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  1. Can someone explain the ten semester rule ?
  2. Ill probably more likely to go the naiaa rout instead.
  3. I’m currently in the process of returning to school and I’m just wondering would I be too old to compete in college ? What’s the 10 semester rule ? If you go part time it doesn’t go against your eligibility?
  4. Someone ask me about the eligibility and said has only been enrolled full time 2 times ? I assume he would be able to wrestle 4 seasons for d2?
  5. Does college sports have an age limit ? Has anyone ever came back to compete in college in their 30s? I heard that the other divisions eligibility has a ten semester rule ? Is that accurate , it so what is it ?
  6. How do you defend this move ? Like they have the 2 on1 put one knee above the opponent’s while having the other pinching the 2 on 1 together?
  7. How to defend the roll through tilt in the standing position ?
  8. What’s the best way to coach a team that is novice or has a low skill set ? I’ve seen some coaches that would have them still drill really hard and completely emphasize on conditioning. Is that a good approach?
  9. If wrestler a does a sit in and wrestler b suck him to his back , which way wrestler should go to get off of his back? Away from the side of the head or away ? Ty
  10. There’s a few kids that are on the team that I’m coaching. They process information slower than the others. They have a difficult time learning the move and remember it. My question is how can I do a better job at coaching them so they can do well ?
  11. I’ve notice it’s more of a difficult situation if it’s a day tournament with many teams that are there? Many can even wrestle back for 3rd . Do you think there should be a wrestler/team limit for day tournaments?
  12. Some times they’ll lead forward with their hands straight out . So can you jump bump foreword ?
  13. How to defend a quadpod stand up ? What are several ways of defending it ?
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