshirts or OTC holdouts or..... There should be an alternative designation for such individuals. For example Ugi a freshman, how old is he? I bet at least 21, thats not a bad thing but hes not a freshman. Deirenger same thing how old is he I bet at least 20, how many 20 yr old freshman do you know? Garrett a freshman, didnt he spend a yr at TC3 wrestling for FLWC as a Cornell recruit. True freshman this yr would be Kraisser, Massa, Ward just as a couple examples. I think when youre discussing Freshman the term redshirt or greyshirt should be used where applicable. Justa pet peeve of mine, but it isnt fair to the REAL freshman to be compared. 1 yr post high school at OTC or as a Redshirt or as a Greyshirt is HUGE!
  17. Columbia's Schedule http://www.gocolumbialions.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=9600&SPID=3876&SPSID=43591
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