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  1. I thought Dake was going to possibly try for the 2012 Olympics. I think it's a too early to be talking about his senior year and bumping up in weight again. Isn't it rumored he's going up this year (junior year) to @157? We don't know what will happen as he starts to face bigger guys. Who knows what will happen. Why would you assume he's going up another weight as a senior. Wouldn't that be an unprecedented move? @165 his senior year? Seriously. I would say you're crazy, but a lot can happen...I guess.
  2. Thanks for the update on the ok St info. I think, if the rumors are true that he ends up at ok St, then it will work out fine for Byers, though probably not the best situation. At Iowa I could see Byers being pushed to max out his potential; I could see him winning it all. At ok St he'll likely stay out of trouble (contrary to what some have written about him, he seems like a top-notch kid all around) and reach a high podium placement, 3rd maybe if things fall right and he stays healthy. It will be interesting to see how things turn out. Losing Iowa him @197 may hurt them for a few years in ways not yet noticable.
  3. Good question... What in blazes happened with him? Was 17-1 this season with a 9-4 win over Kilgore and only loss 5-4 to Cam Simaz. Not sure but there are rumors he could have been released from team for some sort of trouble or maybe grades, but again I haven't seen anything as it could just as likely be an injury. Needless to say he's done at George Mason this year after spending last year on med-red shirt. This is a huge get for Iowa if he gets on campus and focuses on his goal of winning an NCAA championship. Probably adds at least 10 points to next years Iowa's team and gives him a great chance to win a title.
  4. http://hawkcentral.com/2011/02/25/hawks ... -transfer/
  5. Agreed. Wisconsin be tough in the Big 10. I think Cole Smit? will be a potential aa candidate as well. The thing about Wisconsin is that I don't see them scoring less points at any weight next year than this year. All the guys were solid and I think can only improve. So, I guess they have one of the best upside potential teams. Does anyone have a good breakdown on Wisconsin's line up for next year. Thanks. pre season perhaps like this Cornell OK State Wisconsin Boise St Iowa Oklahoma Minnesota
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