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  1. No Brucki, has one year of eligibility left. He has competed for the last 3 seasons, NQ as a Frosh, 4th as a Soph, and NQ this season as a Junior.
  2. I know.....this season it will have been 4 years ago. Had an excellent HS career but has not really progressed in College. He is 11-17 in career against D-1 competition. He is just pretty far down the depth chart.
  3. If Rivera comes to RU(and IMHO it is a lock) Aragona is going to Redshirt. 149-Depending on Vuakh's health he might have the spot. RU was very impressed with him in the pre-season before he got shut down. Angelo and Santos will battle it out. Angelo with more upside(had a lot of pins). Santos is a hardnose kid, has hard time staying healthy. Benner is not really an option.
  4. Fernandes was still in High School during this match. He has improved a lot this year up in Ithaca.
  5. Cassar is not coming back....he is finished with college wrestling. In the Center Daily Times article, he said Cassar dropped out of school once he had his injury(he already graduated and was taking classes so he could compete). Here is the text below. Penn State wrestling coach Cael Sanderson put an end Tuesday to speculation about the potential return of reigning heavyweight champ Anthony Cassar, explicitly telling reporters his Penn State career is finished. Rumors began swirling Friday night during the Big Ten Network broadcast that the injured Cassar might return when analyst Jim Gibbons said, “There’s been talk Cassar may be coming back into some limited action here.” Fellow analyst Tim Johnson responded, “He’s working his way back onto the mat.” That led to a number of Nittany Lions fans holding out hope that Cassar might return for Big Tens. But Sanderson didn’t mince words Tuesday. “No, he’s not,” Sanderson said in the hallway of the Lorenzo“No, he’s not,” Sanderson said in the hallway of the Lorenzo Wrestling Complex. “He’s not even in school right now. When he got hurt, his deal was get back for (the Olympic Trials). So I’m not sure where he got his information, but that’s not accurate. “He’s not in class. He already graduated, and he was just taking classes so he could compete again. As soon as he got hurt, he dropped them.”
  6. Dec 20-22-US Senior National Olympic Trials Qualifier-top 5 finishers here qualify for Olympic Trials in April
  7. Do you think Cox goes 86kg or 97kg for 2020? Has he said? I think he beats Snyder for the spot if he goes 97.
  8. I guess I am in the minority as I am looking forward to seeing it in a Football stadium. I use to go to the Final 4 in Bball(before kids could afford both) and remember the pumpkin crowd saying the same thing about the huge arenas. Bball switched in the late 80's early 90's to Stadiums only. The atmosphere was still great, sight lines of course not as good but still enjoyable. And I went to Minn in 1992 when they had the Final 4 and the weather was fine(stood in line to get in some bars and was not as cold as some the wrestling sites lately). Hey if it does not work out, NCAA can switch back to smaller arenas but if they sell 40K plus tickets, it might be in stadium venues moving forward. Already have my flights and rooms and my group of 8 are ready for Minn!
  9. He recruited PA and OH very well when he was at UVA.
  10. I would be surprised if he did apply. I dont hold this year against him, first year, graduation, injuries, transfers.....happens to almost all first year coaches.
  11. From Flo at the NCAA's Total Reviews - 127 Coaches Challenges - 95 Officials Reviews - 32 Calls Overturned - 27 of 127
  12. Pretty sure NJ had 3 champs twice, but never 4. Maybe Gimp can confirm.
  13. New Jersey 125-#1 Rivera 133-#3 Suriano 141-#2 McKenna 149-#1 Ashnault 157-#16 Van Brill 165-#8 Lewis 174-#5 Kutler 184-#1 Martin 197-Forfeit Hwt-#2 Cassar
  14. Anyone looking for 4 tickets for Thursday(both sessions) section 230?
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