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  1. He was forced out. Even if the real reason was posted on here the thread would be deleted immediately.
  2. Grinnell Does not have a wrestling program http://pioneers.grinnell.edu/
  3. I would put Derek Moore in the category. Although he was the #2 seed his senior year, UC Davis had never had an AA and he wrestled a relatively week schedule. After getting taken down, I don't think anyone saw him scoring 17 unanswered points for a TF. May not be considered in this category, but I thought his performance was out of the blue.
  4. I don't think Burroughs at Nebraska will be as effective because Nebraska is not as strong of a wrestling state. With the funding Cornell has they will continue to be top 5. If you put Burroughs at a Rutgers, Rider, Ohio University, Arizona State, or Maryland they will thrive. It has to be an appealing school overall. Although I don't know that even Burroughs could fix Rutgers
  5. Letters was a 2x finalist. Finished 3rd in 2005 behind Perry and Hendricks
  6. Lee Stieber with bonus Simpson Jantzen Welch Taylor Brown Ruth Trenge Nelson 19-12
  7. There are the same amount of hwt AAs and NC as there are at125 and 133
  8. Matt Smith should not even be in comparison to Hamlin. Matt was good in HS, but "never lost to anyone in New England" is hardly something to make you an elite hs wrestler. Left PSU and was never an NCAA Div 3 AA in his 2 years. Hamlin is a 3x AA and 2x Finalist in NCAA Div 1. It is also more impressive what Hamlin did in HS considering he is an upper weight.
  9. Is there a way to watch Iowa vs PSU online this Fri? I have Big 10 network, but will be out of town this weekend.
  10. Probably most Returning Champs that do not repeat
  11. I am not just looking at titles. Gable had 3 chances to win titles and won 4. I think that automatically puts him behind Smith, Sanderson, and anyone else who won 3 in 3 years. I think people lmp Gables coaching in with his wrestling too often. Top 20 yes, but not top 3. Sanderson, Uetake, Smith, Hodge
  12. If we are talking NCAA would Gable be that high? He only has 2 titles. Plenty of 3xers.
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