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  1. executionery4145

    Jimmy Fleming ?

    How does jimmy Fleming does headlock while he’s on top ? I’ve seen score points on guy guys with but curious how he exactly does it?
  2. executionery4145

    Coaching ?

    Does a coach need to had compete at a high level in order to have a successful high school wrestling program?
  3. executionery4145


    How do you do a misdirection shot ? Like a misdirection high c and a single leg ?
  4. executionery4145

    Offensive re-shot

    How do you do an offensive re-shot?
  5. executionery4145


    How to defend or prevent getting spladle while having the single standing up ?
  6. executionery4145


    How do you defend an armbar ?
  7. executionery4145

    Iowa wrestling

    Why isn’t Iowa dominants as they were when gable was the coach ?
  8. executionery4145

    Coaching ?

    Can someone be a great coach despite not being good at wrestling or haven’t even wrestled in college?
  9. executionery4145

    Technique ?

    Ok thank you
  10. executionery4145

    Technique ?

    Let’s say wrestler A is shooting a high c on wrestler B and wrestler B moves his leg back . Can wrestler A just attack the other leg ?
  11. executionery4145

    Technique ?

    How to do a misdirection shot like a misdirection high c and single ?
  12. executionery4145

    The 6th Year

    Isn’t division 2 more flexible cause of the ten semesters rule ?
  13. executionery4145

    Championship poroductions

    Why did they get rid of the wrestling dvds ?
  14. executionery4145

    Wrestling dvd ?

    Is the brands dvd on handfighting different than mark ironside the art of hand fighting or they very similar?
  15. executionery4145

    College eligibility?

    Thank you