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  1. Cael has praised this kid how dynamic and good he is going to be 182-0 high school true freshman how is he not in the top 20 rankings . There is 3 freshman now in top 20 at 133 Gomez, Phillippi, Fix . It is early and if he doesn't get hurt RBY will be top 10 at 133 soon .
  2. With Mark Hall having two more years were does Mason fit in the lineup in the future ? Will Mason be a starter one day cant see Mark going to 184 ?
  3. No way he would rather wrestle a little guy in Hall then wrestle his natural weight because we know he doesn't want Bo .
  4. 74kg is 163.142 Lbs it may be hard but he could make 165 but we know why he doesn't and Zahid wrestle 1 weight class up in freestyle .
  5. Mark is a 165er but you have a great wrestler there already so that shows you how talented Mark is . Take nothing away from Zahid he is the real deal but probably a 184er and will he bump up to challenge Bo next year ?
  6. (I think that was the problem at PSU... he wasn’t worshiped, he wasn’t necessarily the best wrestler on the team and he didn’t like that. He wants his ass kissed and that wasn’t happening in that room.) Finally the truth wait and see what happens when he gets beat and doesn't win NCAA . Very good wrestler but when you go undefeated in High School and lose get hurt and it don't go your way sometimes your in shock . At Rutgers he can get all the praise and glory but let see what happens if he loses some matches.
  7. If Mark Hall was wrestling same year when Ruth won his first at 174 who wins and when Hall is done will he be considered better then 3x Ruth if Hall doesn't have injuries ?
  8. maccky

    Mark Hall

    Of course in your opinion ZV wins 7 of 10 . If they were same size you wouldn't say that MH dominates . ZV great wrestler but true 184
  9. Heil looks big for 141 and I hope he moves up to 149. We wont be talking about close matches he has won when he wrestles the Train....
  10. maccky

    Mark Hall

    Denny, I don't get it is Mark pose worse then Imar winning title last year beating on his chest posing not to mention he is a bully . Bo Nickels won a few times this year not any better . Hall was excited because he was the smaller underdog that won. How about when Darren Caldwell beating the big bad bully Brent Metcalf in the final and he did a backflip and Brent shoved him after . So many more examples but I don't have time
  11. maccky

    Mark Hall

    Lets get real here they pull his redshirt after he wins Southern Scuffle against some tough 174ers. Everyone he wrestles he looks two weight classes smaller and his two matches against Bo he looks 20 pounds smaller and you want to find fault . Wait till next year when he gets bigger and stronger . If he would of been 165 this year he would of toyed with Imar yes I said it and Vine Joseph is awesome . Hall might not win 3-4 titles but he is the real deal and he will be fun to watch next 3 years .
  12. Heil move to 157 and skip149 Zane the train both would crush Heil
  13. And i would say its safe to say Imar was better then Bubba Jenkins not even close
  14. Sorry but Nolf would destroy Bubba Jenkins and he pinned Taylor in the finals his freshman year .
  15. As great as David Taylor was at Penn State 157-165 will Nolf be considered better after he is finished ? I know its early but what he has done his first two years giving Imar his first lost last year by pin and just dominating everyone this year I don't see anyone getting close to him . Not trying to take nothing away from Taylor because I know he is doing some great things at freestyle now but I just think Nolf is slightly better after 2 years at Penn State .
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