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  1. Roadkill

    No Teasdale?

    Sorry I gave Lincoln Mcilravy's credentials.......Long day...Lol He won it in 1993, 1994, 2nd in 1995 and won it for the third time in 1997. 1993 was his Frosh year.
  2. Roadkill

    Ferrari's No Longer @ Blair

    As of yesterday, they were not enrolled at BC. NJ transfer rules, if they change addresses they are eligible to compete immediately. If they transfer, they will move. The problem is they needed to be enrolled on 1/7/19 to be eligible for the post-season. Of course, I am hearing they are trying every angle to get around this. This is the hang up in the transfer.
  3. Roadkill

    Serious Question tho...

    Correct 2nd in States for Edison High School.
  4. Roadkill

    Pat Glory

    CP must have had really bad info.....Glory just pinned Tropea in their dual with Rider tonight!!!
  5. Roadkill

    Fix to 125 rumor?

    This is from Christian Pyles tweet. Ok State weigh in information: Daton Fix: 132.8 (Not coming down anytime soon) Joe Smith: 173.6 Jacobe Smith: 173.6 Dakota Geer 194.0 Tea leaves says loser between the Smith's goes up to 184.
  6. Roadkill

    Fix to 125 rumor?

    Look for UVA's Jack Mueller to come out of redshirt at 125(possibly Thurs against Mizzu) and Hayes up to 133.
  7. Roadkill

    Shut Up Casey Cunningham.....

    I am pretty sure Casey was not happy that the ref called stalling on Hall with legs in and two or three other times called a stalemate when Hall had Kutler flat on the mat.
  8. Roadkill

    Nick Suriano

    Really Suriano was stalling? Erneste got a gift hands to the face call and Suriano when needed got a takedown. Erneste never got close to scoring.
  9. Roadkill

    Nick Suriano

    I guess we will find out. Not sure what Fix has shown this year so far that you think he gets the better of Suriano. Suriano was never in any danger against Erneste. And Erneste pounded Bridges 10-4, the same guy Fix could not take down. Long season and looking forward to Suriano vs. Micic in the dual meet.
  10. Roadkill

    Mekhi Lewis will go undefeated until NCAAs

    He should hit ranked guys at the Southern Scuffle----Cenzo and Marsteller
  11. Roadkill

    Is Flo and BTN one and same this year?

    Yes, Flo has all BigTen matches(that are not on TV)....they were waiting for the Big Ten Network to schedule their televised matches.
  12. Roadkill

    Anyone Else Think Burroughs seemed, limited?

    Well I guess if you do not count his Olympic Gold he is a 4 time world champ......5 if you count that tournament called the Olympics
  13. Roadkill

    149 next season

    Good point, I missed the post that said he would win it easily......
  14. Roadkill

    149 next season

    He has made the semi finals his last two NCAA tournaments, 149 has cleared out...There is no clear cut favorite, it is not that much of a stretch that he could win it.
  15. Roadkill

    149 next season

    Heilman did graduate, he is finished.