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  1. There’s a few kids that are on the team that I’m coaching. They process information slower than the others. They have a difficult time learning the move and remember it. My question is how can I do a better job at coaching them so they can do well ?
  2. I’ve notice it’s more of a difficult situation if it’s a day tournament with many teams that are there? Many can even wrestle back for 3rd . Do you think there should be a wrestler/team limit for day tournaments?
  3. Some times they’ll lead forward with their hands straight out . So can you jump bump foreword ?
  4. How to defend a quadpod stand up ? What are several ways of defending it ?
  5. What is the history behind the 5 match rule ? Why did they put this rule in and why is the number 5 matches? Does anyone feel it should increase to maybe 6 or 7?
  6. How did dan gable run practices in the 80s? Did they wrestle live lot or just drilled very hard ? Or did he mix it up ?
  7. Thank you for giving me terrific advice. I remember someone saying they would probably only teach 2-3 series for standing, top, bottom and defense. Like maybe a cradle and arm bar series on top for example. If I recall they said the main series will be the main emphasis even he’ll teach some moves outside of the series. I’m mainly trying to get other people’s perspective.
  8. So you are saying use 2-3 series from each position ? Which series would you apply ? Does it depend on what kind of team you have ? Like abilities , personality, body type overall ?
  9. What’s the best way to coach a team that has a limit skill set ?
  10. How does jimmy Fleming does headlock while he’s on top ? I’ve seen score points on guy guys with but curious how he exactly does it?
  11. Does a coach need to had compete at a high level in order to have a successful high school wrestling program?
  12. How do you do a misdirection shot ? Like a misdirection high c and a single leg ?
  13. How do you do an offensive re-shot?
  14. How to defend or prevent getting spladle while having the single standing up ?
  15. How do you defend an armbar ?
  16. Why isn’t Iowa dominants as they were when gable was the coach ?
  17. Can someone be a great coach despite not being good at wrestling or haven’t even wrestled in college?
  18. Let’s say wrestler A is shooting a high c on wrestler B and wrestler B moves his leg back . Can wrestler A just attack the other leg ?
  19. How to do a misdirection shot like a misdirection high c and single ?
  20. Isn’t division 2 more flexible cause of the ten semesters rule ?
  21. Why did they get rid of the wrestling dvds ?
  22. Is the brands dvd on handfighting different than mark ironside the art of hand fighting or they very similar?
  23. For eligibility in division 2 , do they go by the ten semesters rule ? Is it how many semesters you are enrolled full time and the most is ten semesters? If you go part time after a season it doesn’t count against your eligibility?
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