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  1. USA Wrestling has already given up on Greco. They made no significant changes since the dismal showing in 2012, though I wouldn't be so sure that Greco is the style that would be eliminated.
  2. I am beginning to wonder if we should care. I am all for the expansion and promotion of women's wrestling. Frankly, they should probably have 7 weight classes. The should have ten weight classes. Seven is too few. Six is absurd.
  3. I am in favor of more weights for women's wrestling. Four weights is ridiculous. I am not in favor of further reducing men's weights. Anyone who has taken a serious look at 66kg and 74kg compared to the rest of the weights knows that we need another weight to spread out the concentration of wrestlers that are at those weights. Ten would be ideal, maybe seven for women. On doing what it takes to keep wrestling in the Olympics, I wish we had a crystal ball. Will it spell the ruin of the sport if wrestling is no longer in the Olympics? Will more college programs be dropped? Will the former Soviet Republics go up for grabs? Will wrestling die a slow death? I don't know. I am starting to think we might be better off going it alone. Frankly, if wrestling is no longer to be an Olympic sport, I would rather that wrestling decide to walk away from the Olympics. The Olympics is no longer the amateur ideal it once was, or at least pretended to be. It is corrupt and becoming a joke. With that said, what if separating wrestling from the Olympics really is a death knell? Wrestling will never go away. It is ingrained in the human soul; it is indigenous to every people group; it is part of human culture and history; but it may never again by a celebrated, unified interntional, Olympic sport. It may become a fractured, folkstyle sport observed by individual nations and people groups isolated one from the other. I think that is unlikey, but then again, who would have thought that wrestling would be fighting to stay in the Olympics?
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