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  1. I was recalling the Friday morning in Philly 11' near the sidewalk outside the arena watching a cop tell someone to get in the backseat for a trip downtown.
  2. Looking to make a decision on purchasing Session 1 & 2 tickets online or outside the arena. Any recommendations? The thought of purchasing outside the arena could be a risk. I remember the cops lined up outside in Philly tossing scalpers in the car. Could I find a good deal. I remember in Philly - there was a few different folks next me each session. All fun and games, but I'm planning on making the drive from southeastern VA Wednesday.
  3. Looking for (1) NCAA Tickets *All sessions! Any help appreciated!
  4. Oklahoma State looking flat. Wolfpack scoring takedowns... Flowresting video working pretty good,does timeout every so often. Iowa vs Michigan State tonite.
  5. 2nd Round Mecate, ODU over N.Dardanes, Minn 9-4
  6. Perhaps, their strategy is to have Dziewa, Kelly, Moore to roll thru wrestlebacks to each claim 3rd place. Honestly, the Iowa lineup is taken on water this round for sure. This should be interesting...
  7. Watch both. Connect your laptop to another television and boom, then you're watching ESPNU and EPSN3
  8. Breaking news - just heard Ryan Seacrest will be producing the "Getting to know the Askrens." Can't believe I'm wasting my time writing this...
  9. Beazley could make a run as long he can get out from bottom.
  10. James Green, Neb upset at some point on Thursday. No doubt!
  11. James Green, Neb upset at some point on Thursday. No doubt!
  12. Reaching for the fences on this one... ODU's Jeske upsets Waters in the 1st Rd. Obviousely, I'm a big Jeske fan, even though the kid can be unpredictable/not sure who's gonna show up to wrestle, but I see him having a good tournament. Dechow is peaking and expect him to defeat Dean in the Semis and perhaps finish on top of the podium. T.Warner, 165 could have a good run and AA. Don't count out Mecate, 141 and Richardson,149 from shaking things up... I'll be missing all of Thursday and most of Friday due to work. I'll be home in time for some consolations and Semifinal Rnd. Old Dominion 125 Jeske 8th 141 Mecate 8th 149 Richardson 6th 165 Warner 7th 184 Dechow NC
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