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  1. Sheeshus, if I were a new fan learning the sport from this forum I'd have to assume everybody but the Top 4 suck
  2. Promotions ? Number of schools E. of Columbus with crowds 9k or higher: Penn St, a bunch; Lehigh one, 2 yrs ago vs PSU; nobody else. Number of schools drawing 7k or more: add Maryland, Navy (1 each) around 1970 Schools drawing 5,000 or more: I think Pitt had one -- 4-5 yrs ago, MD 1, Navy 1 (same as above, 48-50 yrs ago). Last time I checked, Lehigh has seven crowds above 5,000 between 1981 thru next Friday It's nice to give Princeton credit for what they've done well -- we're all happy to see that -- but spare me me the envy over their promotions; I think their att record is somewhere near 3k; Lehigh's had about 300 of those, if not more. One thing we do better than most -- stick a photo on premium seats of 1 NCAA champion, then introduce them at a dual. That promotion has taken a long, long time to finish.
  3. >> Looking at match-ups, Navy could beat Lehigh in a dual as well. .... The transitive issue doesn't work here. Oh, wait - Navy hasn't beaten anybody in quite awhile. ..... Will Princeton strategery work vs. Okla St, ya' know, where they listed starters at the first nine weights but 2 didn't wrestle at all and 2 others switched weights - and two guys wrestled down a weight for the 1st time in over two years. They now greyshirt and ORS and opt-out a year mid-stream. Losing 2 straight to them is hardly earth-shaking. The program resembles only one other Ivy; they're certainly on the way up, a big boost to the EIWA.
  4. Okla St (which wins 90% of all duals ever) is now 10-2 vs Lehigh Santoro is now at .500 (2-2) vs OSU; not too many can say that.
  5. or not ... 'technical diffficulties' at least thru 9:30 .... rush to the PU thread !!!!!
  6. >>>Very rarely (in my experience) are bad grades in HS because a kid just doesn't get it and can't succeed. .... Just curious: are you a teacher or psychologist? I had heard he was heading to Iowa Central; apparently not if the poster's right about Div III; "in my experience" they dabble in Div II, not III since there's no scholarship funding in D-3
  7. For goodness sake, tragedy is normally a death or career ending injury or disablement. Joe Theismann's ankle broken by Lawrence Taylor qualified since it was so grotesque on national TV. Thanks to those who expressed the logical step of 'let's wait-and-see' since it's not our job as fans to diagnose anything .... a lot of athletes go to the hospital though not too many unconscious; glad he was released.
  8. Must have thwarted a lot of scouts, since two diehards -- you and I -- didn't know (Lo-man told me about hilites which I did publish in LUWN) So LU and Ohio St aired them (OSU publicly)? .... let's go read all the bitch sessions going on with the other 75 Div 1's And nobody told me about this new location until Tues night
  9. And we'll find out in March which category Iowa fits into; it's been pretty uphill for them since 2010 facing the 'POO' (PSU, OhSt, OkSt)
  10. H-Lock's point is valid for the non-gigante programs. In 2010 and 2012 CU lost by 35-40 points. Nobody said it's a level playing field
  11. >>>I don't remember hearing much, if any, complaining about Iowa's domination of the sport being bad for the sport from the 70s-90s. ... Maybe because you started following in 1975 and knew nothing but Iowa domination - which I felt as a writer and historian was too much domination, too inevitable for results. I've always liked Dan Gable, after first covering Iowa in my 9 yrs running the Nat Mat News. But after I retired, I told him: "As long as you keep dominating, the rest of the country isn't going to enjoy the sport as much" He kinda smiled and grimaced, said: "What do you want us to do?" I just said: "Well, winning just a little less often would be a start." His retirement made all the difference in the world. End of that story.
  12. >>>The results are what matters. It's been 4 yrs now. And .... ? Some guys have to realize that "Top 5" isn't quite as easy as sayin "good morning" or "good night" All ASU A/As 2011-2018 2015 4 Stauffer, Blake 2017 3 Hall, Tanner 2017 3 Valencia, Zahid 2018 7 Shields Josh 2018 7 Tsirtsis, Jason 2018 1 Valencia, Zahid
  13. Yep, Z got his major. Major headache
  14. >>>I can pretty much guarantee you that NFL coaches don't sit guys whose limbs are working perfectly fine.. ....Unless you'd like to cite the NFL coach or trainer handling the athlete, you can't guarantee us squat ....Nor can you guarantee the medical condition of any athlete you're accusing of ducking .... Couple of bogus posts and horrendous thread.
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